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15 novembre 2006

Roman Catholic bishops talk about sex

According to this story in the Chicago Tribune, the Bishops of the United States, at their fall meeting, " issued guidelines for ministering to gay and lesbian parishioners that many churchmen hoped would present a more welcoming face, including urging priests to baptize the children of gay parents."

Let me get this straight. The last time I checked the Code of Canon Law said,

Can. 868 ß1 For an infant to be baptized lawfully it is required:

2ƒ that there be a well founded hope that the child will be brought up in the catholic religion. If such hope is truly lacking, the baptism is, in accordance with the provisions of particular law, to be deferred and the parents advised of the reason for this.

Here we have a situation in which "gay parents" are obviously not believing Catholics, so there can be no "well founded hope that the child will be brought up in the catholic religion," and yet our Bishops are "urging priests to baptize the children of gay parents."

So what we have is a situation in which their Most Reverend Excellencies oppose homosexuality, but have decided that if the sodomites are going to go ahead any way they should get a little something extra that straight, married couples don't get: baptism for their children in disobedience to Canon Law.

From the Chicago Tribune.


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