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The New Crusade

A Blog dedicated to the promotion of the Traditional Roman Catholic Faith in union with HH Benedict XVI, to the preservation of our Traditional Græco-Roman Catholic Civilisation and to the New Crusade against Islam. This Blog is under the Patronage of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts of Christ our King and His Holy Mother, our Queen and of Santiago Matamoros (St James the Moor-slayer) and the Crusader King, St Louis IX of France.

30 septembre 2005

Just Some Links Showing How Far We've Sunk!

For those who belive the problems are "not that bad!"

From The BBC. Foetuses found in Bogota Airport, hidden to be smuggled into the US for possible Satanic use!


Two from Holland. First from WorldNetNews, polygamy is now legal in Europe!


Second, Not content with killing babies in the womb, they're now dicussing guidelines for murdering the newborn! From the CBC.


One from Sweden. Swedish feminazis are calling for the abolition of marriage! From The Local.


29 septembre 2005

The Total Incompatibility of Islam and Democracy!

From Jihad Watch:


The Saudi scholar Muhammad Abu Omar al-Seif confirms the incompatibility of Islam with democracy.

[S]overeignty is reserved for Allah alone, replacing shari’a with democratic elections is considered “an appeal to the devil and destruction of Allah’s rule,” democracy considers all people equal, “knowledgeable and the ignorant and Muslim and “infidel” alike, which is deemed anathema. Further, according to the speech, jihad is the solution, justified in its course because it means to defend Islam, “which the enemies are aiming to remove from the hearts of the Muslims and from their lives.”

Turkey in the EU?

A couple more links showing why Islamic, Asiatic Turkey should never be allowed in the European Union.



A site relating the jihad against the Armenian Christians in 1915, in which 10+ million died and which the Turks still deny.



From The Times, 30 September 2005:


Presenting the case against Turkish membership in the EU. (A second article should appear tomorrow.)

Societal Breakdown in Canada

I strongly reccommend that you check out the following links. The first is a pastoral letter by His Excellency, the Bishop of Calgary about the inevitable constitutional changes which will come about with the "recognition" of same-sex "marriage.


The second, is a report from Ontario on what laws became unconstitutional in their existing form (and were immediately altered) because of the passage of a same-sex "marriage" law earlier this year.

Jihadis Try To Break Into Europe

From The New Zealand Herald:
Migrants die trying to break into Spanish enclave
30.09.05By Emma Pinedo

MADRID - At least two African migrants died when hundreds tried to cross the razorwire barrier between Morocco and Spain's North African enclave of Ceuta yesterday -- the third such assault in as many days, officials said.

Up to 600 migrants equipped with makeshift ladders tried to scale the guarded border fence, Madrid's top official in Ceuta told Spanish state radio.

Authorities said the two killed had been either crushed in a stampede or had fallen, but gave no details. Other Spanish media quoted police sources saying six migrants had died but this could not be confirmed.

Nearly 1,000 migrants tried to scramble over the Moroccan border into Ceuta's sister enclave of Melilla over the previous two nights. Thursday's was the first major assault on Ceuta.

Some 300 migrants have succeeded in getting into Melilla this week and have been detained by Spanish authorities.

Spain is in the process of reinforcing the fence surrounding Melilla in a bid to keep out would-be migrants, many of whom have travelled for months in the hope of entering Europe.

Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero and his Moroccan counterpart Driss Jettou were due to address the issue at a meeting in Seville later on Thursday.

28 septembre 2005

Britain's 200 years of attack by Jihadis

From Melanie Phillip's Diary (http://www.melaniephillips.com/), with thanks to JihadWatch

On my travels for the past few days, I have been reading a book which tells the story of a quite astonishing part of British history of which I was previously unaware. In 'White Gold', Giles Milton records the appalling details -- gleaned,it appears, from a wealth of historical documents including diaries and letters -- of a seaborne Islamic jihad against Britain which lasted for no less than two centuries.

From the early seventeenth to nineteenth centuries, thousands of British men women and children were kidnapped by Arab corsairs and sold into slavery in Morocco where they were kept in conditions of unspeakable barbarism. The astounding thing is that these British victims were not merely seized at sea where they ran the gauntlet of such pirates in places such as the Straits of Gibraltar. They were actually abducted from Britain itself.

Corsairs from a place in Morocco called Sale -- who became known in Britain as the ‘Sally Rovers’ -- sailed up the Cornish coast in July 1625, for example, came ashore dressed in djellabas and wielding damascene scimitars, burst into the parish church at Mount’s Bay and dragged out 60 men women and children whom they shipped off to Morocco.

Thousands more Britons were seized from their villages or their ships and dispatched to the hell-holes of the Moroccan slave pens, from where they were forced to work all hours in appalling conditions building the vast palace of the monstrous and psychopathic Sultan, Moulay Ismail, who tortured and butchered them at whim. Most of them perished, but the book records the survival of a tenacious Cornish boy Thomas Pellow, who survived 23 years of this ordeal and whose descendant, Lord Exmouth, finally ended the white slave trade when he destroyed Algiers in 1816.

The book makes clear that this assault upon the British people (and upon Europeans and Americans who were similarly seized) was a jihad. The Sally Rovers, writes Milton, were called ‘al-ghuzat’-- the term once used for the soldiers who fought with the Prophet -- and were hailed as religious warriors engaged in a holy war against the infidel Christians who were pressurised to convert to Islam under threat of hideous punishment. What is even more striking was the response of the British crown. For almost two centuries, it made only the most ineffectual attempts to rescue its enslaved subjects. Those who had succumbed to the torture and inhumanity of the Sultan and converted to Islam were deemed to be no longer British and therefore outside the scope of any rescue. The pleas of Pellow’s parents were simply brushed aside. Popular outrage forced successive Kings to dispatch a series of feeble emissaries to try to get the Sultan to end this vile traffic and release the slaves, all to no avail.

But this went on for virtually two centuries. For almost 200 years the British state either sat on its hands or wrung them impotently while the Islamic jihad seized, enslaved and butchered its people. And then it appears, this staggering onslaught was all but airbrushed out of our history.

Food for disquieting thought.

Restore Hagia Sophia to the Church!

With thanks to my dear friend, Charles Coulombe, even if he IS a Platonist! Check out his excellent site at:


If you believe in the just case that Hagia Sophia should be restored to its proper religious role as a church, for which it was built in the first place, support a petition to the EU Parliament that Turkey should not be admitted as a member of the European Community until it restores Hagia Sophia to its original purpose as a church and not a museum.


Political Correctness Gone Mad

This really has little to do with the theme of this blog, but I just had to post it to show the depths to which the enemies of our Culture are sinking!

Hospital bans cooing at babies 'to protect their human rights'

A HOSPITAL yesterday defended a ban on visitors cooing at other people's newborn babies for fear of trampling over the youngsters' human rights.

Full article: http://news.scotsman.com/uk.cfm?id=1999092005

Archbishop 'reported' to Brussels

From The Times of Malta

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Malta Abortion Rights support group said it had reported the "interference" of Archbishop Joseph Mercieca to Brussels.

"If the Archbishop says that Malta should be independent he should not interfere in the Malta Constitution which has nothing to do with Catholicism and the Vatican. We are not a colony of the Vatican," the group said.

It was referring to the Archbishop's homily on Independence Day in which he described IVF as an "illicit" method of procreation and praised politicians for having the courage to want to entrench Malta's position against abortion in the Constitution.

27 septembre 2005

We Were Right All Along!!

ZENIT News Agency, The World Seen from Rome

How the Church Built Western Civilization
Interview With Historian Thomas Woods Jr.

CORAM, New York, SEPT. 26, 2005 (Zenit.org).- Contrary to popular opinion, the Catholic Church historically has been the champion of scientific, economic, legal and social progress.

So says Thomas Woods Jr., history professor at Suffolk County Community College and author of "How the Church Built Western Civilization" (Regnery).

Woods shared with ZENIT how the Church has contributed to science, the development of free-market economies, Western legal systems and international law, and why Catholic intellectual and cultural figures desperately need to redeem Western civilization.

Q: How did it come to be that the Church is considered the enemy of progress, freedom, human rights, science, and just about everything else modernity champions, when in fact your book claims that the Catholic Church is at the origin of these phenomena?

Woods: There are many reasons for this phenomenon, but I'll confine myself to one. It is much easier to propagate historical myth than most people realize.

Take, for instance, the idea -- which we were all taught in school -- that in the Middle Ages everyone thought the world was flat. This, as Jeffrey Burton Russell has shown, is a 19th-century myth that was deliberately concocted to cast the Church in a bad light. It couldn't be further from the truth.

The matter of Galileo, which most people know only in caricature, has fueled some of this fire. But it is both illegitimate and totally misleading to extrapolate from the Galileo case to the broader conclusion that the Church has historically been hostile to science.

It may come as a surprise to some readers, but the good news is that modern scholarship -- say, over the past 50 to 100 years or so -- has gone a long way toward refuting these myths and setting the record straight.

Scarcely any medievalist worth his salt would today repeat the caricatures of the Middle Ages that were once common currency, and mainstream historians of science would now be embarrassed to repeat the old contention that the relationship between religion and science in the West has been a history of unremitting warfare -- as Andrew Dickson White famously contended a century ago.

Q: Can you briefly describe the Church's particular contributions to the origins and development of modern science?

Woods: Let's begin with a few little-known facts. The first person to measure the rate of acceleration of a freely falling body was Father Giambattista Riccioli. Father Nicholas Steno is considered the father of geology. The father of Egyptology was Father Athanasius Kircher, and the man often cited as the father of atomic theory was Father Roger Boscovich.

The Jesuits brought Western science all over the world. In the 20th century they so dominated the study of earthquakes that seismology became known as "the Jesuit science."

Some Catholic cathedrals were built to function as the world's most precise solar observatories, and the Basilica of San Petronio in Bologna was used to verify Johannes Kepler's theory of elliptical planetary orbits.

The science chapter of "How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization" is by far the longest. In addition to discussing examples like the ones I've just mentioned, it also notes that certain aspects of Catholic teaching -- including the idea of God as orderly and even mathematical, thus making possible the idea of autonomous natural laws -- lent themselves to the development of modern science.

Q: One question you have examined in particular in your books is the Church's role in the development of free-market economies. Many historians, including Catholics, claim that it was only with the Enlightenment and Adam Smith that Western nations were able to expunge "medieval" notions of economics and bring about the Industrial Revolution. Why do you think this is a misreading of history?

Woods: Recent scholarship has discovered that medieval economic thought, particularly in the High and Late Middle Ages, was far more modern and sophisticated than was once thought.

Many scholars, but above all Raymond de Roover, have shown that these thinkers possessed a deeper understanding and appreciation of market mechanisms, and were more sympathetic to a free economy, than traditional portrayals would suggest.

In general they did not believe, as has been commonly alleged, in an objectively ascertainable "just price" of a good, or that the state should enforce such prices across the board. To the contrary, the Scholastics were deeply indebted to Roman law, resurrected in the High Middle Ages, which described the value of a good as what it could commonly be sold for.

The common estimation of the market in effect determined the just price. Debate and discussion on this matter continues, but no serious scholar has been so foolish as to reject de Roover's findings root and branch.

I develop this point at even greater length in my book "The Church and the Market: A Catholic Defense of the Free Economy," which has received the endorsements of the economics chairmen at Christendom College and the University of Dallas.

An interesting tidbit, by the way, that I discuss in "How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization" is that at the very time Henry VIII was engaged in the suppression of England's monasteries, those monks were on the verge of developing dedicated blast furnaces for the production of cast iron. Henry may have delayed the Industrial Revolution for two and a half centuries.

Q: One of the more interesting claims of your book is that Western legal systems developed from canon law. How was this possible considering the seemingly incongruous subject matter?

Woods: What I argue is that canon law served as a model for developing Western states seeking to codify and systematize their own legal systems. Harold Berman, the great scholar of Western law, contends that the first modern legal system in the Western world was the Church's canon law.

And that canon law, particularly as codified in Gratian's "Concordance of Discordant Canons," served as a model of what Western states sought to accomplish.

Scholars of Church law showed the barbarized West how to take a patchwork of custom, statutory law and countless other sources, and produce from them a coherent legal order whose structure was internally consistent and in which previously existing contradictions were synthesized or otherwise resolved.

Moreover, the subject matter of canon law was not as far removed from that of civil law as we might think.

For example, the Church had jurisdiction over marriage. The canon law of marriage held that a valid marriage required the free consent of both the man and the woman, and that a marriage could be held invalid if it took place under duress or if one of the parties entered into the marriage on the basis of a mistake regarding either the identity or some important quality of the other person.

"Here," says Berman, "were the foundations not only of the modern law of marriage but also of certain basic elements of modern contract law, namely, the concept of free will and related concepts of mistake, duress and fraud."

Q: Additionally, you note that the concepts of international law and human rights were developed by 16th-century Spanish scholastics such as Francisco de Vitoria. How might this fact be relevant to today's discussions of international law, as well as the Holy See's role in shaping international institutions?

Woods: People such as Francisco de Vitoria were convinced that international law, which codified the natural moral law in international relations, could serve to facilitate peaceful coexistence among people of disparate cultures and religions.

The idea of international law, as the Late Scholastics saw it, was an extension of the idea that no one, not even the state, was exempt from moral constraints. This idea ran completely contrary to the Machiavellian view that the state was morally autonomous and bound by no absolute moral standards.

While the idea of international law is morally indispensable and philosophically unimpeachable, there are practical difficulties associated with its enforcement by an international agency.

If the institution has no coercive powers it will be impotent; if it does have coercive powers then it, too, must be protected against and becomes a threat to the international common good.

There is also the risk that the organization will seek to go beyond mediation and peacekeeping and seek to intervene in the domestic matters of member states or to undermine traditional institutions in those states.

This, of course, is what has happened today, what with the radical politics on constant display at the United Nations. The Holy See's role in international relations, it seems to me, is both to advance peace by means of its own initiatives, and to remain the great obstacle to the leftist social agenda put forth at typical U.N. conferences.

Q: It seems that over the last 40 or 50 years, Catholic contributions to art, literature and science have waned. Additionally, Catholic influence in the academy and other important cultural institutions has also declined. Why do you think this is the case?

Woods: This is a tough one to answer in brief, though I take it up to some extent in my book "The Church Confronts Modernity." That book looks at the great vigor of the Catholic Church in America during the first half of the 20th century.

Here was a self-confident Church that engaged in healthy interaction with the surrounding culture without being absorbed by it.

Hilaire Belloc observed at the time that "the more powerful, the more acute, and the more sensitive minds of our time are clearly inclining toward the Catholic side."

Historian Peter Huff notes that the Catholic Church in America "witnessed such a steady stream of notable literary conversions that the statistics tended to support Calvert Alexander's hypothesis of something suggesting a cultural trend."

According to historian Charles Morris, "Despite the defeat of Al Smith, American Catholics achieved an extraordinary ideological self-confidence by the 1930s, much to the envy of Protestant ministers."

That self-confidence and sense of mission has, for a variety of reasons, diminished substantially since the 1960s.

It is dramatically urgent that Catholic intellectual and cultural figures regain that old confidence and sense of identity, for people need to hear the Church's message more than ever. Pope Benedict XVI has made abundantly clear his displeasure with the moral condition of Western civilization and its need for redemption.

Simone Weil once wrote, "I am not a Catholic, but I consider the Christian idea, which has its roots in Greek thought and in the course of the centuries has nourished all of our European civilization, as something that one cannot renounce without becoming degraded."

Western civilization seems to be learning that one the hard way.

26 septembre 2005

Iraqi Constitution "Opens Door" to Trouble, Warns Patriarch

Of course, they're leaving the backdoor open for the introduction of sharyia!

Bishops Fear Draft Document Wouldn't Guard Religious Liberty

BAGHDAD, Iraq, SEPT. 21, 2005 (ZENIT.org).- The patriarch of Baghdad for the Chaldeans has told Iraqi officials about Catholic bishops' fears that the draft constitution "opens the door widely" to discrimination against Christians and other Non-Muslims. In his meeting the president and prime minister of Iraq, Patriarch Emmanuel III Delly urged a last-minute change to the constitution, which the bishops say contradicts itself on the key question of religious rights for minorities. In the Sept. 18 meeting, the patriarch discussed a statement agreed by the country's 12 bishops in which they stressed their fears for the future of the Christian community. The prelates -- from the Chaldean, Armenian, Latin and Assyrian Churches -- praised Articles 2.1(b) and 2.2 which defend freedom and religious rights but attacked Article 2.1(a) which states: "No law can be passed that contradicts the undisputed rules of Islam." The bishops' statement concluded: "The bishops' conference expressed a grave concern and fear … about Article 2.1(a). This opens the door widely to passing laws that are unjust towards non-Muslims. The conference insists that this clause be amended or deleted." Releasing the statement to the international charity Aid to the Church in Need, Auxiliary Bishop Andreas Abouna of Baghdad said: "We are definitely not against the fact that in Iraq Islam is the religion of the state. "We know that the majority in Iraq is Muslim but the problem is that the constitution is not clear. There are parts of the constitution that are good but what about the other parts? For example, would Christian women have to wear the veil?" The bishops worry that should the Iraqi government become less tolerant, Christians would not be protected by the "vague" constitution, as it now stands. The constitution will be put to the vote in a referendum Oct. 15.

Dhimmitude at Work!

I spent several days working on my new blog at weblogpage, only to be dumped because it was "too offensive". I had hoped to transfer the material here, but the site was taken down before I could.

The Bible "Bizarre"??

ABC Channel 6 in Philadelphia, PA ran an AP Story on an attempt to teach public school students about the Bible without running afoul of our atheistic courts. Nice you might say, but they put it on their website in the "Bizarre Bazaar" with other "Weird News" stories. Here is the eMail I sent them. I would encourage you to do likewise. You can read the story and send them an eMail at:


Did it not occur to you that you might offend many people by placing the article on the Bible Literacy Project in the Bizarre Bazaar?

It's About Time!!

The Pope to Exclude Gay Priests

By Hilary Clarke in Rome and Jonathan Petre, Religion Correspondent(Filed: 23/09/2005)

The Roman Catholic Church is preparing to bar homosexuals from becoming priests even if they are celibate in what could prove to be a defining act of Benedict XVI's papacy.

An "instruction" spelling out the policy has been drafted by the Congregation for Catholic Education and Seminaries.

Vatican officials say it is expected to be published within weeks. The long-awaited policy review was initiated three years ago by the late Pope John Paul II, who died in April.

It has been foughtover bitterly among the Catholic hierarchy amid fears that it will trigger a witch hunt against gay clergy and increase the current shortage of candidates to the priesthood.

But conservatives say it is needed to redress the balance after a period of liberalisation in theological colleges, particularly in America.

The news of the impending publication was leaked to the American press in what some Vatican insiders believe could be a ploy to test the level of feeling about the issue among Catholics in America.

Gay Catholic groups in the US fear that the document could make homosexuals a scapegoat for the child abuse scandals that hit the Catholic Church in America in 2002. More than 80 per cent of the 11,000 alleged victims of abuse by Catholic priests in the US were young males.

Benedict XVI, who as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger headed the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, the Vatican body charged with looking into the abuse claims, is said to have been horrified by many of the cases.

He has made clearing up the image of the Church one of the priorities of his papacy. He has also consistently taken a hard line on homosexuality, condemning it as "intrinsically disordered".

While the exact wording of the instruction is not known, sources believe that it will indicate that candidates for the priesthood who identify themselves as homosexual should be barred, even if they are sexually abstinent, because their condition could detract from their ministry.
Many Vatican officials are determined to suppress what they see as a growing gay sub-culture in the priesthood.

Liberals fear, however, that a crackdown will drive the issue underground and set the Church back by decades.

The publication of the document will coincide with an evaluation that starts this month by Church investigators into America's 229 seminaries.

The investigators will, among other things, be looking for "evidence of homosexuality" and whether seminarians are being properly prepared for celibacy.

25 septembre 2005

Our "Friends" the Saudis!!

An August 29, 2005 program on Saudi Iqra TV was devoted to supporting Jihad in Palestine. The program host began by telling all Saudis that they must donate and explained how to do so.

A caption then appeared on the screen: "Saudi Committee for Support of the Al-Quds Intifada, Account No. 98, a joint account at all Saudi banks." A moderator stated that "Jihad is the pinnacle of Islam" and explained that the funds would go directly to those waging Jihad, where it would "help them carry out this mission."

The program included the secretary-general of the Saudi government's Muslim World League Koran Memorization Commission, Sheikh Abdallah Basfar, who explained why it was an "obligation" for all Muslims to support Jihad. He also promised that "all of the funds sent via the known charities and organizations" would reach "your Muslim brothers."

TO VIEW THIS CLIP VISIT: http://memritv.org/search.asp?ACT=S9&P1=843.

For more on this subject see Special Report No. 17, – "Saudi Royal Family's Financial Support to the Palestinians 1998-2003: More than 15 Billion Riyals (U.S $4 Billion.) Given to 'Mujahideen Fighters' and 'Families of Martyrs,'" http://memri.org/bin/articles.cgi?Page=archives&Area=sr&ID=SR1703.

Caption: Jerusalem in their hearts.

Host: "Palestine calls out to you – its women, children, elderly, and youth. They appeal to the generosity of the Khalifa Al-Mu'tasem within you. Wage Jihad for the sake of Allahin what you do best, in order to defend the first Qibla [direction of prayer] and the third holiest shrine. Donate, even the smallest thing, for your brothers in Palestine, and you will be blessed."

Caption: The Saudi committee for support of the Al-Quds Intifada. Account No. 98, a joint account at all Saudi banks.
Organizer: "As the Prophet Muhammad said, Jihad is the pinnacle of Islam. A person who cannot wage Jihad with his soul is required to wage Jihad with his money, with his tongue, with his thought, and with any means at his disposal. There is no doubt that our brothers in Palestine desperately need financial support, which goes directly to this cause, and helps them to carry out this mission."

Read it all.

For those who are seriously concerned about what's going on in the world, I can't recommend this site highly enough! And check out the subsite Dhimmiwatch!!


The imam of Rome's Grand Mosque condemns terrorism in the name of Islam!?!?

Too, bad the Imams that count, i.e. those teaching the terrorists what the Koran really teaches, don't agree with his theology!

ROME, SEPT. 22, 2005 (Zenit.org).- The imam of Rome's Grand Mosque condemned terrorism in the name of Islam, stating that "Islam is the religion of mutual knowledge and peace," not of "mutual hostility and clash." Sheik Mahmud Hammad Sheweita made this statement at a press conference in Rome's Foreign Press Room, to present the Media Campaign Against World Suicide Terrorism, led by Jack Shepard, founder of the People for Peace Group.

The imam reminded his audience that suicide and murder are illicit. "It is very clear that the killing of innocent people and of peaceful people have been declared illicit by Allah," he said Wednesday. Also present at the press conference was Abdella Redouane, secretary-general of the Islamic Cultural Center of Italy who, when asked about Benedict XVI, said: "It is a privilege for us to be in Rome so close to the Vatican. Our relations are very good. We were at the Pope's funeral and we have already met in private with Benedict XVI, who, although he is different from John Paul II, follows a line of continuity in relation to Muslims."

Moreover, Redouane was pleased that Benedict XVI wanted to meet with Muslims in Cologne, Germany, and said that he hoped that, after her audience with the Pope, journalist Oriana Fallaci will be "less venomous against Muslims, and also against the Vatican."

For his part, Jack Shepard, promoter of the campaign against suicide terrorism, recalled that Rome is a place of meeting and dialogue between religions. "If all the world were like Rome," he said, "we would not be talking about such topics."

Shariya Alert!

September 24, 2005Nigeria: Muslims horse-whip Christian female students for dressing improperlySharia alert from Nigeria: "Muslim Fundamentalists Attack Xtian Female Students in FUT," from the Daily Champion of Lagos via AllAfrica.com, with thanks to Dhimmiwatch.

Academic activities were yesterday disrupted at the Federal University of Technology (FUT) Minna, Niger State as suspected Muslim fundamentalists attacked female Christian students whom they accused of improper dressing. The fracas which took place at Bosso campus of the university about 9 a.m., saw the armed fundamentalist invading the lecture-theatres and beating up female students they claimed were not properly dressed.An eye witness informed Daily Champion that the fundamentalist numbering about six, dressed in black clothes with red bandage on their heads, disrupted lectures by beating unsuspecting female students with horse-whips for alleged improper dressing.It was further learnt that the male students on seeing the unprovoked attack on their female colleagues moved to intervene an action that prompted the fundamentalists to use knives to inflict deep cuts on them.With this development, the university community broke into a free-for-all fight as Muslim students gathered themselves on one side, while the Christians equally mobilized themselves and this led to throwing of missiles at each other by the parties to the conflict.

"A Frightening Family Feud"????

Posted by Effractor on Dhimmiwatch:

Last weekend, the Christian village of Taybeh was ransacked and burned by a Muslim mob, incensed that a boy there had been seeing a girl from their neighbouring village of Deir Jarir.

Lest you get the wrong idea, however, the BBC's correspondent is at pains to stress:

"This is not so much a battle between Christian and Muslim as one between Palestinian officialdom and tribal justice. "


Yes, of course - Muslim oppression of non-Muslims is always some kind of inter-communal dispute, while the converse is a heinous crime about which Muslims have every right to be aggrieved.

The BBC is as complicit as anything else in facilitating the victim mentality of the jihadis.

Tell Me Again Why We Fought The Crusades?

From the Telegraph (UK)

'Islamic mafia' accused of persecuting Holy Land Christians
By Harry de Quetteville in Bethlehem(Filed: 09/09/2005)

Christians in the Holy Land have handed a dossier detailing incidents of violence and intimidation by Muslim extremists to Church leaders in Jerusalem, one of whom said it was time for Christians to "raise our voices" against the sectarian violence.

The dossier includes 93 alleged incidents of abuse by an "Islamic fundamentalist mafia" against Palestinian Christians, who accused the Palestinian Authority of doing nothing to stop the attacks.

The dossier also includes a list of 140 cases of apparent land theft, in which Christians in the West Bank were allegedly forced off their land by gangs backed by corrupt judicial officials.

From the birthplace of Christ at Bethlehem to the site of his Crucifixion in Jerusalem, Christian Church leaders have long been desperate not to upset the delicate ethnic and sectarian balance in the region by blaming either Jews or Muslims for the decline of their once robust religious community

That self-imposed silence now appears to be crumbling.
"The problem exists," said Father Pierbattista Pizzaballa, Jerusalem's senior Franciscan, known as the Custos of the Holy Land. "The Christian community has always suffered in the last few years because we are a minority. Many have the temptation to leave, so the community is shrinking."

While he stressed that "we are not talking about a confrontation with all Muslims", he added that "we don't want to see violations of the law - sometimes we have to raise our voices".

The alleged attacks on Christians have come despite repeated appeals to the Palestinian Authority to rein in Muslim gangs.

A spokesman for the Apostolic Delegate, the Pope's envoy to Jerusalem, said nothing had been done to tackle the problem. "The Apostolic Delegate presented a list of all the problems to Mr [Yasser] Arafat before he died," he said. "He promised a lot but he did very little."

In the offices of his tiny Christian television station in Bethlehem, Samir Qumsieh said this week that Christian appeals to Mr Arafat's successor as Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, had also gone unheeded.
"At least Arafat responded," he said, "Abbas does not answer our letters."

Mr Qumsieh said he was trying to repair relations between Palestinian Christian and Muslim communities, convening a meeting attended by members of both faiths in Bethlehem last week.

But he said that the Christian community was faced with "very brutal" adversaries. "A criminal mafia and Islamic fundamentalists work together," he said. "Their interests met to take our land away." He said that one man had lost his finger in one land dispute which turned violent and that a group had attacked and injured a Greek orthodox monk at a 5th century monastery outside Bethlehem.

The dossier currently in Church hands details far worse allegations of violence, notably the torture and murder of two Christian girls in 2003 after they were deemed prostitutes. A post mortem examination reportedly proved they were virgins.

Some Christians note that land grabs are common in the growing lawlessness of the West Bank and are not necessarily motivated by sectarian rivalry.

They add that increasingly entrenched Islamic extremism has driven a wedge between the communities, especially over women's dress and freedom of expression.

Several Christians tell the story of a moderate Muslim imam in Bethlehem's biggest mosque, who was repeatedly threatened after giving a sermon calling for an end to the anti-Christian discrimination and land grabs.

Last weekend, the Christian village of Taybeh was ransacked and burned by a Muslim mob, incensed that a boy there had been seeing a girl from their neighbouring village of Deir Jarir.

"I am pessimistic about our future as Christians here," said Mr Qumsieh, adding that Christians now form about two per cent of the population of the Holy Land, down from almost 20 per cent 60 years ago.

"We have a low birth rate, and now with intimidation and emigration, our future is very dark," he said.

What is "Dhimmitude"?

The Status of Non-Muslim Minorities Under Islamic Rule

Dhimmitude: the Islamic system of governing populations conquered by jihad wars, encompassing all of the demographic, ethnic, and religious aspects of the political system. The word "dhimmitude" as a historical concept, was coined by Bat Ye'or in 1983 to describe the legal and social conditions of Jews and Christians subjected to Islamic rule. The word "dhimmitude" comes from dhimmi, an Arabic word meaning "protected". Dhimmi was the name applied by the Arab-Muslim conquerors to indigenous non-Muslim populations who surrendered by a treaty (dhimma) to Muslim domination. Islamic conquests expanded over vast territories in Africa, Europe and Asia, for over a millennium (638-1683). The Muslim empire incorporated numerous varied peoples which had their own religion, culture, language and civilization. For centuries, these indigenous, pre-Islamic peoples constituted the great majority of the population of the Islamic lands. Although these populations differed, they were ruled by the same type of laws, based on the shari'a.

This similarity, which includes also regional variations, has created a uniform civilization developed throughout the centuries by all non-Muslim indigenous people, who were vanquished by a jihad-war and governed by shari'a law. It is this civilization which is called dhimmitude. It is characterized by the different strategies developed by each dhimmi group to survive as non-Muslim entity in their Islamized countries. Dhimmitude is not exclusively concerned with Muslim history and civilization. Rather it investigates the history of those non-Muslim peoples conquered and colonized by jihad.

Dhimmitude encompasses the relationship of Muslims and non-Muslims at the theological, social, political and economical levels. It also incorporates the relationship between the numerous ethno-religious dhimmi groups and the type of mentality that they have developed out of their particular historical condition which lasted for centuries, even in some Muslim countries, till today.

Dhimmitude is an entire integrated system, based on Islamic theology. It cannot be judged from the circumstantial position of any one community, at a given time and in a given place. Dhimmitude must be appraised according to its laws and customs, irrespectively of circumstances and political contingencies.

For books by Bat Ye'or, see www.dhimmi.org

The Modernists and the Conclave

For this, A cardinal of the Holy Roman Church put himself in danger of excommunication? But check out the third and fourth paragraphs! We are assured that our new Holy Father doesn't have a "mandate"! The modernists and liberals must be running scared!
Mystery cardinal breaks secrecy vow
`Anonymous' reveals details of papal conclaveSays Argentinian was always in second place
VATICAN CITY—A cardinal has broken his vow of secrecy and released his diary describing the conclave that elected Pope Benedict XVI, revealing in an exceedingly rare account that a cardinal from Argentina was the main challenger and almost blocked Benedict's election.

Excerpts of the diary, published yesterday, show Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger led in each of the four ballots cast in the Sistine Chapel during the mystery-shrouded April 18-19 conclave. But, in a surprise, Cardinal Jorge Maria Bergoglio, a Jesuit, was in second place the whole time.
Most accounts of the conclave have said retired Milan archbishop Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini was the main challenger and that a Third World pope was never realistically in the running.

While Bergoglio never threatened Ratzinger's lead — and made clear he didn't want the job, according to the diary published in the respected Italian foreign affairs magazine Limes — his runner-up status could signal the next conclave might elect a pope from Latin America, home to half the world's one billion Roman Catholics.

The diary of the anonymous cardinal is also significant because it shows that Ratzinger didn't garner a huge margin — he had 84 of the 115 votes in the final ballot, seven more than the required two-thirds majority.
His two immediate predecessors, Pope John Paul II and Pope John Paul I, are believed to have garnered 99 and 98 votes respectively, and there were only 111 voting cardinals then.

"It does seem that somebody wants to indicate that the conclave was a more complex process than was being depicted and that Benedict's mandate was not a slam dunk," said David Gibson, a former Vatican Radio journalist who is writing a biography of Benedict.

The published diary entries were interspersed with commentary from Vatican journalist Lucio Brunelli, who says he obtained the diary through a trusted source he had known for years. He said he spoke in Italian to his source — a hint the cardinal in question was Italian.

Brunelli says he couldn't identify the author because of the vow of secrecy each cardinal took before entering the conclave. Punishment for violating the vow is excommunication.

In Buenos Aires, the archdiocese referred calls to Bergoglio's spokesman, but they went unanswered.

Nothing official is ever recorded from conclaves and the ballots are burned in the Sistine Chapel stove — ashes that signal to the world through white smoke or black whether a pope has been elected. As a result, the diary's tallies — which Brunelli said he confirmed through other cardinals — are unusual, although previously tallies have leaked out piecemeal.

According to the diary, Ratzinger won 47 votes and Bergoglio 10 on the first round of balloting. In round two, Ratzinger edged up to 65 and Bergoglio 35.

By the third ballot, Ratzinger had 72 votes, five shy of the two-thirds majority needed to win. But Bergoglio got 40, just over the threshold needed to stall the conclave if his supporters wanted to. However, the diary says Bergoglio made it clear he might not have accepted the job. The cardinal recalls watching Bergoglio cast his ballot: "The suffering face, as if he were begging: `God don't do this to me.'"

Facts about Islam

FOUNDER : Mohammed (ca. 570-632), the Prophet.
Sacred Texts : Koran, the words of God. The Sunnah is comprised of hadiths or collections of the sayings, acts and approvals of Mohammed.

Organization : Theoretically the state and religious communities are one, administered by a calif. In practice, Islam is a loose collection of congregations united by a very conservative tradition. Islam is basically egalitarian non-authoritarian.

Practice : Every Moslem has five duties:
1. To make the profession of faith "There is no God but Allah".
2. Pray five times a day.
3. Give a regular portion of his goods to charity.
4. Fast during the day in the month of Ramadan.
5. Make one pilgrimage to Mecca if possible.

Divisions: A dispute over succession after Mohammad's death in 632 A.D. continues to split the Moslem world into Shiites, who make up about 10 percent of Moslems and the majority of the rest Sunnis (Orthodox). Shiites believe Ali, Mohammed' son-in-law was the rightful heir and Sunnis believe it was Abu Bakr, Mohammed's close associate. Afghanistan is Sunni while Iran is mostly Shiite. The Shi'ah (Shiite) believe in twelve imans, perfect teachers, who still guide the faithful from paradise. Shi'ah practice tends more toward the ecstatic, while the Sunni is deterministic. the mystic tradition of Islam is Sufism. A Sufi adept believes he has acquired a special inner knowledge direct from Allah.

Fact: Most Arabs are Moslem but most Moslems are not Arabs. Indonesia has more Moslems than any other nation.

Location: From the west coast of Africa to the Philippines across a broad band that includes Tanzania, southern Russia and western China, India, Malaysia and Indonesia. Islam claims over 2.2 million adherents in the United States, while this figure is for those who are associated with a Mosque there may be upwards of an additional 4 million more who identify themselves as Moslems.

Beliefs: strictly monotheistic. God is creator of the universe, omnipotent, just and merciful. man is God's highest creation, but limited and commits sins. He is mislead by Satan. an evil spirit. God revealed the Koran to Mohammed to guide men to the truth. Those who repent and sincerely submit to God return to a state of sinlessness. In the end, the sinless go to Paradise, a place of physical and spiritual pleasure, and the wicked burn in Hell. While Moslems believe Jesus was a prophet they abhor the idea that he is God or the only son of God.


“Islam is the fastest-growing religion in America, a guide and pillar of stability for many of our people...” (Hillary Rodham Clinton, Los Angeles Times).
“Moslems are the world’s fastest-growing group...” (The Population Reference Bureau, USA Today).
“....Islam is the fastest-growing religion in the country.” (Geraldine Baum; Newsday Religion Writer, Newsday).
“Islam, the fastest-growing religion in the United States...” (Ari L. Goldman, New York Times).

Moslems believe that Jesus was not crucified. It was the plan of Jesus’ enemies to crucify him, but God saved him and raised him up to heaven to be with Him. And the likeness of Jesus was put over another man. Jesus’ enemies took this man and crucified him, thinking that he was Jesus.

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The 150 Points of the Phalange

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The Red Cross or the "Red Crystal"?

For those who are opposed to the International Red Cross' idiotic plan to replace the Red Cross with a Red Crystal, because the Cross upsets the Muslims, you might want to join the petition below:


Islam and the Crusades

Here are links to two reasoned articles about the Crusades from the Christian point of view.

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The Fruit of Vatican II

An index of Catholicism's decline
A review by Pat Buchanan

As the Watergate scandal of 1973-1974 diverted attention from the far greater tragedy unfolding in Southeast Asia, so, too, the scandal of predator-priests now afflicting the Catholic Church may be covering up a far greater calamity.

Thirty-seven years after the end of the only church council of the 20th century, the jury has come in with its verdict: Vatican II appears to have been an unrelieved disaster for Roman Catholicism. Liars may figure, but figures do not lie. Kenneth C. Jones of St. Louis has pulled together a slim volume of statistics he has titled Index of Leading Catholic Indicators: The Church Since Vatican II. His findings make prophets of Catholic traditionalists who warned that Vatican II would prove a blunder of historic dimensions, and those same findings expose as foolish and naive those who believed a council could reconcile Catholicism and modernity. When Pope John XXIII threw open the windows of the church, all the poisonous vapors of modernity entered, along with the Devil himself. Here are Jones's grim statistics of Catholicism's decline:

Priests. While the number of priests in the United States more than doubled to 58,000, between 1930 and 1965, since then that number has fallen to 45,000. By 2020, there will be only 31,000 priests left, and more than half of these priests will be over 70.

Ordinations. In 1965, 1,575 new priests were ordained in the United States. In 2002, the number was 450. In 1965, only 1 percent of U.S. parishes were without a priest. Today, there are 3,000 priestless parishes, 15 percent of all U.S. parishes.

Seminarians. Between 1965 and 2002, the number of seminarians dropped from 49,000 to 4,700, a decline of over 90 percent. Two-thirds of the 600 seminaries that were operating in 1965 have now closed.

Sisters. In 1965, there were 180,000 Catholic nuns. By 2002, that had fallen to 75,000 and the average age of a Catholic nun is today 68. In 1965, there were 104,000 teaching nuns. Today, there are 8,200, a decline of 94 percent since the end of Vatican II.

Religious Orders. For religious orders in America, the end is in sight. In 1965, 3,559 young men were studying to become Jesuit priests. In 2000, the figure was 389. With the Christian Brothers, the situation is even more dire. Their number has shrunk by two-thirds, with the number of seminarians falling 99 percent. In 1965, there were 912 seminarians in the Christian Brothers. In 2000, there were only seven.
The number of young men studying to become Franciscan and Redemptorist priests fell from 3,379 in 1965 to 84 in 2000.

Catholic schools. Almost half of all Catholic high schools in the United States have closed since 1965. The student population has fallen from 700,000 to 386,000. Parochial schools suffered an even greater decline. Some 4,000 have disappeared, and the number of pupils attending has fallen below 2 million – from 4.5 million.

Though the number of U.S. Catholics has risen by 20 million since 1965, Jones' statistics show that the power of Catholic belief and devotion to the Faith are not nearly what they were.

Catholic Marriage. Catholic marriages have fallen in number by one-third since 1965, while the annual number of annulments has soared from 338 in 1968 to 50,000 in 2002.

Attendance at Mass. A 1958 Gallup Poll reported that three in four Catholics attended church on Sundays. A recent study by the University of Notre Dame found that only one in four now attend.

Only 10 percent of lay religious teachers now accept church teaching on contraception. Fifty-three percent believe a Catholic can have an abortion and remain a good Catholic. Sixty-five percent believe that Catholics may divorce and remarry. Seventy-seven percent believe one can be a good Catholic without going to mass on Sundays. By one New York Times poll, 70 percent of all Catholics in the age group 18 to 44 believe the Eucharist is merely a "symbolic reminder" of Jesus.

At the opening of Vatican II, reformers were all the rage. They were going to lead us out of our Catholic ghettos by altering the liturgy, rewriting the Bible and missals, abandoning the old traditions, making us more ecumenical, and engaging the world. And their legacy?
Four decades of devastation wrought upon the church, and the final disgrace of a hierarchy that lacked the moral courage of the Boy Scouts to keep the perverts out of the seminaries, and throw them out of the rectories and schools of Holy Mother Church.

Through the papacy of Pius XII, the church resisted the clamor to accommodate itself to the world and remained a moral beacon to mankind. Since Vatican II, the church has sought to meet the world halfway.

Jones' statistics tell us the price of appeasement.

"Index of Leading Catholic Indicators: The Church since Vatican II" (113 pages) by Kenneth C. Jones is available at many bookstores.