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The New Crusade

A Blog dedicated to the promotion of the Traditional Roman Catholic Faith in union with HH Benedict XVI, to the preservation of our Traditional Græco-Roman Catholic Civilisation and to the New Crusade against Islam. This Blog is under the Patronage of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts of Christ our King and His Holy Mother, our Queen and of Santiago Matamoros (St James the Moor-slayer) and the Crusader King, St Louis IX of France.

28 février 2006

Pridie Kal. Martii AUC 2758/AM 7514

Today is a Feria. The Votive Mass of the Holy Angels is traditional. It is also Mardi Gras or Shrove Tuesday.

From the East:

•John Cassian. His biography from The Catholic Encyclopædia.

  • Basil the Confessor

  • From Ted Hewitt's Group:

  • Shrove Tuesday, the eve of Lent — also known as Mardi Gras
    (literally "fat Tuesday" in French), Carnival (from the Latin
    for "farewell to the flesh"), and Fasnacht (the Germanic "night of
    the fast")
  • HBO Promotes Polygamy With “Big Love” Series

    More warning! Now that the anti-life zealots feel, that they're winning the «right to marriage» for unrepentant sodomite perverts, the next battlefield will be polygamy.

  • LifeSiteNews
  • Quebec Priests Bash Church on Homosexuality - Real Problem is the Bishops

    The real problem IS the Bishops! If they were not the problem, the signatories to this letter would have already ceased being functioning Catholic priests!

  • LifeSiteNews
  • Bishop hits out over gay adoption law

    Hurrah for His Excellency, Joseph Devine, Bishop of Motherwell in Scotland. Why is it that their is so much sanity in the Episcopate in Scotland and so little in many other countries?

  • The Herald
  • 21st Century Martyr Man

    Go Poles! What an idea! Pictures of New Martyrs killed by the jihadist pigs on buses. Muslims out of Europe! Awake, Christendom!

  • The Curt Jester
  • 27 février 2006

    “Silenced by Islamist Rage”

    Let me get this straight! The US wants to prevent a civil war in which the Sunni enemies of the West and our Græco-Roman Catholic Civilisation and Culture are killing the Shiite enemis of the same. What's wrong here? If the jihadist swine kill each other, there are fewer of them for us to worry about! Awake, Christendom!

    23 février 2006

    Kosovo Bishop Warns Not to Hand Jihadists a Victory

    Never! Kosovo is Serbian! Muslims out of Europe! Zhiviot srbska!

  • CSNNews
  • 21 février 2006

    Ante Diem IX Kal. Martii AUC 2758/AM 7514

    Today is a Feria. The Votive Mass of the Holy Angels is traditional.

    The Martyrology:

  • Today's

  • Tomorrow's, for those who recite Prime
  • Christians, Islam and the Future of Europe

    «How, and why, Islam can be part of “Catholic” Europe. On two conditions: a strong Christianity, and Muslim self-reform. A conference held in Denver, Colorado, at the invitation of the archdiocese.»

    Notice the idiocy of the premise of this conference: «Muslim self-reform» is an impossibility, since Satan will never allow one of his chosen instruments for his attack on the Body of Christ to «reform» itself and become less useful to his evil plans. With respect to His Excellency, Archbishop Chaput, Islam is a gutter religion, founded by Satan, using the pædophile Muhammad, may he be damned eternally, as his instrument. It is the enemy of our Divine and Catholic Faith and must be treated as such. Awake, Christendom!

  • Chiesa
  • Kosovo pushes for independence as talks begin

    NEVER! The Heartland of Serbia must remain Serbian. To grant independence to the jihadist pigs imported by the red dictator Tito is to set up the next war! Muslims out of Europe! Zhiviot Srbska! Awake, Christendom!

  • The Independent
  • Scientists call on churches to fight 'intelligent design'

    Fine. Let them fight ID and their already shrinking numbers will become even smaller as the Christians left within these aborting, contracepting sects migrate to Rome, Orthodoxy or fundamental protestantism. Let us pray that they all come home to Rome!

  • The Independent
  • Muslim Leaders Want UN to Outlaw 'Defamation'

    Now the jihadist pigs want the UNO to outlaw criticism of their gutter religion! Awake, Christendom! On to The New Crusade!

  • CNSNews
  • Klaus vetoes bill on same-sex partnership

    Let us offer thanks to God and to St Vaclav and all the Saints and Martyrs of the Czech Lands for President Klaus's perseverance and sanity!!

  • Prague Daily Monitor
  • Does Cardinal Schönborn of Vienna bless blessings for same-sex couples?

    Remember, His Eminence Christoph, Cardinal Schönborn, Archbishop of Vienna, is one of the «conservative» bishops appointed by our late Holy Father, John-Paull II.

  • Kreuz
  • Pell accused of Catholic 'dictatorship'

    Hurrah for His Eminence George, Cardinal Pell, Archbishop of Sydney! We need more bishops like him!!

  • Australian Broadcasting Corporation
  • Migrants use gay «marriage» loophole

    Jihadist swine are using a loophole in Britain's new law «legalising» perversion to get citizenship for yet more terrorist moles. Muslims out of Europe! Awake, Christendom!

  • The Sunday Times
  • Conference to mark 40th anniversary of Nostra Aetate, discuss Islam

    Why? Forty years of continued attacks on Holy Church and our Græco-Roman Catholic Civilisation and Culture and we're still talking to the jihadist swine? Islam is a gutter religion, founded by a pædophile, may he be damned eternally, and is the enemy of the Divine and Catholic Faith. End the discussions now! Call The New Crusade!

  • Catholic News Agency
  • 20 février 2006

    Ante Diem X Kal. Martii AUC 2758/AM 7514

    Today is a Feria, but the Votive Mass of the Most Holy and Divine Trinity is traditional.

    The Martyrology:

  • Today's

  • Tomorrow's, for those who recite Prime
  • Christians Targeted as Bloody Cartoon Violence Continues

    The jihadist swine attack innocent Christians who had nothing to do with the cartoons of the pædophile founder, may he be damned eternally, of their gutter religion.

  • CNSNews
  • 19 février 2006

    Ante Diem XI Kal. Martii AUC 2758/AM 7514

    Today is Sexagesima Sunday.

    I am still having computer problems and having to use a friends machine, so posts will be few and far between.

    Italian judges rule crucifix to stay in schools

    Victory in Italy! A small one to be sure, but a victory, none-the-less.

  • The Gulf Times
  • French Government Report Says No To Homosexual «Marriage»

    There is some sanity left in France! Hurrah for the Government Commission! De Villiers for President of the Republic!

  • LifeSiteNews
  • Le Pen's Betrayal

    Two articles regarding Jean-Marie Le Pen's betrayal of France into the hands of the jihadist swine. Shall we call him «Ganelon» in the future? (With thanks to Theodore Harvey.)

  • View From The Right--Has Le Pen Surrendered To Islamization?

  • View From The Right--French Nationalists Who Consider Le Pen A Sellout
  • 14 février 2006

    Computer Problems!!!

    My rig is down. I'll ne back up and in the struggle ASAP. Please pray that is's SOON!

    13 février 2006

    Idus Feb. AUC 2758/AM 7514

    Today is a Feria, but the Votive Mass of the Most Holy Trinity is appropriate.

    From the East:

  • Aquilla & Priscilla the Apostles

  • Martinianos the Righteous

  • Tradition in Action's Saint of the Day:

  • Pope St. Gregory II

  • The Martyrology:

  • Today's

  • Tomorrow's, for those who recite Prime

  • On this day:

    AD 1130, His Holiness, Honorius II, Pope, reigned 1124-30, dies.

    AD 1199, St Stepan Nemanja Serbian monk, dies.

    AD 1237, Jordanus of Saxon second Prior General of the Order of Preachers, drowns.

    AD 1332, Andronicus II Paleologus Roman Emperor in the East, reigned 1282-1328, monk, dies.

    AD 1542, Catherine Howard, Queen of England, 5th wife of Henry VIII, is beheaded. Henry's lusts knew no limits!

    AD 1633, Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei arrives in Rome for trial before Inquisition for demanding that Holy Scripture be «edited» to reflect his new theories.

    AD 1689, British Parliament adopts Bill of Rights, completing the Whig Revolution and destroying the Traditional Monarchy.

    AD 1692, In the Glen Coe highlands of Scotland, thirty-eight members of the MacDonald clan are murdered by soldiers of the neighboring Campbell clan, heretics and traitors to their true King, for not pledging allegiance to William of Orange.

    AD 1934, Austrian Chancellor Dollfuss bans Austro-Bolshevik, Red «Social Democratic Party », in his attempt to create a Catholic, corporate State.

    New Rite Of Exorcism

    This is an absolutely must read from the Curt Jester. Hilarious and yet true!

  • The Curt Jester
  • 12 février 2006

    Priedie Id. Feb. AUC 2758/AM 7514

    Today is Septuagesima Sunday. Were it not, it would be the Feast of the Seven Holy Founders of the Servítes, Cc. An article on the Order from The Catholic Encyclopædia.

    From the East:

  • Meletios, Archbishop of Antioch

  • Antonius, Archbishop of Constantinople

  • Tradition in Action's Saint of the Day:

  • Seven Holy Founders of the Servites

  • From Ted Hewitt's Group:

  • St Julian the Hospitaller

  • Venerable Coelius Sedulius

  • The Martyrology:

  • Today's

  • Tomorrow's, for those who recite Prime

  • On this day:

    AD 1049, Bruno, Count of Egesheim & Dagsburg, consecrated His Holiness, Pope Leo IX.

    AD 1502, Infidel swine of Granada given choice of conversion to the True Faith of Catholicism or emigration.

    AD 1736, The Archduchess, Maria Theresa von Habsburg marries Francis III Stephen, Duke of Lorraine.

    AD 1768, His Imperial Majesty, Francis II, last Roman Emperor in the West, born.

    AD 1797 Haydn's song «Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser» first performed in Vienna. It became the Imperial anthem.

    AD 1809, Charles Darwin, destroyer of Western Civilisation, and Abraham Lincoln, destroyer of the American Republic, born.

    AD 1934, French Reds call general strike.

    AD 1953, H.R.H. Prince Alexander of Saxony (husband of The Princess Gisela, of the Legitimate House of England, Scotland and Ireland) born.

    Denmark's problem with Muslims

    While I disagree totally with the author's sentiments, this article shows that the Danes understand the new jihad. May Her Majesty, Margarethe II, Queen of Denmark and her subjects stand firm in the face of this threat. Let the jihadist swine learn that their gutter religion is not welcome and let them begin to learn in Denmark! Muslims out of Europe! Awake, Christendom!

  • The International Herald Tribune
  • President rejects prime minister's request on partnership law

    Once again, I ask my readers prayers and those of St Vaclav, for Vaclav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic, that he may persevere and veto this attempt at «legalising marriage» for unrepentant sodomites.

    From Radio Prague:

    President Vaclav Klaus has rejected a written request by the prime minister urging the president to sign a bill on same-sex partnerships, which has been passed in both houses of Parliament. Through a spokesman on Sunday Mr Klaus criticised the prime minister, indicating he would not allow himself to be dragged into what he called a 'pre-election campaign'. The bill on same-sex partnerships recognises gays and lesbians' right to inherit from their partner, and also allows access to medical information. But, the president has suggested the bill is a threat to traditional institutions - namely traditional marriage. Mr Klaus has until next Thursday to decide whether to sign the bill, to veto it, or to allow it to pass into law minus his signature.

    The Habsburg Achievement:Lessons for the World

    From a message from mon ami, knight4mary at Catholic Monarchists at Yahoo Groups, who got it from Theodore Harvey's Opinion page at his Royalty & Monarchy Site. This might put a chink in the armour of the anti-Habsburg leyenda negra!

  • Free Republic
  • More On The Cartoons

    Two current stories on the jihadist swine's reactions to the cartoons of the pædophile founder of their gutter religion. Note, that in the first, the top Saudi cleric, the imam of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, is calling for non-Muslims, in non-Muslim countries to by tried under Islamic law for acts that are not crimes in their respective countries!

    The second is simply one more warning from a jihadist pig that, unless we bow to their law, their will be «fire throughout the world»! Ho-hum!

    Muslims out of Europe! Awake, Christendom!

  • FOXNews.com: Saudi Cleric: Cartoon Publishers Should Be Tried

  • The Telegraph: Leader of cartoon rally warns of 'fire throughout the world'
  • Stuck in the middle with you!

    From our good friend, Perun. It sums up the way I, and I'm sure many of my readers, feel. Awake, Christendom!

    God, Family, Nation: Stuck in the middle with you!

    On Dress

    From our friend Frere Ignatius. We fully endorse his sentiments!

    Vive Christus Rex!: On Dress

    News From The Future

    From our friends at the Lair, a not so humourous post on possible future news. Read well the call of «Pope Marcel III» for The New Crusade! Muslims out of Europe! Awake, Christendom!

    The Lair of the Catholic Cavemen

    Support Freedom Of Expression, Buy Danish Products & Services

    A website has been set up with information on Danish products and services to help those who would like to support our Danish brethren in their fight against the jihad and the imposition of shariyah. This is a frontline battle. As I've pointed out before, all depictions of the prophets of the gutter religion are prohibited as blasphemy and this includes their prophet Is ibn Miryam, otherwise known as our Blessed Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. If the West loses this one, the next call will be to remove our statues and pictures from our Churches. Muslims out of Europe! Awake, Christendom!

  • Buy Danish
  • Fire This School Superintendent!

    A six year old boy suspended from school for «sexual harassment»!? More PC idiocy from the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts!

  • The Conservative Voice
  • Anti-Christian Bias Seen in EU Governance

    Note well the last sentence: «a community with no values cannot be either built or maintained.»! The EU as it exists, must be destroyed! Awake, Christendom!

    TURIN, Italy, FEB. 10, 2006 (Zenit.org).- The faithful in Hungary often feel as if an anti-Christian minority rules over the European Union legislation and governance, says a bishop.

    "Well, maybe our weak testimony may have helped," wrote the secretary-general of the Hungarian bishops' conference, Bishop Andres Veres, in a statement to Italian episcopate's SIR news service.

    Taking stock a year and a half after Hungary's accession to the European Union, Auxiliary Bishop Veres of Eger noted that in the country "the number of disappointed people has increased."

    "The government has not informed them appropriately," he said, and the "conditions of such accession have never been enforced."

    He also cited the absence of "that spiritual communion that could create common values for the European peoples," and added that a "community with no values cannot be either built or maintained."

    News From Kosovo

    The latest from the frontlines. Muslims out of Europe! Zhiviot Srbska! Awake, Christendom!

  • KiM Info Newsletter 07-02-06, Raskovic-Ivic: Belgrade to reconsider its role in Kosovo talks

  • KiM Info Newsletter 10-02-06, Serbian Orthodox Church specifies basic principles on future protection of the Serbian Orthodox religious and cultural heritage in Kosovo

  • KiM Info Newsletter 10-02-06, Fatmir Sejdiu, New President of Kosovo
  • Latest case of vandalism: Cross desecrated in Goa

    This is probably not jihadist swine for a change. This blasphemy was probably perpetrated by the heathen Hindu enemies of our Holy Faith. When will we learn? The Faith is the Truth and all false religions must consider it the enemy!

  • IndianCatholicNews
  • Aborting Churches

    The truth will out. If existing members kill their unborn children, it is hard for a sect to grow.

  • National Review
  • Quebec's quiet right-wing revolution

    Is Quebec returning to its French Catholic roots? One can hope so! Ste Anne de Beaupre, pray for Quebec and for Canada!

  • The National Post
  • Pro-Life Student Attacked at College Demonstration

    Of course, everyone knows that only pro-lifers are violent, right? At a recent demo, one of the baby killers carried a sign that said, «Keep your hands off my body and I'll keep my hands off your throat!»

  • LifeSiteNews
  • Philosophy Prof at Halifax “Catholic” University calls Christianity “Pernicious”

    If the Holy Father were to remove the right to call an university «Catholic» from all schools like this, how many Catholic universities would be left?

  • LifeSiteNews
  • Judge Upholds Pharmacist’s Fine, Sanction for Failing to Fill Birth-Control Prescription

    Pray for Neil Noesen, the pharmacist in this case. The freedom to practice Catholicism in the US is under severe attack. Boycott K-Mart!!

    Supreme Court's Ginsburg Offended by "Outrageously Anti-Abortion" Homily at Mass

    So according to the Hon Ruth Bader Ginsburg the Church should not preach Her infallible doctrine because it offends her?

  • LifeSiteNews
  • Leading United Nations Abortion Advocate a Prof at a Pontifical Catholic University

    Where is Rome in this scandal? To bear the title «Pontifical» in their name is a right granted only by Rome. But, of course, this is the Rome of the 21st century, which doesn't want to offend anyone!

  • LifeSiteNews
  • Conservative Government Will Raise Age of Sexual Consent

    Sanity begins to return to Canada. Let us hope and pray that this is the beginning of an wholesale return to Western Values!

  • LifeSiteNews
  • UK Doctors Opposed to Reporting Rape of Girls Younger than 13

    The Culture of Death marches on in Red Tony's increasingly totalitarian Britain!

  • LifeSiteNews
  • Ruini says he will open sainthood cause for murdered priest

    This is good news. A Neo-Martyr to the jihadist pigs. May he pray for the success of The New Crusade!

  • Catholic News
  • Cardinal says pope will opt for 'gentle' fix of liturgical abuses

    We have seen how the gentle approach works with the schismatics in the Neo-Catechumenal Way. They just said the Pope didn't really mean what he said and they would just keep on doing what he had prohibited!

  • Catholic News
  • America's Concentration Camps

    Mr Thomas A. Drolesky on public education in the US. As usual, he nails the problem. Awake, Christendom! Homeschool your children!

  • Christ or Chaos
  • Venezuelan bishops call on lawmakers to respect “moral patrimony” of marriage

    Hurrah for the Episcopal Bench of Venezuela! They are defending the Magisterium in the face of the Red dictator Chavez.

  • Catholic News Agency
  • ‘Ethics, not fear, should guide media’ re controversial cartoons: Catholic League

    The Catholic League caves in to the jihadist pigs. My question to Bill Donahue is, «Bill, now that you've caved in on this, what will you do when they demand the removal of pictures and statues of their prophet, Isa ibn Miryam (our Blessed Lord, Jesus Christ), from our Churches?» Stand firm now! Awake, Christendom!

    Federal court orders justice of the peace in Valencia to preside at homosexual “weddings”

    So much for conscientious objection or freedom of religion in «Catholic» Spain under the viciously anti-Catholic, Red government of Zapatero!

  • Catholic News Agency
  • Mexican official under pressure to resign for public expression of faith

    The battle never stops! Mexico is a «Catholic country», but it is tantamount to political suicide for a politician to admit he's Catholic!

  • Catholic News Agency
  • High court suspends anti-life law in Guatemala

    Hurrah for the Supreme Court of Guatemala. They have suspended the operation of a law opening the door to the killing of the unborn.

  • Catholic News Agency
  • Some Wonderful Quotes On The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass

    "The Church must steadily and firmly heed that although the language of the people may change, the language of liturgy should not be altered. Thus, the Mass must be said in the language in which it was said from the beginning, even if such a language be already, antiquated and strange to the people, for it is wholly enough, if the learned men understand it. "

    ~Pope Benedict XIV

    On the Mass in Latin:
    "If there are some present who do not understand what is being said or sung, they know at least that all is said and sung to the glory of God, and that is sufficient for them to join in it devoutly. "

    ~ St. Augustine

    "Mass badly celebrated is an enormous evil. Ah! it is not a matter of indifference how it is said! . . . I have had a great vision on the mystery of Holy Mass and I have seen that whatever good has existed since creation is owing to it."
    ~ Anne Catherine Emmerich

    When you are before the altar where Christ reposes, you ought no longer to think
    that you are amongst men, but believe that there are troops of angels and
    archangels standing by you, and trembling with respect before the sovereign
    Master of Heaven and earth.? Therefore, when you are in church, be there in
    silence, fear, and veneration.?

    ~St. John Chrysostom

    "If there are some present who do not understand what is being said or sung, they
    know at least that all is said and sung to the glory of God, and that is sufficient for
    them to join in it devoutly."

    ~ St. Augustine

    "If there is anything divine among man's possessions which might excite
    the envy of the citizens of heaven (could they ever be swayed by such a
    passion), this is undoubtedly the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, by
    means of which men, having before their eyes, and taking into their
    hands the very Creator of heaven and earth, experience, while still on
    earth, a certain anticipation of heaven.How keenly, then, must mortals strive to preserve and protect this
    inestimable privilege with all due worship and reverence, and be ever on
    their guard lest their negligence offend the angels who vie with them in
    eager adoration!"

    ~ Pope Urban VII in 1634

    The essential beauty [of the Mass] remains, whether the holy rite be performed under the golden vault of St. Peter's or in a wretched wigwam, erected in haste by some poor savages for their missionary.

    --Pope Pius IX

    "Nothing is so consoling, so piercing, so thrilling, so overcoming, as the Mass, said as it is among us. I could attend Mass forever, and not be tired. It is not a mere form of words; it is a great action. The greatest action that can be on earth. It is. . .the evocation of the Eternal."

    ~ John Henry Cardinal Newman

    Mockery of St John Bosco in the worst Mass ever

    This is an example of what Catholicism is facing. Let us pray that our Holy Father puts a stop to such blasphemy!

    Catholic Church Conservation: Mockery of St John Bosco in the worst Mass ever

    11 février 2006

    Ante Diem III Id. Feb. AUC 2758/AM 7514

    Today is the Feast of the Apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Immaculate at Lourdes. An article on the Apparition and Shrine from The Catholic Encyclopædia.

    From the East:

  • Vlassios the Holy Martyr of Sebaste

  • Theodora the Empress

  • Tradition in Action's Saint of the Day:

  • Our Lady of Lourdes

  • From Ted Hewitt's Group:

  • St Caedmon

  • St Benedict of Aniane

  • The Martyrology:

  • Today's

  • Tomorrow's, for those who recite Prime

  • On this day:

    AD 641, Heraclius, Emperor Rome, 610-641, dies. (R+I+P)

    AD 731, His Holiness, Pope St Gregory II, dies. St Gregory pray for us.

    AD 824, His Holiness, Pope St Paschal I, dies. St Paschal, pray for us.

    AD 1465 Her Grace, Elizabeth of York, Consort of His Grace, Henry VII, King of England and Lord of Ireland, born.

    AD 1503, Her Grace, Elizabeth of York, Consort of His Grace, Henry VII, King of England and Lord of Ireland,dies on her 38th birthday. (R+I+P)

    AD 1531, Henry VIII blasphemously declared «supreme head of the Church in England».

    AD 1535, His Holiness, Pope Gregory XIV, reigned 1590-91, born.

    AD 1554, Lady Jane Grey, heretic and usurper, beheaded after 9 day «Reign». Pray for her soul.

    AD 1810, In a vain attempt to establish legitimacy, the Revolutionary usurper, Napoleon marries Her Imperial Highness, the Archduchess Marie-Louise of Austria.

    AD 1858, The Blessed Virgin appears to Ste Bernardette.

    AD 1906, Pope Pius X publishes his Encyclical Vehementer nos, On The French Law of Separation.

    Madonna's face irks Catholics

    As well it should! This is blasphemy, to superimpose the face of a notorious, evil living apostate from our Holy Faith onto one of the most revered icons in Christendom.

  • NEWS.com.au
  • Christians 'are being ignored' as ministers court other faiths

    And why are we surprised? This is Red Tony's anti-Christian, Revolutionary government we're talking about. Awake, Christendom!

  • The Times
  • Jihadist Swine Disrupt School Mass

    We must respect their evil, satanic, gutter religion, but as this shows, they have no respect for ours! Awake, Christendom! Muslims out of Europe!

  • The Daily Record
  • Italian judge dismisses case over existence of Jesus

    Good news from Italy! There seem to be pockets of sanity all over the place!

  • The Evening Echo
  • A priest is beaten in Izmir, to the cries of “we will kill you all”

    Jihadist dogs attack another priest! On to The New Crusade! Deus vult! Awake, Christendom!

  • AsiaNews
  • Hate cleric's mosque hid 'an arsenal for training terrorists'

    A «peaceful» Muslim cleric at work. May this jihadist dog never breathe the air of freedom again! I'm amazed, that in Red Tony's dhimmi Britain, they found him guilty! Muslims out of Europe! Christendom Awake!

  • The Scotsman
  • Mother From Hell

    The gutter religion of Islam, founded by the pædophile Muhammad, may he be damned eternally, causes insanity. This article on «the Mother of Martyrs» recently elected as an Hamas member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, is proof. What normal, sane, civilised woman would send her sons out to murder innocents and die in the attempt!

  • FrontPage Magzine
  • 10 février 2006

    Säpo stops Muhammad cartoon site

    It has long been my contention that all the good Swedes emigrated in the 19th century and this proves it. (Before anyone accuses me of Swedophobia, let me point out that I am the grandson of Petronilla Frederika Peterson, born in the Parish of Ornunga outside Goteborg, on the Feast of the Transfiguration, 1876.) At least in other Western countries it has been cowardice that prevented the publishing of the cartoons, not direct action of the State security apparatus!

  • The Local
  • Philippe de Villiers... has overtaken the veteran extreme-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen in opinion polls

    This is the greatest news out of France since the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes! A Royalist aristocrat instead of a republican Poujadiste!

  • Far-right leader decries "Islamisation of France"

  • Philippe de Villiers, from Wikipedia.
  • Ante Diem IV Id. Feb. AUC 2758/AM 7514

    Today is the Feast of St Scholastica, V. Her biography from Catholic Online.

    From the East:

  • Haralambos the Holy Martyr

  • Anastasios, Patriarch of Jerusalem

  • Tradition in Action's Saint of the Day:

  • St Scholastica

  • From Ted Hewitt's Group:

  • St Scholastica

  • The Martyrology:

  • Today's

  • Tomorrow's, for those who recite Prime

  • On this day:

    AD 60, St Paul shipwrecked at Malta.

    AD 1098, Militiæ Christi of the First Crusade defeat the ifidil jihadist Redwan of Aleppo at Antioch.

    AD 1567, Henry Stuart, First Duke of Albany, Earl of Ross, Lord Darnley, Consort of Her Majesty, Mary I & II, Queen of Enland, Scotland and Ireland, murdered. (R+I+P)

    AD 1609, John Suckling, Kt, Royalist, Cavalier and poet, born.

    AD 1635, Académie Française is founded in Paris by Armand, Cardinal de Richelieu)

    AD 1716, His Majesty, James III & VIII, King of England, Scotland and Ireland, returns to France after failing to regain his Legitimate Throne in the Rising of 1715.

    AD 1728, His Imperaial Majesty, Pyotr III Fyodorovitch, Tsar and Autocrat of all the Russias, born. (21 February, O.S.)

    AD 1829, His Holiness, Leo XII, dies. (R+I+P)

    AD 1880, His Holiness, Pope Leo XIII publishes his Encyclical Arcanum (On Christian Marriage).

    AD 1939, His Holiness, Pius XI, dies. (+R+I+P)

    09 février 2006

    The Fruits Of The Revolution

    Yesterday, I noted in the Almanach that it was 9 February 1994 that the Communist Mandela became President of South Africa. His Communist inspired, Communist led African National Congress still controls the country. These two stories, from news24.com, show the outcome of that triumph of the Revolution!

  • Farmer's Achilles tendons slashed

  • Strip clubs take off in SA
  • True Islam Unmasked

    «Slit a man’s throat in the name of Allah for no reason at all—good work and Allah is pleased. Draw a cartoon about Islam—this is punishable by death. That, in a nutshell, is Islam.»

    «At last, true Islam has shown its face to the world, and this time the world was watching.»

    These quotes are all the commentary this story needs! Christendom Awake! Muslims out of Europe!

  • The Conservative Voice
  • Ante Diem V Id. Feb. AUC 2758/AM 7514

    Today is the Feast of St Cyril of Alexandria, BCD, with a Commemoration of St Apollónia, VM. Their biographies from The Catholic Encyclopædia: St Cyril, St Apollónia.

    From the East:

  • Leave taking of the Presentation of Our Lord and Savior in the Temple

  • Nicephoros the Martyr of Antioch

  • Tradition in Action's Saint of the Day:

  • St Cyril of Alexandria

  • From Ted Hewitt's Group:

  • St Apollónia

  • St Teilo of Llandaff

  • The Martyrology:

  • Today's

  • Tomorrow's, for those who recite Prime

  • On this day:

    AD 1404, His Imperial Majesty, Constantine XI Dragases Paleologus (Gr. Κωνσταντίνος ΧΙ Δραγάσης Παλαιολόγος - Konstantinos XI Dragases Palaiologos), Roman Emperor in the East,born. He died on the walls of New Rome, killed by the Turkish jihadists on 29 May 1453. Muslims out of Europe! Restore Hagia Sophia to the Church!

    AD 1567, Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley, Consort of Her Majesty, Mary I & II, Queen of Enland, Scotland and Ireland, murdered. (R+I+P)

    AD 1621, Alessandro Ludovisi is elected His Holiness, Pope Gregory XV.

    AD 1807, Grand Sanhedrin convened by Napoleon to help further the Revolution.

    AD 1936, Jacques Bainville French Royalist (Orleaniste),historian, essayist, journalist, dies at 57. (R+I+P) His funeral cortege was interrupted by the limousine of Léon Blum, The Red premier, justly precipitating a riot!

    AD 1957, Miklós Horthy de Nagybánya, Duke of Szeged and Otranto (Hungarian: Vitéz Nagybányai Horthy Miklós), self-styled, «His Serene Highness the Regent of Hungary" (Ő Főméltósága a Magyar Királyság Kormányzója)», heretic and oath-breaker, dies. Pray for his soul.

    AD 1994 The terrorist, Nelson Mandela, becomes President of South Africa, and the Revolution consolidates its triumph! I had written to F.W. de Klerk, the former President, asking how he could hope to stop the Communist takeover under Mandela when he headed a protestant republican (=Revolutionary) State? I received no answer!

    Klaus unlikely to sign homosexual partnership bill

    Pray that he perseveres! St Vaclav, pray for your namesake and for the Czechs!

  • Prague Daily Monitor
  • Calvin And Hobbes— And Muhammad

    A cute, but incisive column by one of the best looking right-wing commentators in the US. ( I can't make up my mind between her and Michelle Malkin for Number One!)

  • AnnCoulter.com
  • 08 février 2006

    Ante Diem VI Id. Feb. AUC 2758/AM 7514

    Today is the Feast of St John of Matha, C. His biography from Catholic Online. There is no biography in The Catholic Encyclopædia, for reasons I don't know. Catholic Online is not Traditionalist and lists his Feast on the NO Calendar date of 17 Dec., but the Martyrology for 8 Feb. says «St. John of Matha, priest and confessor, founder of the Order of the Most Holy Trinity for the redemption of captives, who went to repose in the Lord on the 17th of December.»

    From the East:

  • Theodore the Commander & Great Martyr

  • Zachariah the Prophet

  • Tradition in Action's Saint of the Day:

  • St John of Matha

  • From Ted Hewitt's Group:

  • St John of Matha

  • St Jerome Emiliani

  • The Martyrology:

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  • On this day:

    AD 412, St Proclus, Patriarch of New Rome, born.

    AD 1124, St Stephen of Thiers, founder of the Order of Grandmont, dies. St Stephen, pray for us.

    AD 1291, His Majesty, Afonso IV, King of Portugal, 1325-57, born.

    AD 1587, Her Majesty, Mary II & I, Queen of England, Scotland and Ireland, martyred. His Majesty, James I & VI, King of England, Scotland and Ireland, ascends the Throne.

    AD 1600, The Vatican condemns the heretic Giordano Bruno to death. Pray for his soul.

    AD 1622, King James I & VI, dissolves the English Parliament.

    AD 1725, His Imperial Majesty, Pyotr I Alexeyevich, the Great, Tsar and Autocrat of All the Russias, dies. (R+I+P)

    AD 1809, His Imperial Majesty, Franz I, Emperor of Austria declares war on the imperial pretender Buonaparte.

    AD 1861, Confederate States of America officially established in Montgomery, Alabama.

    AD 1904, The heathen Japanese, disregarding the civilised Law of Nations, launches sneak attack on the Orthodox Russian Empire.

    07 février 2006

    Ante Diem VII Id. Feb. AUC 2758/AM 7514

    Today is the Feast of St Romuald, Ab. His biography from The Catholic Encyclopædia.

    It is also the Heavenly Birthday of His Holiness, Bl Pius IX. His biography from The Catholic Encyclopædia and a link to all of his brilliant Encyclicals.

    From the East:

  • Parthenios, Bishop of Lampsakos

  • Luke the Righteous of Greece

  • From Ted Hewitt's Group:

    6 Feb:
  • St Amand of Maastricht

  • 7 Feb:
  • St Theodore the General

  • BB. James Sales and William Saultemouche

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  • On this day:

    AD 457, Imperator Caesar Flavius Valerius Leo Augustus proclaimed Roman Emperor in the East.

    AD 590, His Holiness, Pelagius II dies. (R+I+P)

    AD 1301, Edward of Caernarvon, later His Majesty, Edward II, King of England and Lord of Ireland, becomes 1st Prince of Wales.

    AD 1478, St Thomas More, Kt, Martyr & Lord Chancellor of England, born.

    AD 1522, By the Treaty of Brussels, Haus Habsburg split Domain into Spanish & Austrian Branches.

    AD 1550, Giovanni Maria del Monte elected His Holiness, Pope Julius III.

    AD 1569, His Majesty, Felipe II, King of the Spains, institutes the Holy Office of the Inquistion in South America.

    AD 1613, Mikhail Romanov (16) becomes Tsar and Autocrat of All the Russias.

    AD 1639, L'Académie Française begins the Dictionary of the French Language.

    AD 1668, The heretics of the Netherlands, England and Sweden conclude an alliance directed against His Most Christian Majesty, Louis XIV King of France and Navarre.

    AD 1689, The Prince and Princess of Orange usurp the Throne of England, Scotland and Ireland.

    AD 1920, Admiral Alexandr Kolchak, Russian counter-revolutionary, executed. (R+I+P)

    AD 1958, Baron Rudolf of Freyberg-Eisenberg (husband of The Princess Benedikta of the Legitimate House of England, Scotland and Ireland) born.

    Cartoons and Islamic Imperialism

    An excellent article by Daniel Pipes from the New York Sun, which I believe is the only US newspaper that has, as yet, had the cojones to publish any of the cartoons. He points out that this is only the beginning! The end will be world wide Islam under shariyah if we don't draw a line in the sand! Christendom Awake!

  • Daniel Pipes
  • Dominican Leader “Highly Recommends” Homosexual Cowboy Film

    Read and react! There are email and snail mail addresses and 'phone numbers. This scandal should not go unnoticed!

  • LifeSiteNews
  • Paper withdrawn over cartoon row

    Go, Gair Rhydd! Boo, Cardiff University for trampling on free speech in Wales. St David, pray for Wales!

  • BBC
  • Canadian Anglicans Becoming Extinct

    And how many have entered Catholic Unity with Rome or entered Communion with Constantinople? Rome waits the few Christians left in the Anglican sect with open arms!

  • Agape Press
  • Mexican bishops criticize efforts to restrict faith to private life

    Hurrah for the Mexican Bishops! The enemies of the Church love religion being a private affair. As long as they can keep the Church out of the marketplace, they've won the war!

  • Catholic News Agency
  • Blessed Are the Meek: The Life and Martyrdom of a Priest on Mission in Turkey

    On the New Martyr Andrea.

  • Chiesa
  • California Schools Proselytize For Allah

    In the land of the Loony Ninth, on the Left Coast, what do you expect? More anti-Westernism from California!

  • FrontPage Magazine
  • Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Show The Caricatures Everywhere!

    From Der Spiegel, via Sign and Sight's Magazine Roundup: «The Dutch politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali demands in an interview that the offending caricatures show be shown "everywhere" in the west. There is no need for apologies. "Not a day goes by when radical Imams do not preach hatred in their mosques. They call Jews and Christians inferior, and we always allow this as freedom of speech. When will the Europeans realise that the Islamists do not grant this right to their ciritics?»

    Frenchmen, Boycott Carrefour!

    From EUPolitix: «French supermarket chain Carrefour has posted adverts in regional branches saying it does not stock Danish products.»

    Lord Carey, former«Archbishop» of Canterbury Has Lost It!

    The heretic claiming to be next previous successor of St Augustine, Lord Carey had this to say about the cartoons: «The Danish [publication of the images] was a deliberate racist attack and, with the religious overtones of the prophet Muhammad, was bound to cause offence - and apparently they knew it - so there is a boundary that was crossed there». Obviously living in the Anglican weltanschauung for too long rots the brain! By what stretch of the imagination (to a sane man, that is!) can an attack on the ædophile «Prophet», may he be damned eternally, be defined as racist?

    BTW, the spineless Brits have refused to publish the cartoons, but several are including external links to them on their websites. How's that for cowardice?

  • The Guardian
  • Hot Cross Buns Too Offensive For School

    More PC idiocy from Red Tony's Britain!

  • WorldNetDaily
  • Europe's New Dissidents

    A great article pointing out that the governments of the European «Union» couldn't be bothered to express solidarity when one of its smallest members came under attack for defending the very European values the EU proffesses to uphold!

  • Wall Street Journal
  • 06 février 2006

    Archbishop Calls Simultaneous Rejection Of Iraq War And Support For Abortion Hypocritical

    Not an American Archbishop, of course! They're pretty well unanimous in their support for terrorists murdering adults and opposition to murdering the unborn!

  • Catholic News Agency
  • Priest's Murder «Was Simply A Barbaric Act»

    And is rapidly being realised for what it was, martyrdom connected to the cartoon contoversy. The dhimmi's would have us believe it was a lone act of violence or a «hit» arranged because he was interfering in the white slave traffic the infidel Turks love so much!

  • The Irish Independent
  • Once Intros Were Out Of The Way, Couple Say «I do»

    This is a marriage? The sick stupidity to which our modern Godless society is sinking. This stunt was touted as «a noble attempt to boost the failing institution of marriage.»! At least in the Traditional arranged marriage, it was arranged by the parents, who knew the prospective bride and groom, not by 100 000 strangers who «read the profiles of eight finalists on the internet!»

  • The Irish Independent
  • Why Can't Muslims Take A Joke?

    An excellent article by «Spengler» (rember my post When Even The Pope Has To Whisper, 11 January? He wrote the article I linked to.), going far beyond the cartoon controversy to delve into the whys of the Muslim reaction.

  • Asia Times
  • Cartoons And The Clash Of «Freedoms»:

    Another article by a «moderate» jihadist dog. He says, «First, for Muslims, nothing and no one is above Islam. No one should be allowed to be disrespectful about anything remotely associated with Islam.» Usually I stay away from linking to other blogs, preferring to make my own comments on news stories, but I'm making an exception here. The article can be read without comment here, but read it with Ted Belman's brilliant commentary at the link below!

  • Israpundit
  • Ante Diem VIII Id. Feb. AUC 2758/AM 7514

    Today is the Feast of St Titus, B&C. His biography from Wikipedia. There is a link in this article to an exegetical article on the Epistles to Ss Timothy and Titus in The Catholic Encyclopædia.

    From the East:

  • Photios, Patriarch of Constantinople. The founder of the Photian Schism. Here is his biography from The Catholic Encyclopædia. However, this from a fellow Catholic blogger in Singapore (In principio erat Verbum): Wee point of information: St Photius of Constantinople died in full communion with Rome, and Roman delegates were present when he was glorified in the Byzantine Church, with no opposition from Rome. He is included in the Liturgical Calendar of the Byzantine Churches.
  • Bucolos, Bishop of Smyrna

  • The Martyrology:

  • Today's

  • Tomorrow's, for those who recite Prime

  • On this day:

    AD 337, St Julius I begins consecrated Pope .

    AD 1140, His Excellency, Thurstan, Archbishop of York and Primate of England, dies. (R+I+P)

    AD 1508, His Imperial Majesty, Maximilian I crowned Roman Emperor.

    AD 1626, Huguenot rebels & His Most Christian Majesty, Louis XIII, King of France and Navarre,sign the Peace of La Rochelle, creating the heretics as a state within the State to the detriment of France.

    AD 1651, His Eminence, Jules, Cardinal Mazarin flees Paris.

    AD 1685, His Majesty, Charles I, King of England, the Scots and Ireland, dies, His Majesty, James II and VII, King of England, the Scots and Ireland, ascends the throne.

    AD 1778, His Most Christian Majesty, Louis XVI, King of France and Navarre recognizes the Revolutionary Government in the English Colonies, signs treaty of aid in Paris; the first treaty the United States made.

    AD 1778, The Hanoverian usurper «George III» of England declares war on His Most Christian Majesty, Louis XVI, King of France and Navarre as a result of the above.

    AD 1861, First meeting of the Provisional Congress of the Confederate States of America.

    AD 1865, Robert E. Lee appointed General-in-Chief, Confederate States Army.

    AD 1899, Spanish-American War ends, peace treaty ratified by US Senate. Not quite the last gasp of the anti-Habsburg, anti-Spanish «Leyenda negra».

    AD 1922, Achille, Cardinal Ratti elected His Holiness, Pope Pius XI.

    AD 1939, The Freemasonic, Red, Republican Spanish «government» flees to France. The Cruzada approaches victory!

    AD 1952, The Princess Philip of Greece and Denmark usurped the throne of England, Scotland and Ireland.

    AD 1989, Lech Walesa begins negotiating with the Polish government. The beginning of the end for the Red dictatorship over the Polish Catholic people!

    Dissolving Marriage: Polygamy In Canada. What Does It Really Mean?

    Again, let us pray that Mr Harper's new Conservative government may try to put a stop to the moral rot of Canadian society. Sacred Heart of Jesus, Thy Kingdom come!

  • NationalReviewOnline
  • Muslim Cartoon Fury Claims Lives

    Protests against cartoons satirising the «Prophet» Muhammad, may he be damned eternally, sweep the world, leading to several deaths.

  • BBC
  • Anglican Archbishop of Sydney calls on Worldwide Communion to Declare Homosexuality a Sin

    There is some sanity left in the Anglican sect, but I fear that the «Traditionalists» are fighting a losing battle. However, Rome awaits them with open arms!

  • LifeSiteNews
  • Nine Pro-Life Members of Parliament in New Canadian Government Cabinet

    But at least six of the ministers are known to support «marriage» for unrepentant sodomites. Pray for Canada!

  • LifeSiteNews
  • Canada Public Broadcaster Caught Airing Perverse Teen Sex Episodes

    More taxpayer funded perversion from the CBC, courtesy of Paul Martin's Government. Let's hope Mr Harper can make a difference!

  • LifeSiteNews
  • Daughters Suicide After Secret Abortion Leads Father to Activism

    Please pray for all the souls involved, the murdered unborn child, the mother who took her own life and the grieving father and grandfather.

  • LifeSiteNews
  • Activist Supreme Court Chief Justice Lectures Canadian Prime Minister on Court Appointments

    Let's hope that Mr Harper pays no attention! The appointment process has been politicised for over a decade by the Liberals. This has brought Canada to the brink of social disintegration with the courts regularly attacking Traditional values. Let us pray that this will change under the new Tory government!

  • LifeSiteNews
  • Muslim Extremists Murder Philippine Christians

    JOLO, Philippines, FEB. 5, 2006 (Zenit.org).- Muslim extremists killed six Christians in cold blood six of the small town of Patikul on Sulu Island, in the Sulu Archipelago of the Philippines.

    The attackers, suspected Abu Sayyaf guerrillas, a fundamentalist group close to al-Qaida, went door-to-door on Friday asking if the occupants of the house were Muslims or Christians, reported AsiaNews.

    If the residents responded that they were Christian, the guerrillas opened fire, according to AsiaNews.

    Brigadier General Alexander Aleo, a spokesman for the Philippine military, confirmed the information, stating that among the dead was a 9-month-old girl.

    The island's military chief added that in the attack five people were seriously wounded, among them a 3-year-old boy.

    Abu Sayyaf, formed in 1991, is the most feared guerrilla group of those operating in the southern Philippines.


    Marriage Protection Amendment Waits For Congress

    Let us hope and pray that Congress acts before more liberal, anti-Christian judges «legalise» the perversity of «marriage» for unrepentant sodomites!

  • CitizenLink
  • Extremists In Demonstration Face Inquiry By Police Squad

    Oh dear me! They face an inquiry! Of course, the two free Englishmen who tried to distribute copies of the cartoons were arrested (they were later released) while the jihadist pigs who were inciting riot and mass murder face an «inquiry». Oh, for a British government instead of Red Tony's bunch of spineless dhimmis!

  • The Telegraph
  • This Soft Approach To Militant Muslims Is A Gift To The Far Right

    Of course, Mr Heffer and I might disagree on the definition of Far Right. I see it as a gift to every Christian Briton who wants his country back! Muslims out of Europe!

  • The Telegraph
  • How Clerics Spread Hatred Over Cartoons

    To call these evil jihadist pigs «clerics» is to insult leaders of all other religions!

  • The Telegraph
  • The New Martyr Andrea's Last Letter

    Last Published Letter of a Murdered Priest
    Father Santoro Writes of Vocation to Bridge the West and Mideast

    ROME, FEB. 6, 2006 (Zenit.org).- Here is a translation of the last letter published by Father Andrea Santoro, in the magazine Window to the Middle East, which he founded in Italy.

    The 60-year-old priest was shot and killed Sunday while praying in his parish in Trabzon, Turkey.

    * * *


    I am writing from Rome, where I have spent three weeks before returning to Turkey. They have been very intense days, dedicated to testimonies, meetings, catechesis, conferences, and times of prayer. Everything has been oriented to promote information and knowledge between the Middle East, seen through my personal experience, and our West, in line with the objective of Window to the Middle East.

    I have found everywhere interest and participation, a sincere desire to understand and to establish bonds of communion. I have seen the importance and the possibility of undertaking an exchange of spiritual gifts between these two worlds. The Middle East, great "holy land" where God decided to communicate himself in a special way with man, has its riches and the capacity, thanks to the light that God has always infused, to illuminate our Western world.

    But the Middle East has its darkness, its problems, often tragic, and its "voids." It needs, therefore, in turn that that Gospel that came from there be sowed again and that the presence of Christ be proposed again there. It is a reciprocal "re-evangelization" and an enrichment that the two worlds can exchange.

    Meanwhile, in Trabzon, the minute Christian community has met every Sunday morning to celebrate the Liturgy of the Word and the Church has been opened twice a week to Muslims, under the responsibility of a trustworthy person. I will let you know how it goes.

    I greet you, commending these reflections to you and exhorting you to always put faith in contact with the present moment. It must not be an abstract and generic faith, but a faith like that of the first "beginnings," which has been transmitted to us from generation to generation. As the Gospel says, leaven has a mysterious capacity to ferment the dough, if it comes into contact with it -- the dough of all times, all places, all generations.

    Moreover, Jesus said: "I am the light of the world, he who follows me will not walk in darkness." If his light illuminates us, not only will it illuminate every situation, even the most tragic, but in addition we too, as He always said, will be light. The tenuous light of a candle illuminates a house, an extinguished lamp leaves everything in darkness. May he shine in us with his Word, with his Spirit, with the sap of his saints. May our life be the wax that is consumed willingly.


    Father Andrea

    [Translation by ZENIT]


    Syria Behind Torching Of Danish Buildings?

    If true, this is a declaration of war by the Syrian jihadist Bashar al-Assad against Her Majesty, Margarethe II and the Kingdom of Denmark. I'm not too worried, tho'! I figure if the Danes take up the challenge, a squad or two of Danish troops ought to be able to beat the entire Syrian Army, since it's made up of craven, cowardly, chickensh*t, jihadists!

  • WorldNetDaily
  • BBC Defends Cartoon Coverage

    «Obviously the BBC does not want to give offence to anyone on either side of this debate,» said Peter Horrocks, the BBC's editor of TV News.Well, they've offended me by a) their refusal to show all the cartoons and b) their apology to the infidel, jihadist swine for the ones they did show!

  • The Guardian
  • Eye On Eurasia: A Caliphate In Russia?

    Russia a majority Muslim country by 2065? It's possible if demographic trends continue with infidel swine outbreeding Christians. Awake, Russia! Awake, Europe! Awake, Christendom! Muslims out of Europe!

    Directions to Orthodoxy

    Will The Seal Of Confession Be Broken?

    Not if we take action NOW against the anti-Catholic secular humanists in league with the modernist, neo-protestant, neo-pagans in the Church!

  • Tradition, Family and Property
  • Piss Christ Vs. Cartoon Jihad

    An excellent article containing links to ways of supporting the Danes in our struggle.

  • FrontPage Magazine
  • Wacko Jacko To Set John-Paul II Prayers To Music?

    Absolute, total, unmitigated idiocy from the Vatican!

  • The Scotsman
  • Father Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, S.J., To Resign

    This is excellent news out of Rome. Fr Kolvenbach has headed the Jesuits for 23 years, presiding over the completion of their corruption. From the elite guard of the Church and the Papacy, they have descended into the morass of modernist, neo-protestant, neo-paganism in the worst way (see the post Filipino Theologian Embraces Islam, 31 Jan.). Maybe a new General can turn the Order around and bring them back to the service of the Church and the Papacy!

  • The Times
  • The End of a Taboo: Even Romano Amerio Is «A True Christian»

    Have you ever heard of him? I hadn't, yet Sandro Magister refers to him as « (T)he leading figure of the traditionalist opposition in the Church of the twentieth century,», but says he «was punished for this through a general ostracism.». Obviously, since he is so unknown. Maybe this aricle is the beginning of his rehabilitation!

  • Chiesa
  • Church In New Zealand Caves On Cartoons

    «Catholic Communications» in New Zealand (is this the Episcopate, or some dhimmi employee? No mention in the article.) has issued a statement in support of the jihadist pigs in the cartoon crisis. Where are the bishops who rode at the head of their troops during the Crusades? May God send us their like again!

  • Catholic News
  • The New York Times--Anti-Christian And Pro-Muslim!

    The NYT's different takes on Freedom of Speech when the targets are A)Catholicism or B)Islam!

  • TimesWatch
  • More Rioting In Paris!

    No mention of ethnicity, but we can assume that they were «of North African origin»!

  • The Independent
  • 05 février 2006

    Refuge For Roma Proved A Deathtrap

    Let's get this straight. First these people are driven from their homes by the jihadist Albanian swine and then the UNO camps them on a site heavily polluted with lead! Is this a case of the UNO trying to help the Albanian pigs «ethnically cleanse» Kosovo of Christians?

  • The International Herald Tribune
  • A Call For Respect And Calm

    This is almost too much! The jihadist swine, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Prime Minister of Turkey, and José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, the violently anti-Christian, Red Premier of Spain calling for calm. Let Erdogan concentrate on finding the infidel swine who martyred a Catholic priest yesterday afternoon in Trebizond, Turkey, shouting «Allahu Akbar» as he pulled the trigger! And let Zapatero hang his head in shame. If he is truly a Spaniard (which I doubt!), his ancestors laid down their lives to free Spain of the scourge of the gutter religion. Muslims out of Europe! No Turkey in the EU!

  • The International Herald Tribune
  • Free Speech And Civic Responsibility

    I'm posting this piece by an infidel swine because it is a «moderate» Muslim calling for «civic responsibilty». In other words, «Just be polite, you dhimmi dogs, and don't offend us!».

    But there is another, much more serious reason for this post. In the article, the writer says, «(It)t is against Islamic principles to represent in imagery not only Muhammad, but all the prophets of Islam. (emphasis supplied) This is a clear prohibition.» Remember, our Blessed Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, is honoured by the Muslims as a Prophet. If we give into the jihadist swine on the cartoon controversy, how long until they demand, in the name of «civic responsibility» that we remove the statues and pictures of our Blessed Lord from our Churches and our homes? Remember, too, that to the followers of the gutter religion, we are blasphemers because we worship the Triune God. According to them we have blasphemously divided God and made a man into a God. Despite what the liberal dhimmis say, we do not worship the same God as the Muslims! Muslims out of Europe!

  • The International Herald Tribune
  • Nonæ Feb. AUC 2758/AM 7514

    Today is the Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany. Were it not, it would be the Feast of St Agatha, V&M. Her biography from The Catholic Encyclopædia.

    From the East:

  • Sunday of the Canaanite

  • Agatha the Martyr

  • Polyeuktos, Partriarch Of Constantinople

  • From Ted Hewitt's Group:

  • St Agatha

  • The Martyrology:

  • Today's

  • Tomorrow's, for those who recite Prime

  • On this day:

    AC 45, Marcus Porcius Cato Uticencis, Cato the Younger, commits suicide rather than live in a world dominated by Julius Cæsar.

    AD 816, His Imperial Majesty, Louis, Roman Emperor in the West, grants the Archbishop of Salzburg palatine rights. The beginning of the Electorate.

    AD 1428, His Majesty, Alfonso V, King of Sicily, orders Sicily's Jews to attend conversion sermons.

    AD 1576, His Majesty, Henri III, King of Navarre abjures heresy at Tours. He later recanted, before returning to the True Faith 25 July AD 1593, in order to be crowned His Most Christian Majesty, Henri IV, King of France and Navarre.

    AD 1649, His Grace, Charles II, proclaimed King of the Scots in Edinburgh Castle, seven days after his father's martyrdom.

    AD 1679, His Most Christian Majesty, Louis XIV, King of France and Navarre and His Imperial Majesty, Leopold I, Roman Emperor, sign the Treaty of Nijmegen, bringing peace between France and the Empire.

    AD 1962, The traitor and perjuror de Gaulle calls for Algeria's independence, having come to power on the promise that he would never permit it!

    Some New Cartoons

    Some new cartoons to upset the jihadist swine! These are in the public domain, so feel free to copy them, print them or post them to your own site!

    Miloslav, Cardinal Vlk expresses sympathy with Muslims Angered At Prophet Mohamed Caricatures.

    I have had several occasions over the last few months to cheer for His Emminence, the Cardinal-Archbishop of Prague. Today I must hang my head in shame that a Prince of the Church would be guilty of such dhimmi drivel! Pray that he may see the light! Muslims out of Europe!

    From Radio Prague, 06.II.06:

    Czech Miloslav, Cardinal Vlk has expressed sympathy with Muslims protesting against newspaper prints of Prophet Mohamed caricatures. His Eminence says Christians have also had to come to terms with several examples of what he called the "defamation" of Christian religious figures. Their objections, however, have not been heard because Christians are less sensitive and not as quick to fight for their beliefs. The Cardinal added that the media "crosses the limits of freedom of speech" when it insults religious figures with examples like the Prophet Mohammed cartoon.

    It's Begun!

    Breaking news - we have our first martyr. A teenage boy shot and killed the Italian Roman Catholic priest of a church in the Black Sea port city of Trabzon on Sunday, shouting "God is great" as he escaped, according to police and witnesses.

    The priest was Fr Andrea Santaro, on secondment to Trabzon (Trebizond/Τραπεζούντα in Byzantine times) from the Diocese of Rome, and had just celebrated Mass. To think the Holy See made a statement supporting the just right for respect of the religious feelings of the Muslim world not long ago.

    Αγιε Ανδρεα, Νεο-ιερομαρτυρε Τραπεζούντης, ευχων υπερ ημων

    Perhaps it's time to send in a formal petition to Pope Benedict for a new line to be added to the Litaniae Sanctorum - 'a tyrannide Hagarenorum, libera nos Domine'? The whole petition to be written in flawless Latin, of course, with signatures collected from around the world.

    On the other side of the Bosphorus, we could also petition our hierarchs to add extra petitions to the litanies at Divine Liturgy, Vespers and Orthros (Matins): 'That the Lord our God may be mindful of our suffering brothers living under bitter tyranny and break the power of the fierce Hagarenes, let us pray to the Lord - Lord have mercy'.

    From In principio erat Verbum - Εν αρχη ην ο Λογος, a great blog by Edward Yong!

    British Views On The Crisis

    The Telegraph, one of the voices of sanity in Britain, on the demonstrations over the weekend in that country. The jihadist swine called for the murder of British citizens and for the massacre of any who insult their pædophile «Prophet», may he be damned eternally. Unfortunately, the Riot Act was repealed by the «Conservative» government of Edward Heath, but surely their is legislation on the books, even under Red Tony, to gaol these swine! The only arrests made were of two Englishmen for distributing copies of the cartoons!

    All links from The Telegraph, 06.II.06:

  • Arrest pedlars of hate, police urged

  • Why extremists treat us with contempt

  • One law for the bloodthirsty, another for the tolerant
  • Henri Du Vergier, Le Comte de la Rochejaquelein

    Because I have the time and because I think this man, a leader of the Vendean Rebellion against the Revolution, should be known worldwide, especially amongst Traditional Catholics and Monarchists, I am posting this. The emblem of the Sacred Heart on the right was pinned to their breast as their badge as they went into battle.

  • Wikipedia
  • «Jesus Christ» Not Welcome At Public Meetings

    The Anti-Christian Libertine Union (ACLU) on the attack again!

  • WorldNetDaily
  • Update: NBC Halts Britney's Crucifixion Mockery

    NBC backs down, but they would like us to believe that they issued a press release hyping a show yet to be written with an entirely wrong story line! Sure! We're finally making an impact!

  • WorldNetDaily
  • Sadat Gave Daughter In Marriage at 12

    Pædophilia is inherent in the gutter religion of the jihadist swine. Remember, Anwar Sadat was not some berobed, camel riding desert shaikh. He was the «enlightened, Westernised» President of Egypt!

  • WorldNetDaily
  • «They Came for the Jews»

    By Dr Brooks A. Mick, from The Conservative Voice

    Some may recall the famous Martin Niemoller quotation:

    "They came for the Communists, and I didn't object - For I wasn't a Communist; they came for the Socialists, and I didn't object - For I wasn't a Socialist; They came for the labor leaders, and I didn't object - For I wasn't a labor leader; They came for the Jews, and I didn't object - For I wasn't a Jew; Then they came for me - And there was no one left to object." -Martin Niemoller, German Protestant Pastor, 1892-1984

    It has application today.

    First they bombed the Israelis, and I didn’t protest, for I was not an Israeli. Then they struck the Americans, and I paid lip service for a few days. (Sometimes I secretly cheered them on.)

    Then they bombed the Spanish trains, and I didn’t stand up, for I was not a Spaniard. Then they bombed the British subway, and I didn’t protest, for I was not a Brit. Then they came for the Danish cartoonists, and I didn’t protest, for I was not a Dane. By the time I realized they were out to destroy western civilization in its entirety, including sympathetic, warm-hearted, fuzzy-headed left-wing moonbats like me, it was too late.-George Soros, George Clooney, Jacques Chirac, Steven Spielberg, John Kerry, et. al.

    Oh, all right, I made up the signatures too. But I can just hear them screaming out, as the Muslim extremists torch the movie studios and burn their books and chop off their heads, “Were you guys serious?”

    Satanic Cult Sentenced For Italy Killings

    Notice that in their satanic depravity, «The group ... apparently believed that Marino, who was stabbed to death under a full moon, was the personification of the Virgin Mary(emphasis supplied»!

  • Stuff
  • Latin Returning To Mass

    What the article means, of course, is that Latin is starting to become popular even in the NO. It never left the Traditional Mass!

  • The Washington Times
  • Rep. Bartlett Wins Support To Ban Abortion Pill

    Hurrah for Roscoe Bartlett, MC for the Sixth District of Maryland. Not only does RU-486 kill the unborn child, often it kills the mother! Pray for the success of his efforts!

  • FOXNews
  • Anti-euthanasia Alliance Launched

    Let us pray for the success of this new movement launched in the UK!

  • BBC
  • Muslim Extremists Murder Philippine Christians

    JOLO, Philippines, FEB. 5, 2006 (Zenit.org).-

    Muslim extremists killed six Christians in cold blood six of the small town of Patikul on Sulu Island, in the Sulu Archipelago of the Philippines.

    The attackers, suspected Abu Sayyaf guerrillas, a fundamentalist group close to al-Qaida, went door-to-door on Friday asking if the occupants of the house were Muslims or Christians, reported AsiaNews.

    If the residents responded that they were Christian, the guerrillas opened fire, according to AsiaNews.

    Brigadier General Alexander Aleo, a spokesman for the Philippine military, confirmed the information, stating that among the dead was a 9-month-old girl.

    The island's military chief added that in the attack five people were seriously wounded, among them a 3-year-old boy.

    Abu Sayyaf, formed in 1991, is the most feared guerrilla group of those operating in the southern Philippines.


    Rumsfeld: Iran Regime Sponsors Terrorism

    Well, duh!! However, there is good news. Rumsfeld is quoted as saying, «They seek to take over governments from North Africa to Southeast Asia and to re-establish a caliphate they hope, one day, will include every continent. They have designed and distributed a map where national borders are erased and replaced by a global extremist Islamic empire.» This may be the first time that a Western official has officially acknowledged the infidel swine's plans to reëstablish the Caliphate. Now, if only Rumsfeld would have a chat with his boss, who still thinks that Islam is a «Noble Religion»!

  • AP via Iran Focus
  • Fitzgerald: No to Turkey in the E.U.

    Jihad Watch Board Vice President Hugh Fitzgerald, on the reasons Turkey should not be admitted into the EU. Muslims out of Europe! Restore Hagia Sophia to the Church!

  • Dhimmi Watch
  • Priest Shot Dead In Church In Turkey

    Priest Shot Dead in Church in Turkey

    ANKARA, Turkey, FEB. 5, 2006 (Zenit.org).- An Italian priest was shot dead in his church in the Turkish Black Sea city of Trabzon.

    CNN Turk television said police were looking for a 17-year-old seen fleeing from the Santa Maria Church, reported Reuters.

    The state Anatolian news agency identified the murdered priest as Father Andrea Santaro, 60, reported to have been in Turkey for about five years.

    Anatolian quoted Trabzon Governor Huseyin Yavuzdemir as saying: "We condemn this attack against a man of religion."


    Muslims Rally In Halifax Over Muhammad Caricatures

    Again, they have no problem with burning our most Holy Symbol, the Cross upon which our Saviour died, but they chant: «Freedom, yes! Insult, no!»! I am insulted, angered and scandalised at the blasphemy these jihadist swine are supporting and encouraging. Our Crusading forefathers marched beneath the Cross to defeat their progenitors who had conquered Christian lands. May The New Crusade begin soon, so that we and our sons may finally deal the deathblow to this satanic, gutter religion founded by the pædophile Muhammad, May he be damned eternally!

  • CBC
  • Vatican Caves On Cartoons

    Citing the Freemasonic, Revoulutionary «Universal Declaration on Human Rights», an unsigned statement from the Vatican Press Office supports the suppression of free speech and caves in to the jihadist swine who are burning Norwegian and Danish flags, both of which depict the Holy Cross upon which our Saviour died!

  • Reuters
  • Ninth Circuit Says: Go Ahead and Kill the Children

    Many years ago, when I was young and stupid (but already a blooming intellectual), I «ghost wrote» term papers for a fee. One day a friend came to avail himself of my services. He had a paper assigned in an ethics class which required him to choose an article from a recognised philosophical journal, either pro-abortion or pro-life, and write a rebuttal against it. I accepted the job and chose a pro-abort article to rebut (obviously!). After reading the article, however, I was so angry that it took me three days to begin the paper. Why? Because the writer, who was a short time later apointed «philosopher-in-residence» at Wichita State University in Kansas, argued that not only was abortion acceptable, but that since children did not fully develop their personalities for the first couple of years of life, infanticide until the age of two should also be acceptable! The Loony Ninth has set us on this «philosopher's» path! God have mercy on our society!

  • The Conservative Voice
  • Our Holy Father Defends Marriage And The Family

    Concern Over Fate of the Family
    Pope and Prelates Warn of Threats to Foundation of Society

    ROME, FEB. 4, 2006 (Zenit.org).- The future well-being of society depends on strengthening family life. This is a constant message in many of the Pope's recent speeches. On Dec. 1, in a speech to the newly arrived ambassador of St. Lucia to the Holy See, Benedict XVI stated that "the sacred institution of marriage is vital to the well-being of every nation."

    He warned that "any hope for renewal of society which does not adhere to God's plan for matrimony and the family is destined to founder, for it is there that the God-given dignity of every person is first realized and the self-esteem necessary for mature adult relationships is first experienced and nurtured."

    In the face of current challenges to marriage, both civic and religious authorities need to work together to uphold this vital institution, the Pope insisted.

    In his speech to another new ambassador, from France, on Dec. 19, the Pontiff called for "special attention on the institutions of marriage and the family." These institutions are, he said, "the basis of social life."

    The Holy Father had earlier referred to the recent riots by young people in France. Marriage and the family, he said, "have an irreplaceable role in the education of the young, combining authority and emotional support, imparting to all young people the values that are indispensable to their personal development and sense of the common good, and the necessary reference points for social life."

    The Pope has also raised the issue of family life in a number of meetings with bishops. On Nov. 18 he told visiting bishops from the Czech Republic that they had done well to make family life one of their pastoral priorities. The family is a basic building block of society, and plays a vital role in handing on the Christian faith, the Pontiff noted.

    On Dec. 3 he spoke to the presidents of Latin American episcopal commissions for family and life. Marriage and the family, noted Benedict XVI, are threatened both by the phenomenon of secularization and the pressure of unjust laws that fail to recognize their fundamental rights. As a result, "Today, it is necessary to proclaim with renewed enthusiasm the Gospel of the family," he said.

    Elementary truths

    The Pope has also spoken about family life to local Italian groups. On Dec. 30, the day when the Church celebrated the feast of the Holy Family, he visited the Vatican's St. Martha's dispensary.

    In his speech to those working there, Benedict XVI thanked them for their devotion in helping children and their parents. The mission of being parents, he noted, often receives little help from modern society.

    Then, in a Jan. 12 encounter with government officials from Rome and the surrounding Lazio region, he noted that in recent years the family has been a priority for the local diocese.

    Benedict XVI explained that in insisting on support for the family the Church is not imposing Catholic doctrine or morality on a secular society. Rather, it is a question of "elementary truths that concern our common humanity." For government officials to respect these truths is perfectly legitimate since these realities are "essential for the good of the person and of society," the Pope said.

    He further contended that local government can play an important role in supporting young couples, particularly regarding matters such as the cost of housing, and the availability of nurseries and schools.

    And, in a clear reference to efforts to claim legal status for de facto couples and same-sex unions, the Holy Father insisted: "It is a serious error to obscure the value and roles of the legitimate family founded on marriage by attributing legal recognition to other improper forms of union for which there is really no effective social need."

    His words were echoed by Cardinal Camillo Ruini, the Pope's vicar for the Diocese of Rome and president of the Italian episcopal conference. Addressing a meeting of the Italian bishops on Jan. 23, Cardinal Ruini insisted that in the forthcoming elections one of the central themes voters should take into consideration must be the defense of the family and marriage, along with respect for human life from conception through to natural death. National parliamentary elections will be held April 9.

    The cardinal was careful to point out that the Church had no intention of allying itself with any political group or party during the electoral campaign.

    Spain and Scotland

    Bishops in other countries are also speaking out to defend the family. On Dec. 30 the subcommission on family and life of the Spanish episcopal conference issued a message on the theme of transmitting the faith to children.

    The document also spoke of the shadows cast on family life due to the "culpable omission" of support from the state for families in matters such as housing and education. The bishops also renewed their criticism of the Socialist government's law giving recognition to same-sex unions, as well as easing rules to make divorce easier.

    And in Scotland, on Jan. 25 the Catholic Media Office released the text of pastoral letter on the family, written by Archbishop Mario Conti, on behalf of the bishops. "Nothing is more fundamental to the common good than the stability of family life," the letter stated. But this is being ignored by civil leaders and, hence, there exists "a society in moral decline, a civilization in cultural decay."

    Instead of supporting married couples and family life, the government is extending benefits "to partnerships which are of their nature incapable of providing tomorrow's citizens whose values will determine our society," Archbishop Conti lamented.

    The law is creating "a fiction of marriage" by permitting the registration of civil unions, his letter noted. We should not exclude people from society based on their sexual orientation, the letter said. But neither should we extend to same-sex unions "an equivalence in law and public esteem to that of conjugal love," it added.

    "This is a time when marriage and the family are in crisis with many of our social ills traceable to this cause," Archbishop Conti noted. "Therefore we must be at the forefront of promoting family life."

    This involves activities such as assisting families to find suitable and affordable accommodations, and offering young people counseling in preparation for marriage, he said. Also needed, at times, are conciliation services, instead of easier access to divorce.

    In a New Year's Day homily preached in St. Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh, Cardinal Keith O'Brien also spoke out on family issues. According to a press release from his office, the cardinal's comments followed the introduction of legislation to allow same sex civil partnerships and the vote by the Scottish Parliament to dramatically reduce the waiting periods for divorce.

    The family is "the basic social unit, which needs to be recognized protected and promoted as the most vital cell of society," the cardinal commented. Unfortunately this truth is being obscured today, he said. "It is not without reason that human societies throughout history and across cultures have flourished only when they have built their human relationships on the rock of marriage." A somber warning that the Church hopes governments heed.

    «Sensitivity» Can Have Brutal Consequences

    Mark Steyn on the ramifications of the Cartoon Crisis. Brilliant, as usual!

  • Chicago Sun-Times
  • More On The Cartoons

    I apologise for the number of posts on this subject, but I see the matter as extremely important. If the West gives in on this matter, the next thing will be prohibitions on free speech in other areas, including blogging! And the imposition of shariyah won't be far behind. La foi Catholique d'abord! La mort à l'Islam!

    All three of these links are from The Sydney Morning Herald, 06.II.06. The first is an excellent overview of the timeline of the crisis.

  • Cartoons that rocked world

  • Demark's Beirut consulate set ablaze in protest

  • Embassies torched as violence escalates
  • News From Kosovo

    Muslims out of Europe! Zhiviot Srbska!

  • KiM Info Newsletter 03 -02-06, UNMIK and PISG to take action regarding the illegal building on the Church land in Djakovica
  • Where Did All The Danish Flags Come From?

    I hadn't thought about it, but where did they come from. I don't suppose there are many well stocked flag shops in Gaza!

  • The Telegraph
  • 04 février 2006

    Support Denmark

    Here are two petitions to sign in support of Denmark. Muslims out of Europe!

  • PetitionOnline

  • PetitionSpot
  • Pridie Non. Feb. AUC 2758/AM 7514

    Today is the Feast of St Andrew Corsini, O.Carm., B&C. His biography from The Catholic Encyclopædia.

    From the East:

  • Isidore of Pelusium

  • Nicholas the Confessor

  • Tradition in Action's Saint of the Day:

  • St Joan of Valois

  • St Isidore of Pelusium

  • From Ted Hewitt's Group:

    3 Feb:

  • Bl. Odoric of Pordenone

  • St Blaise

  • 4 Feb:

  • Feast of the Flight into Egypt

  • Ste Jeanne de Valois

  • On this day:

    AD 211, Lucius Septimus Severus, Roman Emperor, 193-211, dies. Pray for his soul.

    AD 708, His Holiness, Pope Sisinnius dies. (R+I+P)

    AD 856, Hrabanus Maurus, Archbishop of Mainz, dies. (R+I+P)

    AD 1189, St Gilbert of Sempringham Monastic founder, dies.

    AD 1194, His Majesty, Richard I, King of the English and Duke of the Normans and Aquitanians and Count of the Angevins, pays 150 000 marks ransom to His Imperial Majesty, Henry VII, Roman Emperor in the West, and is freed from captivity.

    AD 1503, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, Consort of His Majesty, Henry VII, King of England and Lord of Ireland, dies. (R+I+P)

    AD 1508, His Imperial Majesty, Maximilian, with the assent of His Holiness, Pope Julius II, takes the title of Elected Roman Emperor (Erwählter Römischer Kaiser), and thus ends the centuries-old custom that the Roman Emperor in the West had to be crowned by the pope.

    AD 1714, Charles de Bourbon, Duc de Berry, the grandson of His Most Christian Majesty, Louis XIV, King of France and Navarre, dies. (R+I+P)

    AD 1861, Constitutional Convention of the Confederate States of America meets for first time, in Montgomery AL. Delegates from Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and South Carolina elect Jefferson Davis, President of Confederacy.

    America Backs Muslims Over Cartoons As Thousands Voice Anger Worldwide

    So much for the First Amendment! Yes, Americans, this is your government at work, defending jihadist swine as they strive to destroy our civilisation!

  • The Telegraph