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14 novembre 2006

Feast of All Saints of the Carmelite Order

Today is the Feast of All Saints of the Carmelite Order. I believe, tho' I stand ready for correction, that most Orders keep this Feast today, honouring the Saints of their particular observance. I do not have my Breviarum Carmelitarum by me (actually, it's only a Diurnal and it's on loan to my pastor) so I can't post the Collect and Lessons, but here is some information on the Order and its Saints:

From the Catholic Encyclopædia.

From Wikipedia.

The following links are from the NO Calendar, so the dates of the Feasts are not necessarily correct, but some of the links lead to brief biographies, so I'm posting them anyway.

Great Carmelite Figures from the O.Carm. website.

The (NO) Carmelite Calendar from the OCD (Ireland) website. I am O.Carm. of course, but a Carmelite is a Carmelite and this Calendar shows the NO rankings of the Feasts in both Orders' Calendars.

Check us out and celebrate the Feast with us!


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