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The New Crusade

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06 novembre 2006

Feria (Bl Nun' Alvarez in the Carmelite Calendar)

Today is a Feria with no Commemoration.

However in the Traditional Carmelite Calendar it is the Feast of Bl. Nun' Alvares Pereira, the Liberator of Portugal, who after laying down his sword became a Carmelite Friar.

His biography from Tradition in Action.

The Roman Martyrology follows:

At Barcelona in Spain, St. Severus, bishop and martyr, who had his head pierced with a spike, and thus received the crown of martyrdom for the sake of the Catholic faith.

At Tunis in Africa, the birthday of St. Felix, martyr, who, having confessed Christ, was sent to prison. His sentence had been deferred, but the next day he was found dead, as is related by St. Augustine when he was expounding on a psalm to the people on the feast of the saint.

At Theopolis, which is Antioch, ten holy martyrs who are said to have suffered at the hands of the Saracens.

In Phrygia, St. Atticus, martyr.

At Berg in Flanders, the death of St. Winoc, abbot, who was renowned for virtues and miracles, and for a long time was servant to the brethren subject to him.

At Fondi in Lazio, St. Felix, monk.

At Limoges in Aquitaine, St. Leonard, confessor, disciple of the blessed bishop Remigius, who was born of a noble family but chose to lead a solitary life. He was celebrated for holiness and miracles, but his virtue shone particularly in the deliverance of captives.

And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
R. Thanks be to God.


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