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14 septembre 2006

NO! to Turkey in the EU!

Despite my serious reservations about the EU, which I have blogged on before, if there is going to be a Constitution, it must recognise Christianity as the basis of European civilisation. Wasn't it Chesterton or Belloc who said, "Europe is the Faith, the Faith is Europe"?

An article from the EU Governments' EUPolitix newsletter.

"Germany is not the only country keen to see some reference to a Christian God in the EU’s constitution.

But Italy, Poland, Lithuania, Malta, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ireland all pushed hard for its conclusion during the first round of negotiations in 2004.

But opposition from the UK, France and Sweden kept religious statements out of the constitutional treaty text .

Instead, the constitution said that the EU drew “inspiration from the cultural, religious and humanist inheritance of Europe” – a vague reference that was not considered strong enough for many Catholic countries.

But with plans still underway to allow Islamic Turkey to join the EU, many political leaders are wary of making too explicit a reference to Christianity."

Why should they care? Turkey is NOT an European country, and has no business in the EU! May God soon grant the day when the jihadist swine are driven out of Kosovo, Albania and Constantinople!

Muslims out of Europe!


At 14/9/06 20:30, Blogger xavier said...

Don't be too sure. Over at Jishadwatch,s dimmi section, the Turkish imam demands that Benedict apologize fgor his 'anti-Moslem' remarks. Keep it up heretic and you'll ruin Turkey's chances from ever coming into the EU
I'll bet that the islamist behaviour when Benedict visits the country will so revolt the Eucrats that they'll postposte Turkey's candidacy sine die and bring it up ad kalends grecae.


At 14/9/06 20:50, Blogger Jovan-Marya Weismiller, T.O.Carm. said...

Xavier, mon ami,

Why would it revolt thev Eurocrats? They hate the Church and will do anything to undermine her authority, including allowing millions of jihadist enemies of our civilisation into the EU?

At 15/9/06 09:38, Blogger xavier said...

The Euocrats will be revolted not by the antiChristanity (which they share) but the boorish behaviour which will upset their inflated sense of 'propriety'. Further, the Eurocrats aren't immune to publisc pressure. If the ordinary Europeans is outraged and becomes mouthing off, the Eurocrats will have to postpone yet again Turkey's membership out fear that there'll be a fronde if they do.


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