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The New Crusade

A Blog dedicated to the promotion of the Traditional Roman Catholic Faith in union with HH Benedict XVI, to the preservation of our Traditional Græco-Roman Catholic Civilisation and to the New Crusade against Islam. This Blog is under the Patronage of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts of Christ our King and His Holy Mother, our Queen and of Santiago Matamoros (St James the Moor-slayer) and the Crusader King, St Louis IX of France.

12 décembre 2005

Polygamy The Next Battle?

If the unrepentant sodomites win their battle to destroy traditional marriage, it's likely that the next battle will be over polygamy. Of course, if it is, we know which side the jihadists will be on! They will be fighting shoulder to shoulder with the lefties, dedicated to the same goal: the final destruction of our Greco-Roman Catholic Civilisation and Culture!

  • The Washington Times

    At 12/12/05 20:32, Blogger xavier said...

    It's already happened in Holland. The most astonishing thing is that the women are bisexuals as well as being polygamists. And the state sanctioned this! In France, Islamic polygyamy isn't only tolerated but some politicians want to extend welfare payments to such families!
    How offensive!



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