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The New Crusade

A Blog dedicated to the promotion of the Traditional Roman Catholic Faith in union with HH Benedict XVI, to the preservation of our Traditional Græco-Roman Catholic Civilisation and to the New Crusade against Islam. This Blog is under the Patronage of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts of Christ our King and His Holy Mother, our Queen and of Santiago Matamoros (St James the Moor-slayer) and the Crusader King, St Louis IX of France.

31 décembre 2005

Happy New Year!

To all my readers--Happy New Year! May this 2006th Year of the Incarnation be Blessed and Prosperous. May it bring the victory of the Counter Revolution, the defeat of our enemies and the Instauration of the Social Reign of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts of Christ the King and His Holy Mother, our Lady and Queen!

Prid. Kal. Ian. AUC 2758/AM7514

Today is the Feast of St Sylvester I, PC.

His biography from The Catholic Encyclopædia

From Ted Hewitt's Group:

  • St Sylvester

  • The Martyrology:

  • Today's

  • Tomorrow's, for those who recite Prime

  • On this day:

    AD 335, His Holiness, St Silvester I ends his reign as Pope.

    AD 1384, John Wycliffe English religious heresiarch, bible translator, dies. Pray for his soul.

    AD 1492, Jews are expelled from Sicily.

    AD 1720, Prince Charles Edward Stuart, «Bonnie Prince Charlie», de jure HM King Charles III of England, Scotland and Ireland, born in Rome.

    Blessed Bigotry: Pope Benedict XVI Is Anti-Gay Person Of The Year

    Our Holy Father should be honoured that the unrepentant sodomites at the «Washington Blade» have chosen him as «Anti-Gay Person of the Year»!

  • The Washington Blade
  • France On New Year Alert For Renewed Bout Of Riots

    France braces for a new round of jihadist insurrexion. Muslims out of Europe! De Villiers for President of the Republic!

  • The Independent
  • Cartoons Ignite Cultural Combat In Denmark

    Let me get this straight. There are 200 000 jihadists in the Kingdom of Denmark out of a total population of 5 400 000, and publication of cartoons depicting the pædophile founder of the gutter religion of Islam has «spawned a fierce national debate»! Christians of Denmark!, if there is an ounce of courage left in your protestant souls, rise up and expel the Islamofascists! Don't give in!

  • The International Herald Tribune
  • Simon Heffer On Saturday

    This will probably become a regular feature of The New Crusade on Saturdays. Simon Heffer ranks right up there with Mark Steyn as a voice of sanity in an increasingly insane Britain. This column deals, in part, with the accelerating descent of Britain into totalitarianism under the leadership of Red Tony Blair.

  • The Telegraph
  • More of Patriarch Alexii's «Œcumenism»

    More of His Holiness, the Patriarch's anti-Catholic ranting.

  • Directions to Orthodoxy
  • The Fruit of Protestant Heresy

    Once one repudiates the Infallible Teaching Office of the Holy Roman Church, the door is open to any perversion. Usually, it takes the form of theological idiocy, but sometimes it can turn violent!

  • ChristianityToday
  • Conservatives Are Right To Fight Back Against War On Christmas

    Don Feder is a Jew and President of Jews Against Anti-Christian Defamation. He points out that it is not just a «War Against Christmas», but a war against our entire culture.

  • HumanEvents
  • FrontPage Magazine's Woman Of The Year: Oriana Fallaci

    If The New Crusade gave awards Signora Fallaci would definitely get one! For those not familiar with her, i refer you to a much earlier post, 09 octobre 2005, Oriana Fallaci's "The Rage And The Pride". I commend FrontPage Magazine for recognising this courageous woman!

  • FrontPage Magazine
  • Anti-Christian Jeans Are A Trend In Sweden

    Can you imagine the outcry if this company used a picture of Mohammad or a swastika as its logo? But of course, it's perfectly acceptable to attack Christianity!

  • AP via FOXNews
  • Gay Marriage Fight Ahead, Rep. Frank Says

    The unrepentant sodomite, Barney Frank, MC for the 4th Congressional District of Masschussets is upset that the good Christian people of Massachusetts would dare to try to out law same sex «marriage». Hopefully, the signers of the petition will also turn out at the next Congressional election and defeat this enemy of our Culture and Civilisation!

  • AP via TheState
  • Brit Jew Marries Dolphin

    First we had same sex marriage, now we have interspecies marriage! I swear I don't make this stuff up! If you don't believe the Ynetnews article, Google it. It's all over the Net.

  • Ynetnews
  • Hell Is A State

    An excellent interview with the Reverend Father, Pedro Barrajon, LC, one of Italy's «army of exorcists». Of course, as a Legionary of Christ, he's solidly orthodox.

  • SignAndSight
  • 30 décembre 2005

    Ante Diem III Kal. Ian. AUC 2758/AM7514

    There is no Feast in the Traditional Universal Calendar for today, but it is the Sixth Day of Christmas and of the Octave.

    From Ted Hewitt's Group:

  • St Egwin of Worcester

  • The Martyrology:

  • Today's

  • Tomorrow's, for those who recite Prime

  • On this day:

    AD 39, Titus, Caesar et Imperator, (79-81), conqueror of Jerusalem was born.

    AD 274, His Holiness, St Felix I ends his reign as Pope.

    AD 1944, King George II of Greece, renounces his throne.

    AD 1947, Romania's King Michael is forced to abdicate by Soviet-backed Communists. Communists now control all of Eastern Europe

    29 décembre 2005

    Patriarch Alexii of Moscow's View Of «Œcumenical Dialogue»!

    His Holiness, Alexii, the Patriarch of Moscow, in his normal anti-Catholic mode. If we Westerners (and those Easterners who accept the Pope) would just quit trying to convert the millions of unchurched Russians, quit «show(ing) extreme aggressiveness toward Orthodoxy» in the Western Ukraine (where we are still trying to reclaim the Churches stolen by Stalin and given to the Orthodox), if the Archbishop Major of Kiev-Halyc would just move back to Lviv and stopping using Kiev in his title, everything would be hunky-dory and the «Pope of Rome» might be allowed to crawl into an audience with His Holiness the Patriarch! Such arrogance from a Church tainted by decades of subservience to the Red murderers, but they now have the protection of former KGB apparatchik Vladimir Putin as he reëstablishes the Red dictatorship, this time under colour of Orthodoxy! May God soon grant that His Mother's wish for the Consecration of Russia be fulfilled and that Russia be converted and stop spreading its errors throughout the world.

    From Directions to Orthodoxy:

  • Vatican’s move against proselytism and Greek Catholic expansion would ensure meeting with the Pope of Rome

  • Vatican recognizes Ukrainian prelate's move to Kiev
  • Ante Diem IV Kal. Ian. AUC 2758/AM7514

    Today is the Feast of St Thomas of Canterbury, BM.

    His biography from The Catholic Encyclopædia.

    Ted Hewitt's Group is «temporarily unavailable» at Yahoo!. We will update.

    The Martyrology:

  • Today's

  • Tomorrow's, for those who recite Prime

  • On this day:

    AD 1170, Knights of HM King Henry II murder Archbishop Thomas à Becket at the altar of his Cathedral in Canterbury. Henry later does public penance by flogging for the murder.

    AD 1937, 2nd Irish constitution goes into effect; Irish Free State renamed Eire. The Constitution begins with the words, «In the Name of the Most Holy Trinity, from Whom is all authority and to Whom, as our final end, all actions both of men and States must be referred...»

    News From Kosovo

  • KiM Info Newsletter 29-12-05, Italian foreign minister visits Visoki Decani Monastery

  • KiM Info Newsletter 29-12-05, Days made of fear: Documentary Films on life of Kosovo Serbs
  • The Mayor of Bethlehem Is Christian, But It’s Hamas That’s In Charge

    As I said in an earlier post about this situation, it's time for a New Crusade!

  • Chiesa
  • Court Asked to Rehear Case Over Calif. Schools' 'Becoming Muslim' Exercise

    With due respect to the plaintiffs and the (St) Thomas More Law Center, this is the Looney Ninth they're dealing with! In another recent case this poor excuse for a Federal Court established as law (for the Ninth Circuit at least), until they're (hopefully) overruled by the Supreme Court, that parents have no constitutional right to a say in their children's education! However, I wish them luck and ask my readers to pray for their success.

  • Agape Press
  • France: Sarkozy Calls For Discrimination In favour Of Muslims

    I am so sick of this morceau de merde! He wants to be President of France, but he is actively opposed to the French People. Does this scurvey dog think his jihadist, Islamofascist friends have the votes to elect him? I sincerely hope the people of France rise up and put an end to his treason! Down with Sarkozy! Muslims out of Europe! Vive le Christ-roi! Vive la France! Vive le Roi, LouisXX! De Villiers pour le président de la République!

  • BBC
  • Cross To Bear: Atheist Organization Bothered By Roadside Memorials Files Suit; ADF responds

    Since many non-Catholic cemeteries are municipally owned, will these unbeliving scum sue to have religious references removed from gravesites?

  • Alliance Defense Fund
  • EU to Catholic Doctors: Thou Shalt Abort

    It is sad. The EU traces its roots to the European Coal and steel Community, founded in great part by three devout Catholics, de Gaulle, Adenauer and De Gasperi. Hijacked by the Revolution, it now dares to try to dictate to Catholic consciences! This should be a wake-up call. No Catholic can support the EU in its present form. I believe that it could be argued that any participation in its organs, elections, etc. constitutes a grave sin.

  • The Brussel's Journal
  • Darwin's Pyrrhic Victory

    By Pat Buchanan, pointing out that to accept Darwinism is to accept miracles as great as any claimed by Christianity and that intelligent design predates Christianity and was first thought of in ancient Greece, uninfluenced by the Book of Genesis.

  • TheConservativeVoice
  • ABC News Airs «Female Pope» Claim

    Once again, the MSM show their vicious anti-Catholicism!

  • WorldNetDaily
  • Ex-ACLU Attorney: Group «Terrorizing» U.S.

    The Anti Christian Libertine Union denounced by one of their own! Did you know your hard earned tax dollars are enriching this anti-life, anti-family organisation?

  • WorldNetDaily
  • 28 décembre 2005

    Ante Diem V Kal. Ian. AUC 2758/AM7514

    Today is the Feast of The Holy Innocents, Mm.

    Article from The Catholic Encyclopædia

    From Ted Hewitt's Group:

  • The Holy Innocents

  • St Maughold

  • The Martyrology:

  • Today's

  • Tomorrow's, for those whom recite Prime

  • On this day:

    AD 418, His Holiness, St Boniface I begins his reign as Pope.

    AD 1688, The Usurper, William of Orange makes a triumphant march into London as the Legitimate Catholic King, HM James II&VII flees.

    AD 1694, Queen Mary II of England dies after 6 years of rule. She usurped the Throne from her father, HM King James II&VII, the Legitimate Catholic King. Pray for her soul.

    AD 1878, His Holiness, Pope Leo XIII issues the Encyclical QUOD APOSTOLICI MUNERIS, On Socialism

    AD 1936, Benito Mussolini sends planes to Spain to support Francisco Franco's forces and in doing so helps save Spain. ¡Viva España! ¡Viva Franco!

    AD 1946, The French declare martial law in Vietnam as a full-scale war appears inevitable. Remember those valiant Frenchmen who fell defending the West while being undermined by the US! (R+I+P).

    AD 1965, The United States bars oil sales to Rhodesia, thus helping to destroy the Western government and replace it with the bloddy Red dictatorship of Mugabe, which is still in power.

    AD 1947, HM King Victor Emmanual III king of Italy and Ethiopia. He was King of the anti-Catholic Masonic Kingdom of Italy until overthrown by the Reds. Pray for his soul.

    27 décembre 2005

    This is the Message the Nine Worthies ( Hector, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar; Joshua, King David, Judas Maccabeus, King Arthur, Charlemagne Emperor of Rome, and Godfrey of Bouillon, Protector of the Holy Sepulchre) are giving us!

    Ante Diem VI Kal. Ian. AUC 2758/AM7514

    Today is the Feast of St John, Ap, Ev.

    His biography from The Catholic Encyclopædia

    From Ted Hewitt's Group:

  • St John the Evangelist

  • The Martyrology:

  • Today's

  • Tomorrow's, for those who recite Prime

  • On this day:

    AD 1512, The laws of Burgos, of the Spanish Monarchy, give New World natives legal protection against abuse.

    AD 1822, Louis Pasteur, French chemist and microbiologist and devout Catholoic, born.

    News From Kosovo

  • KiM Info Newsletter 27-12-05, Serbs protest Kosovo shootings
  • Ex-hostage's Iraq Return Angers Her Rescue Team

    When she is kidnapped again let the jihadists behead her! This is an example of the insanity of European women I blogged earlier!

  • The Times
  • French Ban Petrol In Cans Amid Fear Of New Year Riots

    As I blogged earlier, the jihadist dogs are simply biding their time until they attack again. Muslims out of Europe! De Villiers for President of the Republic!

  • The Telegraph
  • Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew On Divine Love

    The Christamas Message of Batholomew, Patriarch of Costantinople.

  • Anglo-Catholic Ruminations
  • Latest News From Kosovo

  • KiM Info Newsletter 26-12-05, Two Serbs wounded in armed attacks in Kosovska Mitrovica

  • KiM Info Newsletter 27-12-05, Injustice continues - Archbishop Jovan of Ochrid -154 days in Prison
  • Increase In Insanity Among European Women

    These women should be given help! Any female who voluntarily converts to the gutter religion of the jihadists with its very scriptures approving of wife beating and femicide is certifiably insane and should be given psychiatric help to save her!

  • The Christian Science Monitor
  • EU Reacts Against Insulting Caricatures: Sheer Foolishness!

    This one story should be the death knell for the liberal, secularist, one-world dhimmis in the EU! Of course it will not be, because the people of Europe are awakening slowly, but rest assured, they are awakening!

  • ZamanDailyNews
  • Euro MP Faces Turkey Insult Probe

    Enlightened, modern, secular, «European» Turkey in action! Go ahead, you scurvy dogs, and gaol an MEP! That will certainly hasten your acceptance by the EU! Muslims out of Europe! Turks out of Constantinople! Restore Hagia Sophia to the Church!

  • BBC
  • Catholic Philippines Mulling Limits On Family Size

    Let us pray God that the people of the Philippines may defeat the satanic child killers in their Legislature!

  • CyberCastNews
  • Our Holy Father Cracks Down On «Neo-Cathechumanal Way» Schismatics

    These neo-protestants have been determined to destroy the Divine and Catholic Doctrine of the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. It is great news that His Holiness is calling them to heel. May they conform or leave!

  • Chiesa
  • When Wine Makes All The Difference

    Sometimes I like to blog an article simply because it deals with a tradition. This one is such, but it has the advantage that the Islamic dogs hate wine and it is wine that is transubstantiated into the Most Sacred Blood of Christ during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Read and enjoy with a glass of good wine, but rememeber GKC: «We should thank God for having made beer and wine by not drinking too much of them!»

  • The International Herald-Tribune
  • Don't Be Dazzled By Modern Technology, Says His Holiness

    Our Holy Father on the dangers of modern technolgy, from his Christmas Message. Note that the hat in the picture is not «a seasonal Santa hat» as most of the ignorant MSM have called it. It is a camauro, a standard form of Papal headwear older than «Santa Hats», but seldom seen in recent years!

  • The Times

  • His Christmas Message in full:

  • The Times
  • Church To Croats: «Go Forth And Multiply!»

    Let us pray that the Croat people listen. They are dropping in population, opening a vacuum which the Islamofascist jihadists will be only to willing to fill!

  • WebIndia123
  • St Thomas À Becket Attacked By Secularist Historians

    The attacks come in the oddest ways! St Thomas à Becket has been judged one of the «ten worst Britons of the past 1,000 years», by a group of secularist historians!

  • The Times
  • Islamofascist Jihadists Raping Western Women For Ethnic Reasons

    The cowardly dogs use their vile gutter religion as an excuse for raping defenceless women!

  • FrontPageMagazine
  • In French Suburbs, Rage '«Is Only Asleep»

    The jihadist Islamofascists in France are only biding their time until they attack again! Muslims out of Europe! De Villiers for President of the Republic!

  • The International Herald-Tribune
  • Jihadist Islamofascist Grinches Steal Bethlehem Christmas

    If my memory serves me right, didn't we fight the Crusades over the protection of the Holy Places, so Christians could make the pilgrimage in peace. It's time for a New Crusade!

  • WorldNetDaily
  • 26 décembre 2005

    Ante Diem VII Kal. Ian. AUC 2758/AM7514

    Today is the Feast of St Stephen, Protomartyr.

    His biography from The Catholic Encyclopædia

    From Ted Hewitt's Group:

  • St Stephen the Deacon

  • Synaxis of the most holy Theotokos

  • The Martyrology:

  • Today's

  • Tomorrow's, for those who recite Prime

  • On this day:

    AD 268, St Dionysius ends his reign as Pope

    AD 418, St Zosimus ends his reign as Pope

    AD 795, St Leo III begins his reign as Pope

    AD 1492, 1st Spanish settlement in New World founded, by Columbus

    AD 2004, Thousands killed by tsunami in Asia, (R+I+P)

    25 décembre 2005

    Merry Christmas

    To my valued readers. May the Good God and His Blessed Mother grant you and all those dear to you a Blessed and Merry Christmastide and a Blessed, Happy and Prosperous New Year.


    Some Christmas Dates

    AD 336, 1st recorded celebration of Christmas on Dec. 25 occurs in Rome.

    AD 376, In Milan, Ambrose, the Bishop of Milan, forces the emperor Theodosius to perform public penance for his massacres

    AD 597, England adopts Julian calendar

    AD 795, Adrian I ends his reign as Catholic Pope

    AD 800, The pope crowns Charlemagne emperor in Rome

    AD 1066, William the Conqueror crowned king of England

    AD 1223, St. Francis of Assisi assembles 1st nativity scene (Greccio, Italy)

    AD 1651, Massachusetts orders 5 shilling fine for observing Christmas

    AD 1818, "Silent Night" by Franz Gruber & Joseph Mohr sung for 1st time

    AD 1818, 1st US performance of Handel's "Messiah," Boston

    AD 1831, La. & Ark. becomes 1st states to observe Christmas as a legal holiday

    AD 1914, German and British troops on the Western Front declare an unofficial truce to celebrate Christmas during World War I

    News From Kosovo

    Here are the latest despatches from KiM-Info;

  • KiM Info Newsletter 20-12-05, Kosovo's war on property rights

  • KiM Info Newsletter 21-12-05, Boris Tadic: "In Kosovo, Each One Will Have To Make Concessions"

  • KiM Info Newsletter 24-12-05, Sanda Raskovic-Ivic, president of the Coordinating Center for Kosovo and Metohija, visits Serbian monasteries in Metohija

  • KiM Info Newsletter 24-12-05, Views on Protection of Serbian Religious and Cultural Heritage in Kosovo

  • KiM Info Newsletter 25-12-05, To all our readers who celebrate the Christmas and the New Year according to the New (Gregorian) Calendar we wish
    Blessed Nativity of the Lord and a Happy New Year 2006, Christ is Born - Glorify Him!

  • Reconstruction Implementation Commission for Orthodox Religious Sites in Kosovo, PRESS RELEASE 21 December 2005

    24 décembre 2005

    The Martyrology--25 December

    In the 5199th year of the creation of the world, from the time when in the beginning God created heaven and earth; from the flood, the 2957th year; from the birth of Abraham, the 2015th year; from Moses and the going-out of the people of Israel from Egypt, the 1510th; from the anointing of David as king, the 1032nd year; in the 65th week according to the prophecy of Daniel; in the 194th Olympiad; from the founding of the city of Rome, the 752nd year; in the 42nd year of the rule of Octavian Augustus, when the whole world was at peace, in the sixth age of the world: Jesus Christ, the eternal God and Son of the eternal Father, desiring to sanctify the world by His most merciful coming, having been conceived by the Holy Ghost, and nine months having passed since His conception (A higher tone of voice is now used, and all kneel) was born in Bethlehem of Juda of the Virgin Mary, having become man.

    THE NATIVITY of our Lord Jesus Christ according to the flesh.

    Merry Christmas

    To my valued readers. May the Good God and His Blessed Mother grant you and all those dear to you a Blessed and Merry Christmastide and a Blessed, Happy and Prosperous New Year.


    To My Valued Readers

    In the face of the War against Christamas, I wish you a blessed and Merry Christmas, Joyeaux Noel, Buon Natale, Feliz Navidad, Frölich Weinachten. In other words, may God and His Blessed Mother grant you a wonderful, blessed and happy Christmas!

    22 décembre 2005

    Upholding The Revolution

    For all our hopes regarding our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, Thomas A. Drolesky points out the underlying modernism of many of his pronouncements. The fact is, as His predecessors up to Bl John XXIII never tired of pointing out, there can be no reconciliation between our Divine and Catholic Faith and the principles of the Satanic Revolution of 1789. Pray for our Holy Father and for the Cjurch!

  • ChristOrChaos
  • Polish Bishops Denounce Country's Working Conditions For Families

    Kudos to the Polish Episcopate! their Excellencies are calling upon the State to obey the Social Magisterium. We can hope that under the new Law and Justice/League of Polish Families Government, great strides will be made!

  • The Universe
  • Married To The EU, But Malta Says No To Divorce (And Abortion)

    Malta clings to its Catholic roots. By God's Grace, may Malta and the Eastern European Catholic Countries be the beginning of Europe's salvation. Ss Cyril and Methodios, Pray for Europe!

  • BrocktownNews
  • 20 décembre 2005


    For anyone who is interested, I've begun transferring my original Tripod website «CRCLinks, The Ultimate Traditional Catholic, Monarchist, Counter Revolutionary jump page» to a new blog of the same name. You can find it at CRCLinks.

    Third Positionist Review: Merry Christmas!!

    From our friend, Perun. Some interesting links, including one to an article on how Christmas came to be celebrated on 25 December.

  • Third Positionist Review: Merry Christmas!!
  • Three Articles On The War Against Christmas

    Three more good articles on the War against Christmas. One disagreement, however. George A. Kendall, in his article in The Wanderer, says, «And, of course, we need to make sure that the wage-slaves at certain enterprises, who don’t dare wish us a Merry Christmas because they need their jobs, get a very warm Merry Christmas from us.» No, just don't shop at those businesses and next year they may have a different attitude!

  • The Wanderer, The War Against The Light

  • CybercastNewsService, UK Church Leaders Speak Out Against Anti-Christmas Trend

  • CitizenLink, Dispatches from the War on Christmas
  • Italy Has Army Of Exorcists

    Well, 330 is hardly an army in a country the size of Italy, but I wish every Catholic country had such an army. Maybe we could start by exorcising some of our clergy?

  • Ansa.It
  • Abortion-Shoah Comparison Infuriates Abortion Advocates At EU

    Note the presence of the vile «Catholics for a Free Choice» in this story. There should be laws preventing these baby killers from using the Name of our Divine and Catholic Faith in their evil work!

  • LifeSiteNews
  • German Conservatives Unite In Plan To Outlaw Late-Term Abortions

    A good first step! The CDU/CSU coalition are inspired by the principles of the Social Magisterium so let us hope and pray that this is only the first step!

  • LifeSiteNews
  • British Tory Party Leadership Won By Traditional Family Champion David Cameron

    I somehow missed this news. I am a former foreign member of the Tory Party, but I left when Maggie Thatcher became Leader because I couldn't accept her free-market heresy. From the sound of this guy, I might join again!

  • LifeSiteNews
  • Stop Apologising For Being Christian

    This article is written by, Surprise!, an atheist. Britain is going through the same culture war as the US and Simon Heffer is on the Christian side despite his own unbelief.

  • The Telegraph
  • News From Kosovo

    The KiM-Info site has been acting up so we have four new despatches to post. Remember, the Serbs of Kosovo are on the front lines in the war against the jihadists just as much as are the Coalition Forces in Iraq. Muslims out of Europe! Zhiviot Srbska!

  • KiM Info Newsletter 14-12-05, Serbian arguments in negotiations on Kosovo and Metohija

  • KiM Info Newsletter 15-12-05, U.N. envoy says Kosovo still far from the deal on its future

  • KiM Info Newsletter 16-12-05, Feast of St. Joanikije of Devic celebrated in Devic Monastery

  • Racism Is Bad - So Is Self-delusion

    Mark Steyn again! This time on the riots in Australia. He points out that the problem is not racial, it's cultural, that the Lebanese Christians have integrated quite well, but the jihadists have not (because as usual, they refuse).

  • The Telegraph
  • France's First Chinese Church Consecrated

    This is good news, but I'm scandalised at the inclusion of pagan rites in the consecration. As I said a couple of months ago, I thought that had been decided in the Chinese Rites Controversy in the XVIIIth Century!

  • Expatica

  • >

    Bush Critics Ignore Clinton's Illegal Pro-Muslim War In Kosovo

    I generally don't get involved in US foreign affairs and policy on this blog, not because they're not important but because others are doing a better job than I could. However, this story impinges on a subject dear to my heart as my readers know. As you read it, remember, too, that Milosevic asked for a cease fire for Orthodox Easter and Clinton refused! We won't fight during the jihadists' Ramadan, but we wouldn't stop so Christians could celebrate the Feast of Feasts!

  • AccuracyInMedia
  • Liberal Strategy A Dangerous Mix Of Religion And Politics

    The Liberals in Canada get scarier and scarier. Not only is the PM, Paul Martin, opposed to the Church on virtually every ethical and moral point (whilst claiming to be a «strong Roman Catholic»!), but now they are taking the jihadists under their wing. Even more frightening is the fact that, protected by Martin's pro-jihadist government, the terrorist dog nominated in the riding of Mississauga-Erindale had the effrontery to say, «This is a victory for Islam! Islam won! Islam Won! ... Islamic power is extending into Canadian politics!» in the Coptic Christian Centre of the Church of the Virgin Mary and St. Athanasius (empahasis added) in Mississauga.

  • Canadian Coalition for Democracies
  • Hurrah For The US Sixth Circuit Court Of Appeals!!

    1st Amendment 'doesn't create church-state wall of separation'!!
    This may be the greatest news on the civil front for Christians of the year. A Federal Appeals Court has finally stood up to the Anti-Christian Libertine Union aka the ACLU and said, «The First Amendment does not demand a wall of separation between church and state.»
    Judge Richard Suhrheinrich, writing for the Court, said the ACLU's «repeated reference 'to the separation of church and state' ... has grown tiresome. The First Amendment does not demand a wall of separation between church and state.» (emphasis supplied)
    Read it all at:

    Reviving Hungary’s Lost Religion

    Hungary stood with the Serbs at the Gate, protecting the West from the jihadist hordes. Now, with the loss of faith across Europe, Hungarians are converting to the gutter religion of their ancestral enemies! St Istvan, Pray for Hungary! Muslims out of Europe! Otto for King of Hungary!

  • Islam Online
  • From Turkish Boy To German Writer

    No!, he's a Turk who happens to live in Germany! He ends his essay, «I started off as a Turkish boy and now I'm a German author», but he will never be a German! Muslims out of Europe! No Turkey in the EU! Turkey out of Europe! Restore Hagia Sophia to the Church!

  • SignAndSight
  • Outdated Orangemen To Change

    More power to Ian Wilson, Grand Master of the Loyal Order of the Orange Lodge. I fear, however, that if he does succeed in changing the Order, he will find himself ruling a Lodge much reduced in membership. The Orange Lodge was founded by the Masonic United Grand Lodge of England and Ireland for one purpose and one purpose only--to help in the continued oppression of Irish Catholics. The members today are calvinist heretics, with hatred of Rome bred in their bones. If G∴M∴ Wilson changes the Order, there will be a new, officially anti-Catholic Lodge very soon.

  • The Universe
  • Bishops' President Blasts 'South Park' Episode Lampooning Mary

    If you're too cowardly to attack a man personally, attack his mother! That's what «South Park» does in this episode. When I was much younger, I decked a man for insulting the Most Holy Mary, our Queen and our Mother. I wish I was younger.

  • The Universe
  • An Embarrassment Of Martyrs

    Another archive article from NOR, this on the liberal modernists' attitude toward martydom and martyrs. Well worth reading!

  • The New Oxford Review, March, 2002
  • 19 décembre 2005

    New Link In Blogroll

    I have added a link to Athanasius Contra Mundum to my blogroll. He's new and I just discovered it. He's a natural for the League of Evil Trads, but he doesn't post his email. If he sees this, I hope he'll ask to join! Check him out!


    Can any of my readers help me? I cannot figure out how to set the date and timestamp on my postings. It is now 02h43CST 20 December 2005 and my posts are still being dated 19 December! One reader was kind enough to tell me that there is an arrow/button somewhere to change the stamp, but I can't find it. My computer clock works, I've shut and reopened the browser, but nothing seems to work. Do any readers who use Blogger have any advice? I'd like to start posting the Almanac again, but I want it at the top of each day's postings and ntil I figure this problem out, I can't do that. Thanks.

    Catholic Church In Czech Republic Again Protests Against Registered Partnership

    The Czech Bishops, in their statement, spoke not only against «registered partnerships» for unrepentant sodomites, but also on other bills before Parliament dealing with embryonic stem cell resarch and other morally sensitive issues. Our thanks and prayers are with them as they struggle to defend our Divine and Catholic Faith. St Vaclav, pray for the Czech Republic!

  • CTK/Prague Daily Monitor
  • Courts Hit Parents With Triple Whammy

    Another article from Mrs Phyllis Schlafly on the concerted assault by the Courts on the rights of parents to be the primary educators of their children.

  • Townhall.com
  • After 100 years, France Questions Its Secularity

    Note that Sarkozy is calling for using tax money to build mosques. The State stole all the Church's property, took away the salaries of our priests (guaranteed by Napoleon) and now they want to use French Catholics' tax money to build mosques for the enemies of France! Abas la Revolution! Vive la Contre-Revolution! Vive la France! Vive le roi, Louis XX! Muslims out of Europe! De Villiers for President of the Republic!

  • The International Herald Tribune
  • WARSAW: Russian Orthodox Back Vatican Stance On Gays

    This is a wonderful article. The Orthodox are mitigating their anti-Catholic stance and calling for Catholic-Orthodox coöperation in defence of «traditional Christianity»!

  • The Tablet, via VirtueOnline
  • Islam Is A Religion Of Hate, Terror And War

    A great article by Ali Sina. I especially recommend it because it has active links to the relevant suras of al Quran (in three separate translations!)calling for the murder of unbelievers, etc.

  • FaithAndFreedom
  • The Case For A Sacred Language

    An article by Mrs Solange Hertz. As usual, she writes incisively, cutting right to the heart of the problem. Please disregard the sede vacantist disclaimer at the start. The New Crusade firmly believes that Their Holinesses Bl. John XXIII, Paul VI, John-Paul I, John-Paul II and Benedict XVI were and are undoubted Supreme Pontiffs of the One, Holy Catholic Church!

  • The Remnant via Catholic Insight
  • Anti-Islamic Blog In Austria Forcibly Shut Down!

    Isn't the modern world wonderful? Violent jihadist, anti-Chritian sites run unopposed and anything anti-Islamofascist faces forcible shutdown!

  • From Iblis

  • Hate Propaganda? Cry «Havoc» And Let Slip The Dogs Of War!

    A very provocative post from Israpundit. Mr Levinson obviously agrees with my line that language has power and that we should use words that we mean. If they offend because they are true, is there any uncharitableness involved?

  • Israpundit
  • Stormy Reception For First Lesbian «Marriage»

    At least they met with public protest, but my question is, «Where were the Catholics?» There should have been faithful Catholics on their knees praying the Rosary against this desecration!

  • The Telegraph
  • Bolivia Elects First President From Indigenous Majority

    His race is absolutely immaterial, though I would applaud the election of a Catholic Indian. The important thing is that this man is a communist, a friend of the Red dictator of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez and an admirer of the evil murderer Fidel Castro. Please pray for the people of Bolivia!

  • The Irish Times

  • Another article on the Red thug, Morales:

  • TheConservativeVoice
  • Pro-Jihadist PC Idiocy In Western Australia

    Ham is banned from the Christmas menu and all meals will be «halal – containing only meat and other food prepared according to Muslim customs» at Port Hedland Regional Hospital in Western Australia, for fear of offending jihadist patients. What about Australian, Christian patients. How much will their hospital bills increase to cover the cost of this craven action?

  • The Sunday Times (AU)
  • And Why Is His Excellency Still A Bishop?

    Heresy in the Church in Ireland, a Bishop who teaches what the Vatican has condemned. When will Rome act?

  • The Irish Examiner
  • Should Catholics Canonise Ebenezer Scrooge?

    From the July-August, 1996 number of The New Oxford Review, this article is especially timely now. We must study the Social Magisterium and remember that the Social Teaching of the Church is neither left-wing collectivism nor free-market capitalism. Both have been repeatedly condemned by our Holy Fathers, from His Holiness, Leo XIII to His Holiness, John-Paul II.

  • The New Oxford Review, July-August, 996
  • German Intelligence Warns Iran Has New Missiles

    Bought from our enemies in North Korea, the Iranian jihadists are now capable of striking targets in Europe. When will we wake up to the threat and declare the New Crusade?

  • Expatica
  • Satan At Work In Germany

    Paganism is in a resurgence in Germany. Why should we be surprised? The protestants lost any semblance of faith under the Nazis and the Reds and the neo-pagan trend in the Church began in Germany! If people are not given spiritual food in the Church, they will seek it where they can find it!

  • Expatica
  • Big Nick Sarkozy Again

    This cowardly piece of merde wants to be President of France. He glories in the fact that he is the jihadists' best friend in France and insists that the «recent riots had nothing to do with Islam!» What exactly were they? Right-wing French Catholics rioting? Muslims out of Europe! De Villiers for President of the Republic!

  • Expatica
  • The EU Attacks Spanish Church's Tax Exemption

    The exemption is legal under EU law, but it's the Catholic Church, for God's sake! Of course, the EC will take Spain to court if necessary to further its anti-Catholic agenda!

  • Expatica

  • «Civil Partnerships» In NI & Britain Begin

    As the first one is dissolved in the US, the UK joins the the lemmings rushing to the abyss of the destruction of our Græco-Roman Catholic Civilisation and Culture! Also, note that while the law refers to «civil partnerships», almost all the news stories refer to «gay weddings».

  • BBC:'Gay weddings' first for Belfast

  • BBC:Couples in partnership ceremonies in Scotland

  • BBC:Out of the ceremony, into history
  • And Where Was His Excellency, The Bishop?

    The Diocese of Buffalo sent out a Christmas card wishing the recipient «(A) Beautiful Holiday Season and a New Year of Peace and Happiness». No mention of Christ or Christmas! How can we win the culture war when the the modernist neo-pagans control the Chanceries? Here's hoping our Holy Father will act soon to bring Catholic order back to the Church!

  • Directions to Orthodoxy
  • 18 décembre 2005

    Orthodox Church Of Greece Caves In To Jihadists

    One would think that after over a thousand years of oppression by the jihadists the Orthodox would be their staunchest opponents (some still are, of course. Zhiviot Srbska!), but that doesn't seem to be the case. The Orthodox Church in Greece has given its blessing to a jihadist mosque and cemetery outside Athens!

  • Directions to Orthodoxy
  • Merry Christmas From Sandro Magister

    Check out Sandro's beautiful Christmas greeting at:

  • Chiesa
  • Pray For Bolivia

    While Communism is on the defensive in Europe, it is gaining by leaps and bounds in Latin America. The Reds Castro in Cuba and Chavez in Venezuela seem about to be joined by the communist Morales in Bolivia. Our Lady of Mt Carmel and San Francisco Solano, Patrons of Bolivia, pray that Your country may be spared the scourge of Red dictatorship!

  • BBC
  • There Is Hope For The Czech Republic

    Despite the actions of the Red majority in the Lower House of the Parliament, here is hope. A new party is forming to stand in the next elections, inspired by the Polish Law and Justice Party, whose name they are adopting, and the Polish League of Families, the two solidly Catholic parties in Poland!

  • Prague Daily Monitor/CTK:New Law & Justice movement founded, to run in elections
  • The Czech Republic On The Slippery Slope

    In 1989 when communism fell in, then, Czechoslovakia, only one change was made to the nation's constitution. The «guiding principals» of the State were changed from «Marxism-Leninism» to «secular humanism». Whilst, since then, the Czech Republic has adopted a new constitution without mention of secular humanism, old habits die hard! Now, the lower House of the Czech Parliament has voted to grant «registered partnership» status to unrepentant sodomites. The overwhelming majority of the Social Democrats and Communists as well as most deputies for the Freedom Union (the «Liberal», big business, fiscally conservative, socially liberal party) supported the bill.

    It's not a done deal yet. It still has to pass the Senate, where the consevative parties hold a majority and be signed by President Vaclav Klaus. Ss Vaclav (Patron of the President), Adalbert, John Nepomucene, Ludmila and Cyril and Methodius,Patrons of the Republic, Pray for the Czechs!

  • Prague Daily Monitor/CTK:Chamber of Deputies passes registered partnership for homosexuals

  • Prague Daily Monitor/CTK:This is first step - gay-lesbian leader on partnership law in press

  • Prague Daily Monitor/CTK:Churches in Czech Republic condemn homosexual partnership bill
  • France Issues Hajj Guide, Media Showing Interest

    Remember, this is «secular» France, which severed itself officially from its ancestral faith in 1905 and has agressively pursued a policy of «neutrality» ever since. It seems that «neutrality» only applies to the religion of the majority of Frenchmen, not to the religion of the jihadist enemies of France! Vive la France! Muslims out of Europe! De Villiers for President of the Republic!

  • Islam Online
  • Secular Turkey Is Angered By Spectre Of Alcohol-free Zones

    Let me get this straight. Turkey is modern, enlightened and secular and totally worthy of membership in the EU, but it's government is trying to sneak sharia in by the back door! Muslims out of Europe! Restore Hagia Sophia to the Church!

  • The Independent
  • Tense Stand-Off At Trade Summit

    One of the neat things about being a Traditional Catholic in politics as well as in religion is that one gets to defy all preconceived notions about one's stance on any given question. The received wisdom (i.e. the MSM) is that all Evil Trads are conservative, all conservatives are free-market capitalists, ergo all Evil Trads ought to support the one-world economy envisioned by the WTO. Well, this Evil Trad doesn't, which makes me wonder: did the WTO deliberately schedule their meeting in an outpost of the largest slave camp history has ever known because they knew the Red slavemasters were experienced in handling protests?

  • BBC
  • Thank A Soldier Week

    Here is a great idea to spread the feeling of Christmas. Send a message of thanks and support to a soldier serving abroad in the battle against the jihadists!

  • Thank A Soldier Week
  • Islam Is A Religion Of War

    Well, duh! The Pentagon has finally figured out what any intelligent man has known for 1500 years!! Be sure to go to (and read) the link The Pentagon Breaks The Islam Taboo.

  • Israpundit

    Mrs Sclafly writes, this month, on the ongoing attacks on the rights of parents to be the primary educators of their chldren. (If you need a reminder, check Article 5, The Charter of the Family in the links section.) This is a major front in our struggle to defend our Græco-Roman Catholic Civilisation and Culture and Mrs Schlafly has been fighting the battle since before many of us realised that there was a war on!

  • EagleForum
  • The Purpose Of The Christmas Season

    Another article on the culture war and Christmas.

  • The ConservativeVoice
  • Western Isles Takes Moral Stand Against 'Geidh' Couple Ceremonies

    Let us pray that these presbyterian heretics be brought to the Divine and Catholic Faith. They are more on the road than many of our neo-protestant «Catholic» brethren. Their very language militates against immorality to the point that the Beeb had to invent a new, «morally neutral» word to describe unrepentant sodomites in Highland Gaelic!

  • The Scotsman
  • Darwinism On Defence

    An excellent article by Pat Buchanan on what Lewis called the religion of «scientism». However, Pat should check his historical facts. He refers to an essay which suggests that «Darwin smuggled Malthus' mid-Victorian political economy into biology». I have no argument with the thesis that Darwin cribbed his ideas from Malthus, but Malthus died three years before Victoria ascended the throne and Darwin published The Origin of Species in 1859, when Victoria still had 42 years to reign. Thus neither Malthus nor The Origin... is very «mid-Victorian»!

  • TheConservativeVoice
  • It’s Not Polite To Use The «C» Word In Public

    I'm blogging this article for two reasons: 1) the subject. As we all know we are in a cultural war in which our very right to practice our Divine and Catholic Faith is at stake. And 2) the discussion of «The Twelve Days of Christmas». Did you know its history? I didn't!

  • TheConservativeVoice
  • Killing Your Son Is Not «Proof Of Love»

    For those not familiar with the Wragg case, a «father» (I put the word in quotes because no real father could commit such an act) killed his handicapped, 10 year old son. His excuse was that he loved the boy! This writer has a handle on the case.

  • The Telegraph
  • 17 décembre 2005

    Our Holy Father, Pope Benedict Appoints Top Vatican Diplomat As Papal Nuncio To The US

    His Excellency seems to hve a good grasp of the jihadists. Maybe he can be a voice of wisdom in Washington.

  • CatholicNewsAgency
  • 16 décembre 2005

    Scotland Gives In To Quickie «Divorce»

    Scotland on the slippery slope. St Andrew, Pray for Scotland!

  • The Scotsman
  • The Mid-East's Beleaguered Christians

    Read this with the report of His Excellency the Archbishop of Denver's speech.

  • BBC
  • Latvia Cements Gay «Marriage» Ban

    Not quite yet. It has to be signed into law by the President. Please pray that he does so! St Meinard, Patron of Latvia, pray for the People of Latvia!

  • BBC
  • US Archbishop Candid About Islamic Persecution Of Christians

    A qualified hurrah for His Excellency! I would begin to hope that this signals a turn in the attitude of the Church, were it not for His Excellency's conclusion: «The Archbishop ended his address with a warning that localized acts of violence against Christians by extremists threaten relationships between Christians and Muslims worldwide, “something neither community of faith can afford."» There should be no relationship between the Church and Islam except the Crusade!!!

  • LifeSiteNews
  • Planned Parenthood Caught Concealing Rape Of 11-year-old

    They should be gaoled, but of course they won't be given the prevailing pro-death culture! Imagine the arrogance of thesekillers bragging about commiting murder while commiting a crime!

  • LifeSiteNews
  • Pharmacist Vows He Will Not Dispense Abortifacient Despite Job Loss

    Governor: «Right of conscience does not apply to pharmacists.»

    Now the State of Illinois and its Governor have arrogated to themselves the right to decide who can exercise the right of conscience! The pro-death legislature and Governor Blagojevich (sounds like he might have been Catholic or Orthodox at some point, doesn't it?) exempted doctors, nurses, etc. from their murderous law on grounds of conscience, but pharmacists are required to dispense abortifacient drugs regardless of their beliefs! May God bless those pharmacists refusing to bow to the dictates of th Satanic, jacobin State and may He have mercy on the Governor when he stands before the High Seat of Judgement!

  • LifeSiteNews
  • More On Phillipe de Villiers

    Here's an article from The Telegraph from before the French voted on the Satanic EU Constitution about de Villiers attitude. De Villiers for President of the Republic!

  • The Telegraph, 04.05.2005
  • 14 décembre 2005

    Catholic Families Forced To Convert

    Surprisingly enough, not by jihadists! This time it is by peaceful Hindus. (Remember the pacifist Hindus, who inaugurated their independence in India by declaring war on the Rajahs who chose not to join the new country and violently invaded the Portugese Catholic enclave of Goa to impose their peaceful rule?) Anyway, the point is that Satan is alive and well and is using Hindus as well as Muslims (and others) to attack Christ's One, Holy, Roman, Catholic and Apostolic Church!

  • AsiaNews
  • Catholic Hospitals Urged To Defy Law Requiring Morning-after Pill

    Let us pray that the Bishops of Massachussets and their hospital administrators have the courage to stand up to the dictatorial, murderous Commonwealth of Massachusetts!

  • AP via WLBT 3, Boston
  • More Fruit of Vatican II

    Pope John-Paul II still lives! The Most Blessed Virgin Mary has returned,and is living in Puerto Rico! What can we expect? The Faith is no longer taught, opening the way for every heresy, hallucination and madness, but Deo gratias for His Excellency, Ulises Casiano Vargas, Bishop of Mayaguez for attempting to maintain order on a sinking ship!

  • CNN
  • Kudos to His Excellency, Gerald Barnes, Bishop of San Bernardino, CA!

    Laus Deo, that I should live to see the day when a Diocese in the United States of America convenes an heresy trial!

  • The Los Angeles Times
  • 13 décembre 2005

    Phillipe de Villiers

    I just received a comment that makes more sense than I'd like to admit. I've been ending every post regarding France with the tagline «De Villiers for President of the Republic», totally ignoring the fact that, since the English language MSM seldom mention anyone running for President of France except Chirac, Sarkozy and de Villepin, most of my readers probably have no idea who he is. So, for the record, here is the article from Wikipedia on him.

  • Phillipe de Villiers

  • He heads the political party Mouvement Pour La France dedicated to keeping France sovereign and a part of Traditional Western Christendom. (Their site is in French, of course.)

    My reasons for supporting him should be self evident, I suppose!

    Muslims out of Europe! De Villiers for President of the Republic!

    Catching Up On News From Kosovo

    More news from the frontlines. Since I was off line there have been several despatches from KiM-Info, so I'll just place all the links and dates here. Muslims out of Europe! Zhiviot Srbska!

  • KiM Info Newsletter 28-11-05, APPEAL FOR KOSOVO FROM THE UNITED STATES, Only bread and soup for Kosovo

  • KiM Info Newsletter 30-11-05,Serb teenager wounded in Kosovo

  • KiM Info Newsletter 30-11-05, EU divided over future status of Kosovo

  • KiM Info Newsletter 07-12-05, Source: Government of Serbia

  • KiM Info Newsletter 09-12-05, Pressures against Serbian Orthodox holy shrines in Kosovo continue

  • KiM Info Newsletter 12-12-05, Visoki Decani Monastery sign painted over in black

  • KiM Info Newsletter 12-11-05, Rocket Attack, Grenades and Gun Battle- Kosovo's Latest "Isolated Incidents"

  • Serbian Patriarch Receives Treatment at Military-Medical Academy in Belgrade
  • Liberals' Use Of Words Effective Tool In Promoting Radical Ideologies

    C.S. Lewis addressed this problem in several of his works. Words have power and we should never accept the left's usage if it undermines our argument. If any of my readers catch me doing it, please call me on it!

  • AgapePress
  • Kilt-wearing Student Plans Legal Action

    Under the principal of subsidiarity, part of defending our Græco-Roman Catholic Civilisation and Culture is to defend the national cultures within it. Jackson R-2 School District in Jackson, Missouri USA has decided to ban a young man of Scots heritage from wearing his clan kilt to his prom. There is a link in this article to a petition supporting his right to do so. Can you imagine the reaction if he was African-American and was told he couldn't wear traditional robes to the prom?

    Of course, the MSM isn't interested if the person being discriminated against is an Euro-American Christian, so I had to find this story from a Scottish source!

  • The Scotsman
  • Nigeria: Pastor Faces Arrest For Harbouring Convert From Islam

    Of course Islam is peaceful! Let us pray for both these men, that they may saved from the violently anti-Christian jihadists and that they may come to the fulness of the Divine and Catholic Faith.

  • CompassDirect
  • 99% Of French Agree: No More Chirac

    While the headline is good news, the story bodes ill for France. The cowardly piece of merde Big Nick Sarkozy seems to be leading the polls. He's the one who managed to ignite the jihad, do nothing about it and ran like a whipped cur when confronted by the «youths». God Save France! Muslims out of Europe! De Villiers for President of the Republic!
  • Expatica
  • Silencing Science

    This is not new. C.S. Lewis refererred to «scientism» as a new religion. Its followers will not allow any dissenting voices which might undermine their control of the educational establishment.

  • TheConservativeVoice
  • Russian Orthodox Leader Criticizes U.S. Report On Religious Freedom

    The Roman Rite is heavily discriminated against and we're still struggling to regain Eastern Rite Churches stolen by the Reds and given to the Orthodox, but many liberal Catholics believe Russia has converted!

  • The Universe
  • Islamists Call For Elimination Of Christians

    The truth will always out, despite the defenders of Islam as a «peaceful» religion. It is a gutter religion, founded by a criminal pædophile under the inspiration of Satan.

  • WorldNetDaily
  • Worshippers Find Church Defaced, St. Alphonsus Marred By Painted Satanic Symbols

    While I oppose the concept of «hate crimes» I am a bit disturbed that the police are so ready to dismiss the possibilty. If someone had painted swastikas on a synagogue would it be considered «criminal mischief»?

  • The Houston Chronicle
  • Mother Sacrifices Self For Unborn Baby

    While I admire the mother and will pray for her soul, this would be a much better story if she had not been living with a «partner» and had three children from (I assume) a valid, preëxisting marriage.

  • The Washington Times
  • The Sacred Weblog of the Universal Inquisition: Defending the Throne in Charlotte

    From our friend, Theodore Harvey (see our links section), via The Sacred Weblog of the Universal Inquistion.

    The Sacred Weblog of the Universal Inquisition: Defending the Throne in Charlotte

    Third Positionist Review: Politically Incorrect Science

    From our friend, Perun, an excellent review of a book which explodes many of the myths dear to our secular humanist enemies.

    Third Positionist Review: Politically Incorrect Science

    France's Rift: Culture, Not Color

    This article makes the point that I have argued for years. I am often accused of being a racist. I am not. As a Catholic I believe racism to be blasphemy. We are all descended from Adam and Eve. Even modern science bears this out, though its followers are more than reluctant to accept the logical conclusion of their findings! What I am, and I glory in it, is a culturalist, that is I have absolutely no doubt that our Græco-Roman Catholic Culture and Civilisation which formed me and the society in which I live is superior to all other cultures.

    However, I strongly disagree with the columnist's conclusion. Europeans must not «learn to understand and appreciate - and, ultimately, embrace - the cultural riches of their immigrants», because the «immigrants» are the sworn enemies of all things European. Europeans must gird themselves for battle and begin the new reconquista.

    All ye Saints and Martyrs of Europe, pray for your people. Muslims out of Europe!

  • The International Herald Tribune
  • 12 décembre 2005

    "Temporary Marriage" In Islam!

    My God, the jihadists have figured out a way to make prostitution legal and «moral»! Is there no end to the wonders of this «peaceful», gutter religion?

    From our friend Josue Andres at Katolik Shinja:

  • A Scandalous Doctrine of Islam
  • Help Finding A Reader

    This is an appeal to a reader from France who emailed me whilst I was offline. In cleaning out my emails, I accidentally deleted your message. I am interested in working with you toward our common goals, so please email me again.

    What Is A Crime? It's A Matter Of Opinion

    Once again, Deo gratias for The Telegraph and congratulations to them for giving Mark Steyn a platform!

  • The Telegraph
  • CWA: He’s Making A List And Checking It Twice, Gonna Find Out Who’s Naughty Or Nice

    Concerned Women for America has released a list of companies regarding their attitude toward Christmas. It's a little late in the shopping season, but keep it in mind even after Christmas.

  • CWA
  • Call It FEMICIDE, Not "Honor Killing"

    From now on, «femicide» will be the term used on The New Crusade. An excellent article on the use of langauage in our struggle.

  • Israpundit
  • Canadian Pro-Marriage Group Ramps Up Election Strategy With VoteMarriageCanada Website

    As their election approaches, some Canadians are taking the offensive to defend Traditional values. If I have any readers in Canada or if my readers have friends in Canada, I recommend VoteMarriageCanada!

    Here's an article explaining their aims from LifeSiteNews.

    Romanian Cathedral Recovered After 60 Years

    The Reds hate the Church. The Orthodox tend to be more controllable thanks to their cæsaro-papism so the Communists seized Eastern Rite Churches and «gave» them to the Orthodox. Fifteen years after the Red regimes fell, we're still struggling to recover them, so this is a bit of good news.

  • Zenit
  • Calgary Bishop: “Too Many Catholics Have Become Too Complacent And Too Tolerant”

    We have had occasion before to congratulate His Excellency, the Bishop of Calgary, on his defence of our Divine and Catholic Faith and we are glad to do so again. Way to go, Excellency!

  • LifeSiteNews
  • Canadian Liberals Reveal Their True Feelings On Families

    I have attacked Paul Martin, personally, on this blog several times for his anti-life pro-death positions. It now becomes clear that Martin is not alone and that hatred of the family is policy in the Liberal Party! In reading these articles, remember that the NDP is the Canadian member of the Socialist International and that the Bloc Quebecois has fallen so far from Catholic values that they are courting the jihadist vote in the upcoming election!

    Two articles from LifeSiteNews:

  • Adscam Liberals Don't Trust Canadian Parents With Child-Care Dollars

  • Even the NDP and Bloc say the Liberals are Anti-Family
  • The War On Christmas Continues

    Two articles from AgapePress dealing with the continuing war on Christmas and Traditional Christian values.

  • Happy Holidays ... Or, Why Christmas Is Fading ...
  • School Okays 'Christmas Witch,' Menorahs; Rewrites 'Silent Night'
  • Schröder To Build Putin's Pipeline

    This story is creating a firestorm in Germany, but why are they surprised? Birds of a feather flock together and Reds, whether German or Russian, are corrupt by their very nature, lacking a coherent moral code. Ergo, why is anyone surprised that the Red Social Democrat, Schröder, would be hand in hand with the Communist, former KGB man, Putin?

  • Der Spiegel
  • The Czech Republic On The Slippery Slope

    The lower house of the Czech Parliament has «outlawed» euthanasia, but set no minimum penalty, thus allowing murder with no penal consequences. It has yet to be debated by the Senate and, if passed there, must be signed into law by President Klaus. Pray for the Czech Republic!

    From the Prague Daily Monitor:

  • Klaus hesitates whether to sign bill with euthanasia provisions

  • Churches call euthanasia inadmissible
  • So There! Aslan Is A Figure For Christ

    Disney and the liberals are trying to pretend that the Narnia Chronicles are simply adventure stories. Even Douglas Gresham, Lewis' stepson has said, «Churches in Britain and America are promoting the film as a Christian film, but it’s not . . . and the Narnia books aren’t Christian novels.». Now comes a letter written by Lewis and recently found by Walter Hooper, literary adviser to the Lewis estate, which states «The whole Narnian story is about Christ.»! Nuf said!

  • The Sunday Times
  • "Archbishop" Williams Grovels To The Jihadists

    By Charles Moore, an article regarding the heretic «archbishop of Canterbury's» visit to Pakistan and his dhimmi grovelling before the jihadists.

  • The Telegraph
  • How Free Speech Was Quietly Abolished

    God, I love The Telegraph! It's an outpost of sanity in an increasingly insane Britain. This article, by Phillip Johnston, shows The Telegraph's sanity and the evil of the Red Government of Tony Blair!

  • The Telegraph
  • "Catholic" School Hosts Anti-Catholic Canadian Premier Paul Martin

    A «Catholic» school gave Paul Martin a platform to spread his viciously anti-life message while denying his opponents the right to speak. The linked article has emaill addresses to express your feelings to His Excellency the Bishop who has the school in his oversight and to the «Catholic» school board. Please use them!

  • LifeSiteNews
  • Massachusett's Governor Romney Does Flip And Forces Catholic Hospitals To Distribute Morning-After Abortion Pill

    So much for religious freedom in Massachusetts! Catholics will no longer be able to practice their Faith in the health care field. God grant that the Bishops of Massachussets will simply close these hospitals and let Romney's pro-death allies pay to reopen them!

  • LifeSiteNews
  • PC Idiocy From British Columbia

    If I were one of these unrepentant perverts, I would have been ashamed to admit my utter stupidity in bringing this claim for damages. But of course, they're not stupid, they're just violently anti-Catholic and working to destroy our Faith and our Civilisation!

  • LifeSiteNews
  • Is It Christian?

    An excellent article dealing with the creeping influence of anti-Christian secular humanism in our culture. How many of these culture of death concepts have crept into our worldview?

  • TheConservativeVoice
  • Where's The Beef? Snack Bar Deemed Offensive!

    Am I becoming senile? The last I could remember, Scotland was a Christian country under the patronage of St Andrew, even if their established Kirk had wandered off into the left wing wilds of secular humanism. Let the Hindus go back to where they came from and let the Scot's enjoy their burgers!

  • The Scotsman
  • Santa Too Scary For Children, Says UK Government

    More left-wing loony PC idiocy from the secular humanists in Red Tony's government!

  • The Scotsman
  • Pray For Tookie Williams

    Barring last minute intervention by the Federal Courts, Stanley «Tookie» Williams, the co-founder of the notorious Crips street gang will die by lethal injection at 08h01 Tuesday. The pro-murder gang (notice that most anti-death penalty people outside the Church are violently for the murder of the unborn?) say he's rehabilitated and should be spared. I say let justice be done, but if you are awake at 00h01 California time, please say a prayer for him and may God have mercy on his soul!

  • BBC
  • Polygamy The Next Battle?

    If the unrepentant sodomites win their battle to destroy traditional marriage, it's likely that the next battle will be over polygamy. Of course, if it is, we know which side the jihadists will be on! They will be fighting shoulder to shoulder with the lefties, dedicated to the same goal: the final destruction of our Greco-Roman Catholic Civilisation and Culture!

  • The Washington Times
  • Police Warn Author Over Gay Comments

    The operation of thought crime laws in Britain. Remember Britain, «Land of Hope and Glory, Mother of the Free»? Well, the Mother of the Free is succumbing more and more to the dictatorial, left-wing, socialistic, secular humanists. This was once «Our Lady's Isle», let us pray that by Her prayers and those of all the Saints and Martyrs of England, Britain may be saved!

  • The Telegraph
  • Is President Bush A Christian?

    Patrick Buchanan recently wrote that Bush had converted from Christianity to «democratism» or democracy as a religion. This story certainly lends credence to that view. Democratism tends to be an essential part of the secular humanist world view and the push against Christmas is a big thing for the secular humanists. I have never known a Christian of any sort, Catholic, Orthodox or protestant to send out «Happy Holiday» cards with no mention of Christ or Christmas, but that is what the First Family of the US did this year!

  • The Scotsman
  • The Medieval Saints List

    Having been off line for two weeks, I'm afraid I can't keep my promise to catch up with Ted Hewitt's Group. For those who are interested, go to
    The Medieval Saints List, and join the list to catch up.

    Our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI Is To Reinterpret The Second Vatican Council. This Is The Preface

    God grant that it may be so! His Holiness, John-Paull II often called for a reinterpretation «in light of tradition», but he never insisted on it, so the modernist neo-protestants and neo-pagans continue to run roughshod over the church.

    Hopefully, our Holy Father's reinterpretation will include the repudiation of the Council's most glaring heresies and abuses. One of each come to mind. The first is the so-called «Decree on Religious Liberty», Dignitatis humanae. When it was promulgated, the well known neo-protestant modernist, John Courtney Murray, SJ, one of the major architects of the infamous document, came out of the Council aula and said something to the effect that «The teaching of the Church has changed 180°. It's now up to the theologians to explain it»! This from a Jesuit! Our Divine and Catholic Faith is infallible and immutable and no putative «Œcumenical Council» can change it!

    The other, regarding an abuse, would be the simple acceptance of the dicta of the Decree on the Sacred Liturgy, Sacrosanctum Concilium in which it is stated, «Particular law remaining in force, the use of the Latin language is to be preserved in the Latin rites» and «(T)here must be no innovations (in the Liturgy) unless the good of the Church genuinely and certainly requires them; and care must be taken that any new forms adopted should in some way grow organically from forms already existing». No one in their right mind could claim that the Latin language has been preserved or that the innovations of the modernisers were required by the good of the Church or that they grew organically from forms already existing!

    An excellent article by Sandro Magister from Chiesa!

    11 décembre 2005

    We're Back!

    My computer is up and running! It will be tomorrow (probably) before I get to posting regularly again. My only excuse is «'tis the season»! Friday night was our company manager's Christmas party. Good food and good drink! (see my interests) and I had to be in the store at 08h00. Saturday night was the Christmas party at the American Sons and Daughters of Columbus, where I play bocce. More good food and good drink! (and I had to be in the store at 08h00!). I did not sin against temperance, tho' I might have failed GKC's admonition that, «We should thank God for having made beer and wine by not drinking too much of them»! At the Son's party, I learned that the brother of two dear friends had died on Thursday, so after work today, my lady and I had to go to the wake. (Of your charity, pray for the soul of Anthony «Tony» Sirna, R+I+P.) Then home to glance at and delete most of over 400 emails!

    But, Deo volente, if my computer stays healthy, I'll be back at my usual post tomorrow, defending our Greco-Roman Catholic Civilisation and Culture, arguing for Altar and Throne and fighting The New Crusade!

    01 décembre 2005

    Still Having Problems

    Dear Friends and Readers, my computer is still crashed! I'll start posting again as soon as I get it fixed (or get another rig). In the meantime, if you're interested, establish an account at Blogarithm.com and index The New Crusade. That way, when I do start posting again, you'll be notified.