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A Blog dedicated to the promotion of the Traditional Roman Catholic Faith in union with HH Benedict XVI, to the preservation of our Traditional Græco-Roman Catholic Civilisation and to the New Crusade against Islam. This Blog is under the Patronage of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts of Christ our King and His Holy Mother, our Queen and of Santiago Matamoros (St James the Moor-slayer) and the Crusader King, St Louis IX of France.

30 juin 2006

Holiness, What Do You Mean By This?

I was scandalised today to find out that our Holy Father, Benedict XVI, is the first pope since the development of the science of armoury to not use the Papal Tiara in his arms. Even John-Paul I and John-Paul II, who were not crowned and, to my knowledge, never wore the Tiara, at least kept it in their Arms. Now, the "Traditionalist" whom the neo-pagan, neo-protestant, modernists feared so much denigrates the Papal Office by bearing in his Arms the mitre of a simple Bishop!

From Wikipedia, two articles dealing with Papal Armoury:

  • Papal Coat of Arms

  • Coat of arms of Pope Benedict XVI
  • Ruling Socialists in Portugal Will Introduce Bill to Legalize Abortion in September

    Reds are immoral liars, dedicated to the culture of death and this article proves it. Having been elected on a platform promising a referendum on the question, they are now going to ramrod a bill through Parliament to "legalise" the murder of the unborn, whether the people want it or not!

  • LifeSiteNews
  • Life Decisions International To Release Revised Boycott List

    Great news! Check this out next Wednesday and make your buying decisions wisely. E.g., I love Kruncher's potato chips, but after this article, no more!!

  • LifeSiteNews
  • Nurse Who Testified Against Michael Schiavo Has Nursing Licence Revoked

    And why are we surprised? Michael Schiavo murdered his wife with the help of the "medical establishment" of Florida. Any one who would dare question the wisdom of the liberal, anti-life death culture crowd is obviously worthy of career destruction!

  • LifeSiteNews
  • EU Calls for Elimination of National Boundaries and State Veto on Criminal Matters

    I know, I know! I've pounded on this drum ever since I started this blog. The EU, as it exists, must be destroyed. However, there is a personal reason. Twenty years ago, I was an ardent PanEuropean. I belonged to Aktion Österreich Europa, the Austrian section of the International PanEuropean Union, dedicated to an United Europe, "One, Christian and Traditional, from the Atlantic to the Urals." It was headed by a Furst v. Liechtenstein and had amongst its membership HIM Otto. It was through this connexion that HIM and his gracious consort stood sponsors for my daughter, Dominique. In the ensuing twenty years, I have seen the beautiful vision of Mollet, Adenauer and De Gasperi be hijacked by the anti-Catholic, anti-life left wing. This article shows yet another attempt to destroy what is left of Christendom. If this Satanic plan is accepted, Poland, Malta, Lithuania and those other States who wish to cling to their Catholic past will be stymied! DESTROY THE EU!!!

  • LifeSiteNews
  • 29 juin 2006

    Ghetto survivor warns of Polish 'fascism'

    Of course, to the liberal Jew, Catholicism=Fascism! So, in typical liberal fashion, Edelman calls for violence against Polish Catholics! "If we want to save Poland, my advice would be to take up the knife and hit them where it hurts," Mr Edelman, 87, said in his flat in the central city of Lodz!

  • The Telegraph
  • Judge to Planned Parenthood: Turn Over Records

    From an interesting blog, an article dealing with how Planned Parenthood, in their zeal to murder the preborn, ignore the laws designed to contol them.

  • Fumare
  • The Two Hearts Ablaze

    Our friend, Tom, of Recta Ratio and his friend Ginny, of The Inspired Traditionalist have begun a new blog. I cannot recommend this site enough! Solidly Catholic, it will be a repository for material dealing with the combined cultus of the Sacred Heart of our Lord and King, Jesus Christ and of His Blessed Mother, our Lady and Queen, the Virgin Mary.

    New, it may be, but a great deal of work went into it before it was launched. I encourage all my readers to immediately check out this great new site!

  • The Two Hearts Ablaze
  • 28 juin 2006

    Vatican Cardinal Fears Church Will be Brought before International Court for Defense of Life and Family

    At last! A Vatican official willing to speak the Truth! Of course, "the Church will one day be brought "in front of some international Court" if more radical demands are listened to." With the ascendance of secular humanism as the state religion of the jacobin States of the West, persecution is inevitable. Let us look to the Cristeros as models!

  • LifeSiteNews
  • Belgium relives its nightmare as two girls' bodies found in drain

    "A twice-convicted child rapist, Abdallah Aid Oud, has been charged with the girls’ kidnapping and has been held since handing himself in on June 13, three days after police said they were looking for him.

    "Mr Oud, 39, a Belgian of Morrocan origin, was at the bar when the girls were last seen, but then vanished. He told the police he had nothing to do with their disappearance, claiming he had been incapacitated by alcohol and cocaine. The news that he had been released provoked a national outcry."

    "(A) Belgian of Morrocan origin." Bullsh*t! He's not a Belgian, he's a jihadist pig who should never have been allowed in Europe. He's "A twice-convicted child rapist." Why is he still alive? Do the Belgians have no backbone left?!?!

  • The Times
  • Vendee Website Up and Running!

    With a tip of the hat and great thanks to our friend Mark, Knight for Mary, for this news. A great website (in French, with some of the good stuff en Anglais! Click on the Union Jack.) in remembrance of the Vendeen Martyrs and their stuggle for Altar and for Throne!

  • Rembarre
  • 27 juin 2006

    First Post in the New Series

    In the third section of the Syllabus, entitled Indifferentism, Latuitudinariasm, Blessed Pius condems the false concept of "religious freedom":

    15. Every man is free to embrace and profess that religion which, guided by the light of reason, he shall consider true. -- Allocution "Maxima quidem," June 9, 1862; Damnatio "Multiplices inter," June 10, 1851.

    Remember, please, that each statement of the Syllabus must be read with the words, "It is not true that" or, "It is a condemned (read "heretical") opinion that," being understood before the statement.

    The Second Council of the Vatican, in its attack on the Traditional Magisterium, stated, "2. This Vatican Council declares that the human person has a right to religious freedom. This freedom means that all men are to be immune from coercion on the part of individuals or of social groups and of any human power, in such wise that no one is to be forced to act in a manner contrary to his own beliefs, whether privately or publicly, whether alone or in association with others within due limits.

    "The council further declares that the right to religious freedom has its foundation in the very dignity of the human person as this dignity is known through the revealed word of God and by reason itself.[2] This right of the human person to religious freedom is to be recognized in the constitutional law whereby society is governed and thus it is to become a civil right." Dignitatis Humanae, ¶ 2.

    Does this statement of the Council mean that the worshippers of Kali have right "in the very dignity of the human person" to slaughter merchants with the garotte? This is a basic belief of their religion! Does the Council intend that this "right" should "be recognized in the constitutional law" and "become a civil right"? Or if revived Druidism wishes to return to their traditional practice of human sacrifice, shall this "right", too, be recognised by the "dogma of Vatican II"? Comments are welcome!

    A New Series

    On my journey to Tradional Catholicism I read the Syllabus Errorum of Bl Pius IX. I was struck by how totally incompatible this Magisterial Teaching document is with the "dogma" of V II! Of course, during and immediately after V II, we were assured that it was not a "dogmatic council" but a "pastoral" one which was not handing down dogmas. Now, 40+ years on, we are told that we are not true Catholics unless we accept the "dogmas of V II". In this series, to be posted sporadically as I have time, I will examine the Syllabus, with its Catholic teaching as compared to the Documents of V II, especially in its aspects of absolute opposition to the Teaching of the Church as expressed in the Syllabus.

    For reference, the Syllabus can be viewed atn Papal Encyclicals Online, and the Documents of Vatican II can be viewed (and searched) at II Vatican Council.

    26 juin 2006

    From Against All Heresies

    A new (?) blog which I highly recommend!

    St Bernard of Clairvaux on the New Knighthood

    An Exhortation from St Bernard directed to the Crusaders generally and to the Templars in specifics. No matter what the Templars may have become, they began as a Catholic Knightly Order.

  • 25 juin 2006

    The New White House

    From Eric the Red via Pinoy Monk at Monarchy Forum.

    21 juin 2006

    The Anglican Sect(s) and Catholic Bishops

    From our friend the Curmedgeon. I've touched on this topic, but he says it better than I ever could.

  • Curmudgeon's Cave
  • 20 juin 2006

    A New Knighthood?

    About a week ago I did a post on an article on Traditio et Radice by our Fellow Evil Trad W. Since, there has been a lot of discussion in a couple of groups. As a result, I offered to draft a Rule for a possible Militia/Order. I have done so and it's posted at Tripod, under the title The Rule of the Militia of Christ the King. The name is still being discussed, but I had to use something. It's also available at a new blog, Rule, for ease of reading. Please do not comment here! The place for comments is at drupal (below) or by private email.

    If you would like to comment on the Rule, please sign up for the Militia site at drupal and leave your comments or email me directly (address in profile).

    18 juin 2006

    The Cristeros

    A wonderful article on the Cristero Rebellion in Mexico, when the Freemasons tried, with the full support and backing of the US government, to destroy the Church. For those who say, "It can't happen here!" remember, this took place in a country 95+% Catholic, and it took place with help from Washington.

    If you can read the accounts of some of these martyrdoms without tears, you're more hard hearted than I.

  • The Angelus, January 2002
  • The Final End Of The Anglican "Communion"?

    It seems that, earlier this evening, the House of Bishops of the General Convention of the Episcopal Church in the USA elected a "bishopess" as Presiding Bishop, the "Primate" of the American branch of the Anglican sect. This may be the final blow. The "Bishop" of Ft Worth said, "She will be the only woman among 38 primates and the majority of them do not even recognise women bishops. This is going to be very difficult for the Archbishop of Canterbury."

    I think back to 30+ years ago when I was a devoted Anglo-"Catholic" member of ECUSA. They had decided to ordain woman "deacons" and were arguing over "priestesses". The liberals, of course, denied the slippery slope argument. Even if women were ordained "priests" no one would ever want female "bishops"! Part of the problem is that there are no principalled conservatives left in the American sect. The conservatives are liberals who have reached the limits of their tolerance. The conservatives all left years ago, for Rome or Constantinople. In fact, here in KC, there is an OCA Parish originally made up entirely of Episcopalians who left shortly after I did, when the "ordination" of women was officially approved. Their pastor was given valid Orders by Archbishop John of Chicago and they all received valid Chrismation. Bingo! a new Parish!

    One of the members of that group was a friend of mine who had tried to convince me to stay and fight, because they could never "ordain" women (remember, they had already "ordained" women to the first of what they saw as Holy Orders!). I told him I was tired of fighting and left. After the formation of the new Parish, I ran into him in a shop. He said, "I know, you told me so!"

    Any way, happy as I am in Traditional Roman Catholicism, I have a certain nostalgic pain as I watch my old home fall apart.

    From The Telegraph

    17 juin 2006

    How I Became an Evil Trad, PartII

    OK, it's St Wenceslaus Day, 1980. I'm 33 years old and I've just become a Catholic. Where do I go from here? By God's grace, I had joined the Church in a very conservative diocese, tho' I didn't know that at the time. It wasn't until some months later I travelled into the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas for the Baptism of a friend's newborn. At the Mass I realised that lay people were receiving the Cup, which I had not seen before. Upon my return to Wichita, I asked about this and was told that the Bishop forbade it in his Diocese, but it was common throughout the US.

    I lived as a reasonably conservative NO Catholic until I returned to live in the Archdiocese of KC in Kansas, where I have lived ever since. At one of the first Masses I attended in my new Parish Church, I heard the Priest compare the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar to beer and popcorn. This was a man (who later left the priesthood) that I came to love very much as a human being while disagreeing violently with his opinions. In fact, he is the only priest I ever came close to physically assualting! During the Hunthausen affair, he got very upset that the Vatican was "persecuting" poor Bishop Hunthausen by sending an orthodox Bishop to "assist" him, while "Nothing is being done about Lefebvre!" The intellectual dishonesty of this statement (Hunthausen still ruled his Diocese, whilst Monseigneur was under the most severe punishment possible, short of excommunication!), upset me so much that I almost decked him!

    However, I became active in the Parish, becoming an Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist (may God forgive me!) and active in the "Respect Life Committee" (the extreme leftwing layman who headed the committee is now a priest in the Archdiocese!) The interesting thing about the committe was that "Life" as most sane people understand the term, was rarely mentioned. to "respect life" was understood as to do everything possible to prop up the Soviet Union and to further the communist revolution, especially in Latin America.

    I remember creating waves in the committee, however, in the 80's when the UCCB issued a document on "Catholic" Social Teaching on the economy. The adopted the leftwing, collectivist Platform of the Democratic Party lock, stock and barrel. They were answered by a group of "conservative" Catholic laymen with their own document, in which they equally adopted the individualist, laissez faire Platform of the Republican Party. When the committee "facilitator" was waxing enthusiastic about the Bishop's document and lambasting the laymen's, I pointed out that neither document had anything to do with the Traditional Social Magisterium dealing with the economy. I pointed out the Papal condemnations from H.H Pope Leo XIII to the currently reigning Pope John-Paul II of both collectivist socialism and individualist capitalism. I was not popular for a few days!

    However, as a result of this, I pulled off a coup! I convinced the committte to sponsor a study group on the matter. They actually purchased copies of the relevant Papal Encyclicals so that I could conduct the study. It was during a meeting of this group that I almost came to blows with a fellow on the other side. He is a dear friend and a fellow Trad, but he is infected with an almost calvinist view of the glories of laissez-faire capitalism. We were discussing one of the multitude of Papal condemnations of this false doctrine when he got upset and said, "that's just your opinion!" At this, I read, verbatim, the condemnation and when he still wouldn't accept it, I got so upset I didn't speak to him for almost 5 years. Years later, I met his father and told him the story. He said, "I've got you beat. I didn't speak to him for 10 years!"

    However, my readings in the Traditional Social Magisterium started me on the road to Evil Tradism. The bibliographies in the books I was reading contained more titles to read and I became familiar with authors that are no longer discussed, such as Fr Fahey. I also began to discover publications like The Remnant and Christian Order. I also discovered Hamish Fraser and corresponded with him. Our shared, former membership in the Communist Party was a starting point, but I took to "Approaches" like a duck to water. I was becoming more and more Traditional, but I was still attending the NO. Why?

    Well, I lived in Lawrence, in the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas. Our Ordinary had granted the TLM on the first four Sundays of the month, only. No Mass on a fifth Sunday or on Holy Days! I don't remember the sequence, but the 1st and 3rd were in either Topeka or Kansas City and the 2nd and 4th in the other city. Thus, it was extremely difficult to get to them for me.

    I did manage to attend one TLM during this period. A student at the University was receiving his doctorate in Medieval Studies and asked His Excellency for permission to have the TLM celebrated in thanksgiving. Permission was given, provided that there be no publicity! Needless to say about 150 people turned up!

    Then, in '90 or '91 (I think) I was invited to give a presentation on Catholic Monarchism at the Catholic Voice International conference in Chicago. It was glorious. For three days I attended the TLM, including All Saints at St John Cantius, with all the Relics exposed for reverence. I met Charles Coulombe, Roy Moore of the Distributist League and others and became convinced of the neccesity of full blown Traditionalism.

    But, I still lived in Lawrence! I went to the NO and said my Rosary or my Breviary. The situation was so bad that weeks would go by without my being able to receive Communion. I would confess on Saturday, be in a state of grace when I arrived at Mass and be sinfully angry by Communion because of the rape of the Mass I was forced to attend.

    Finally, in '99, I moved to Kansas City, KS and discovered that our new Ordinary had authorised a quasi-parish for the TLM under the pastoral care of the FSSP. Home at last! I still attend the NO occasionally, but that's another story!

    Last fall, I established this blog. Through this I was invited to join the League. And so, I became not only a Traditionalist but an Evil Trad!

    15 juin 2006

    Challenge Accepted--An Original Post

    Our Friend, Hillary, fellow Evil Trad (The Devout Life, see the sidebar) and accomplished writer for Life Site News, has challenged me to make The New Crusade something more than a news aggregator. I'm going to try. There will still be lots of news links, but I promise to try to post an original post at least once a week. This is the first.

    How I Got To Be An Evil Trad (Part I)

    As many of you know, I am a convert to our Holy Faith. I was born to a non-denominational protestant father and a Church of England mother who didn't know the Episcopal Church was the American branch of the Anglican Communion. As a result, I was "baptised" by having a rose dipped in water and tapped on my head three times, in the Presbyterian Church. After my father died, Mom married a Methodist and I became a Methodist. At about age twelve, already interested in theology, I began to doubt the validity of my "rose baptism" and our Methodist pastor "rebaptised" me by triple aspersion in valid form. At about the same age, I discovered my C of E grandmother's 1662 Book of Common Prayer. I was immediately drawn to the beauty of the Anglican Liturgy and at 16 was "confirmed" as an Anglican. By 22, however, I realised deep in my gut that the answer lay in the Church.

    Then rebellion hit! I went through hinduism and most forms of leftism before I was 25. But God works in mysterious ways! My last stop in leftism was the CPUSA. This was long before Gorbachev and to be a communist was to look to the Soviet Union as a model. My natural curiosity led me to not only study marxism, but to explore the history and culture of Holy Mother Russia. This led to an interest in Orthodoxy and, ultimately, to my acceptance into the Serbian Orthodox Church at age 27 (the Russian Parish was very ethnic, to the point that if you or your parents weren't born in the Old Country, you weren't really welcome!). Orthodoxy was very close to the Faith, but I didn't have to accept the Immaculate Conception, which as a Thomist, I refused to accept, since the Angelic Doctor logically "disproved it!

    Then I moved from Kansas City, KS where I'd been Chrismated to Lawrence, KS which, at that time did not have an Orthodox Parish. As a result, I began to attend the Newman Center at the University of Kansas. Eventually, I went to the Benedictine Chaplain at the Center to discuss conversion. He gave me the documents of VII to read. I'm ashamed to say that they sounded pretty good at the time! However, as a Thomist, I still could not accept the dogma of the Immaculate Conception, so I was not yet ready to convert. (My Thomism will be a subject for a future post!)

    A few years later, I moved to Wichita, KS which has (had?) two Orthodox Parishes of the Syrian Antiochian Church. However, Wichita is, geographically, a very large city and both parishes were a long way from my home. Even with no car, I did manage to get to Liturgy frequently, but when I couldn't make it, I walked to the Newman Center at the local university. I got to know the Chaplain well enough that, when he locked the Center up at night, if I was there, he locked me in to use the library (crash bar to get out!).

    One day, at a party, Father asked me what was the ultimate authority in the Orthodox Church. The answer, of course is a no-brainer for any Orthodox: an Œcumenical Council. Then he asked another question: "Who has the authority to call a Council?" The answer is also a no-brainer, but with a sting in its tail! Only the Emperor has the authority to call a Council in Orthodoxy. The problem is that there is no Emperor! Even the most fanatical Imperialist Russian Orthodox, who would argue that Moscow was the Third Rome cannot argue with the extinction of the Empire in 1917/18. Ergo, there is no ultimate authority in the Orthodx Church!

    This thought percolated in my mind until a few weeks later when Father locked me into the Center on a Saturday night. I was in the library when I found a little booklet, published probably in the late 50's or early 60's, entitled "Catholics and Orthodox--Can They Unite?" I came upon the chapter on the Immaculate Conception and, to my amazement, I read a quote from one of my great heroes, Georgios Scholarios, the Patriarch Gennadios II. Gennadios was the first Patriarch of Constantinople after The City fell to the infidel jihadists (Wikipedia article on Scholarios) and he was also a prominent Aristotelian-Thomist, one of the few in Orthodoxy, which tends to be Platonist. He had translated the Summa Theologica into Greek and when he reached the section on the Immaculate Conception, he said, "Thomas was a wise man and indeed may be a Saint (he had been canonised in the West almst 200 years earlier), but on this point he was wrong!" To my amazement, I learned that the doctrine had first been developed in the Orthodox East, but as the West came to view it favourably, the East reacted against it. With my last defense against Catholicism gone, I walked into the Chapel where our Lord was present in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar, I fell to my knees in front of Him and cried! A few minutes later, I stood up, a Catholic!

    The next morning, I went to Mass at the Parish Church (I wasn't a student, so I couldn't belong to the Newman Center) and after Mass asked the Pastor about being received. After talking, he said I already knew more than the Baptists and Methodists he was trying to convert (I left out that I started to study for the Orthodox priesthood) and I should go home, pray about it and let him know when I wanted to be received. A week later, at the evening Mass on Sunday, I recited the Creed in the Western form, promissed obedience to the Pope and was received.

    OK, I'm a Catholic! How did I get to be an Evil Trad? That's the next installment. After that, I might tell you how I ended up a French Legitimist as well!

    You Will Absolutely Not Believe What Ford Has Done Now. BOYCOTT FORD!!

    This article speaks for itself. Boycott Ford. Do not buy their products, do no business with their dealers and let them know why!!!

  • AFA
  • South Dakota Churches Falsely Threatened With Loss of Tax-Exempt Status

    And this under the "pro-life" Bush Administration! (Another LifeSiteNews article, but this one is by Gudrun Schultz.)

  • LifeSiteNews
  • To Criticize Darwinism is to Preserve the Faith says Toronto Priest and Seminary Prof.

    OK, Hilary scores a hat trick! I can't recall an individual author with three articles posted here in a single day!

  • LifeSiteNews

  • Plus, a link to the full article:

  • Touchstone
  • EU Approves Full Public Funding of Embryo Research

    More proof of the satanic, anti-life EU. The EU, as it exists must be destroyed!

  • LifeSiteNews
  • Belgian Government Prosecuting Homeschool Family for Political Dissent

    Great article by Hilary White. This shows the true, satanic motivations of the liberal, jacobins who control most of the states of the EU now.

  • LifeSiteNews

  • And a link to an article by the wife/mother involved:

  • TheBrusselsJournal
  • Poland Strikes Back Against Homosexual Education: Fires Teacher Responsible+Bolivian government to abolish Catholic religion courses

    You win some, you lose some. Of course, the Freemasons are negligible in Poland, whereas they have fought against our Holy Faith for control in Latin America since they managed to throw off allegiance to their anointed Sovereigns over a century ago!

  • Poland

  • Bolivia
  • Defying church, 12 Catholic women to be ordained here

    Would that all modernist, neo-pagan, neo-prots would do something like this so they could be excommunicated! Note especially the ignorance of the last quote. His Holiness, Pope Pius XII died in '58. It was not until nine years later that the Traditional Mass was allowed to be said in the vernacular (1967) and not until twelve years later (1970) was the Novus Ordo introduced. But who expects "WomenPriests" to know anything of Church History?

  • PittsburghPostGazette
  • An unpatriotic sentiment

    From our friend and fellow Evil Trad, some excellent thoughts on patriotism.

  • TheCurmudgeon'sCave
  • Change everthing except this

    From the Curt Jester, some thoughts on the new translation (into Englist) of the normative (Latin) NO Mass.

  • TheCurtJester
  • Getting Desperate at Guttmacher

    Again, from Joseph D'Agostino, an article pointing out the intellectual dishonesty of the baby killers as they try to justify their mass murder.

  • HumanEvents

  • Birthrate Crisis Shows Signs of Hope

    By Joseph A. D'Agostino, an article pointing out that there is hope, since politicians are beginning to recognise the problems brought on by a falling birthrate.

  • HumanEvents
  • 14 juin 2006

    Fitzgerald: Who will save the monuments?

    As I have often pointed out, both here at The New Crusade and on discussion groups and personal emails, the very pictures and statues of our Blessed Lord Jesus in our homes and in our Churches are blasphemy, punishable by death, under Shariyah. When will we stand up to the jihadists of the gutter religion?

  • Dhimmiwatch
  • 13 juin 2006

    Here’s How the Church of the Future is Experimenting in the Cathedral of Milan

    May God save us all. Ss Ambrose and Charles Borremeo, pray for your diocese and for the Church!

  • Chiesa
  • Miracle of John the Baptist's hand

    Who says the age of miracles is dead? Eat this (and choke, like the dragon!) modernists, atheists and protestants!

  • The Telegraph
  • Anglicans face rift over gay clergy

    An hopeless move by liberal Anglicans (who swallowed the camel of priestesses, but strain at the gnat of "gay" bishops). However, I must ask why "(T)he Free Evangelical, Pentecostal, Baptist and Methodist Churches all stand to benefit from the Anglican disarray", with no mention of Rome or Orthodoxy. Every step the Anglicans take toward perdition has traditionally meant conversions to Rome or Constantinople. I myself stopped in Tsarigrad before accepting Roman Unity.

  • TheTimes
  • I can give you a quick answer and say you’re stupid.

    A great post from der Tommisar, dealing with the stupidity of apostates.

  • The Donegal Express
  • Poland's leaders lean to the right

    Great news from Poland. Will the Catholic Counter Revolution and the dismantling of the satanic EU begin there? Thanks to Ken Holtgrew, for bringing this to my attention.

  • Catholic influence large, in contrast to rest of Europe
  • 12 juin 2006

    Corpse-harvesting case drips horror

    One may assume from the names of the principals in this story, Cruceta and Mastromarino, that their antecedents, at least, were Italian Catholics. To what depths of depravity have we fallen!

  • TheNewsTribune
  • Another Fruit of VaticanII

    Can you imagine if VII had never happened? This story would never have been written because Catholic parents would have continued to produce many soldiers for Christ, conversions would have kept rising and the Catholic immigrants would never have apostasised to protestantism. The Churches would have been full and we'd be building new ones instead of closing old ones!

  • Deserted churches scavenged for relics
  • Spanish Govt. funds gay conference on eve of papal visit

    The Reds in Spain raped nuns and murdered priests in '36. Their aims have not changed, only their tactics!

  • ThinkSpain
  • This is a Conservative?

    From LifeSiteNews, a "Conservative" MP in Canada is determined to make sure that neither Parliament nor the people will have a democratic chance to overturn Red Paul Martin's pandering to the unrepentant sodomites!

  • Canadian Conservative MP Calls Christian Political Activists “Taliban” and “Flowers of Evil”
  • The Vatican Speaks Out On Life Issues

    Solid words from Rome! First, an article dealing with the issue and then the Document itself.

    From The Scotsman: Vatican fury at contraception, feminism and same-sex couples


    His Eminence George, Cardinal Pell steps up war of words on Islam

    His Eminence continues to show that he is one of the greatest members of the College, at least on this point!

  • The Sydney Morning Herald
  • 11 juin 2006

    Poor Anglicanists...

    From Frere Ignatius at Vive Christus Rex, more idiocy from the Anglican sect. Who cares what sort of coronation the secret jihadist and dimwitted adulterer and his doxy receive? Let us pray for the restoration of Traditional Catholic Monarchy in Britain to replace its "crowned republic"!

  • Vive Christus Rex!
  • Kazakstan: Imams Have Criminal Records, Seek Only Personal Gain

    Evidence on the true character of the gutter religion of Islam. I wonder if any of the imams have records for extortion or pædophilia, two crimes of which their founder, may he be damned eternally, was guilty?

  • Western Resistance
  • Ape Rights

    From Jeff at The Curt Jester, on the latest idiocy from the Spanish Reds.

  • The Curt Jester
  • Feast of the Most Holy Trinity

    Greetings! I'm back. My computer is fixed, the work area is straightened and cleaned and I've gotten rid of most of the, literally, thousands of emails I got while I was offline. Hopefully, I can recover my resarch links and begin posting on a daily basis again.

    Catholic Military Orders

    From W. at Traditio in Radice, a call for a Traditional Militia!

  • Traditio in Radice
  • 04 juin 2006

    Legacy of the Knight-Monks

    From our friend, Perun at God, Family, Nation, a great post on a forgotten aspect of the Vichy Government of le Marechal.