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16 septembre 2006

St Torquemada?

Today is the anniversay of the death of Tomas de Torquemada, OP, First Grand Inquisitor of Spain. He must be spinning in his grave today, to see the cesspool of liberalism, modernism, unrepentant sodomy, etc., that Spain has become. Whether or not he is canonised when the Church returns to sanity is unimportant. God knows what his servant Tomas did, and He will reward him. May we praise God for the life of this Hound of God!

Frere Ignatius at Vive Christue Rex! has an excellent post.

In the words of the Spanish peasants when the Masons abolished it, "Long live the Inquisition!"


At 16/9/06 09:53, Blogger xavier said...

Oooo that would great to hear the 'progressives' scream in pain and shock!
And he'd be a popular saint for our time: St Tomas Torquemanda, patron saint of investigators, detectives,juges d'instruction and university administrators


At 18/9/06 11:06, Anonymous Anonyme said...

The MSM; the half-educated, narcissistic university (so-called) graduates; etc. know whatever they think they know about the Inquisition by having seen Mel Brook's farcical movie "History of the World, Part I." In fact, Tomas de Torquemada was motivated by zeal for the salvation of souls.

Sorry to say, very few self-styled savants of this age can understand that concept.


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